Respect: Takes courageous Leadership

Respect in leadership takes courage. Hello, My Friends It takes courage to be a leader that respects the time and opinions of others. It is so easy to use and misuse the power that is give to us as a leader. To be a leader who is constantly learning and adjusting to the situations aroundContinue reading “Respect: Takes courageous Leadership”

Respect: The roles of life.

Respect in leadership Hello, My Friends Leaders shape lives. Our energy impacts every relationship we have. Sometimes being a leader calls upon us to have the hard conversations with our team members.  These conversations can be held in such a way that the person feels supported and valued.  And also hears what needs to beContinue reading “Respect: The roles of life.”

Respect: Leaders shape lives.

Respect in leadership Hello, My Friends Are you a leader? Leaders have the ability to shape the lives of people in their charge in ways they have no conception of.  As a leader, your words, your body motions, your intentions have an impact.  I must say everyone’s words, actions, and intentions have an impact.  However,Continue reading “Respect: Leaders shape lives.”

Respect: You are your greatest asset.

Respect your wealth Hello, My Friends Are you looking for wealth out in the world?  When we look for anything outside ourselves, we struggle to find it.  Wealth begins with us. It is the way in which we view ourselves.  You are your greatest asset.  Do you believe this to be true?  You are yourContinue reading “Respect: You are your greatest asset.”

Respect: Give your brain new stimuli to think about.

Respect your wealth Hello, My Friends Assets are items that increase in value.  You are your greatest asset.  Your brain loves information, are you stimulating your brain with information that increases your value?  We live in an age of information, a wealth of information. Does the information you are feeding your mind create ideas thatContinue reading “Respect: Give your brain new stimuli to think about.”

Respect your wealth.

Respect your wealth Hello, My Friends Wealth is everywhere.  We live in a world of wealth. Let’s define what the word wealth means so we begin on the same page.  Wealth is a measure of the value we give to assets. The harder these assets are to attain the wealthier we perceive the owner toContinue reading “Respect your wealth.”

Respect: How the RVR policy works.

Respect for others Hello, My Friends The only person you can control is you.  It is an illusion that you control other people.  The red velvet rope policy is an insurance policy that keeps you living in your lane.  When you are feeling frustrated and annoyed with someone else’s behaviour, your proximity alarm is sounding,Continue reading “Respect: How the RVR policy works.”

Respect: The Red Velvet Rope Policy

Respect from others Hello, My Friends Most people respect those who have standards and are willing to stand up to those standards.  This involves facing the uncomfortable emotions of possibly going against the grain of everyone else.  It takes a strong person to own their standards, and allow others to own their standards.  Especially whenContinue reading “Respect: The Red Velvet Rope Policy”

Respect: Be a respect mentor.

Respect Hello, My Friends I found this quote while scrolling my feed.  I was raised to show respect.  I was taught to knock before I opened a door.  Say hello when I entered a room.  Say Please and thank you, and to have respect for my elders.  I’d let another person have my seat ifContinue reading “Respect: Be a respect mentor.”

Respect: External vs Internal

Respect to others.  Hello, My Friends  Is humanity less caring and respectful than a generation or so ago? If we look around us we see chaos, disorder and disconnection.  Individuals seem to care less about other people and more about themselves, yet they are more disconnected from their true selves than ever.  We are moreContinue reading “Respect: External vs Internal”