Fear is Universal

F.E.A.R.False Evidence Appearing Real.or Focus, Enjoy, Attitude, Result.You have the power to define how you feel about fear, and how fear motivates or sabotages your actions and beliefs. Fear of being alone, Fear of being stood up, Fear of looking foolish, Fear of looking out of place. Fear is universal. What is your flavour ofContinue reading “Fear is Universal”

Confidence: Choose your level

Confidence:Choose your level? Hello, My Friends Did you know you get to choose your level of confidence? Confidence, like courage is a choice. You get to decide on the quality of self-talk that you tell yourself.You get to decide on the quality of emotion you create with those thoughts.When these two elements are positive andContinue reading “Confidence: Choose your level”

Respect: Takes courageous Leadership

Respect in leadership takes courage. Hello, My Friends It takes courage to be a leader that respects the time and opinions of others. It is so easy to use and misuse the power that is give to us as a leader. To be a leader who is constantly learning and adjusting to the situations aroundContinue reading “Respect: Takes courageous Leadership”