Sing and Dance

When was the last time you sang out loud?When was the last time you danced deliberately?When you are feeling confident in yourself, you sing and dance, you care less what other people say and think about you?Sing and Dance, have some fun. Hello, My Friends Singing and dancing!When was the last time you sang?Not quietlyContinue reading “Sing and Dance”

The 2 C’s of Self Belief.

Be Yourself, YOU are ONE of a KIND. Two humans are completely different from each other. Comparing them is like insulting nature. Nitin Namdeo Why are you trying so hard to fit in, When you are Born to Stand Out. Oliver James Hello, My Friends This week has been a wonderful week, we have hadContinue reading “The 2 C’s of Self Belief.”

Confidence: Wear your confidence cloak

Confidence: Wear your confidence cloak. Hello, My Friends It is the last day of the month, our last day of confidence. With these tips and tools It is my intention that you will go forward and have a prosperous life from the inside out. CONFIDENCE:C= CALMLY0= OVERCOMEN= NEGATIVEF= FLAWSI= IDENTIFYD= DESIREDE= EMOTIONSN= NEGOTIATEC= COMMUNICATEE= EXPECTATIONSContinue reading “Confidence: Wear your confidence cloak”

Confidence: Belief System

Confidence: Belief Systems Hello, My Friends We are emotional feeling beings having a material world experience. How did that make you feel?Did your brain go into overdrive telling you all the reasons why that statement is incorrect?Or did your brain agree? That right there is a belief system. These belief systems are the underlying codesContinue reading “Confidence: Belief System”

Confidence: The Skill of a Lifetime, For a lifetime.

Confidence: The skill of a lifetime, for a life time. Hello, My Friends Confidence is a skill that will put you in good stead for a lifetime. When you look at people who own themselves what characteristics do you see?Charm, charisma, style, authenticity.These attributes are ageless. Confidence is agelessness in action. Confidence is the essenceContinue reading “Confidence: The Skill of a Lifetime, For a lifetime.”

Confidence: Getting Going Again

Confidence: Getting going again. Hello, My Friends When you get knocked down, or have set backs how do you get yourself back up and moving forward? This is really important to know how you respond when you get knocked back.If you are to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, then look at what knockedContinue reading “Confidence: Getting Going Again”

Confidence: Lives on the Other Side of Fear

Confidence: Confidence lives on the other side of fear. Hello, My Friends Have you been playing with your energy?Finding out what makes you feel confident and what doesn’t? When do you feel least confident?What is going on that makes you afraid to be yourself?What is the emotion that rises up in your body?Name it. ByContinue reading “Confidence: Lives on the Other Side of Fear”

Confidence: Resolve

Confidence: Resolve Hello, My Friends This is the final step in resolving the divide between your disappointing emotions and peace.Disappointment has shown you where a boundary was crossed.Disappointment was like a neon light pointing out something you care about. Today our acronym is RESOLVE So appropriate that we should conclude with resolving and settling yourContinue reading “Confidence: Resolve”

Confidence: Communication-CONVEY

Confidence: Communications-CONVEY Hello, My Friends Disappointment thrives on chaos and mis-communication.Disappointment creates barriers to healthy and wholesome conversation.Disappointment keeps people stuck in their box, not reaching out or connecting with others. Today we are going to look at connecting and communicating. Talking about what is really going on for you,Talking about the hard things. Emotions.WhyContinue reading “Confidence: Communication-CONVEY”