Leading: Identifying with your tribe.

Leading: Identifying with your tribe. Hello, My Friends Effective leaders transform people’s goals and ambitions, even their identities, replacing self-orientated behaviour with group orientated behaviour. An ineffective leader exercises their power over people, forcing them through rewards and punishments to comply with commands, bending their will to their own. This is not leadership. People haveContinue reading “Leading: Identifying with your tribe.”

Dynamic Living: Finding your authenticity

Dynamic living: Finding your authenticity. Hello, My Friends As we bring this month to a close over the next few days, I want you bring to your attention where we started.The definition of dynamic. Remember that being dynamic is about a process or system, an activity or progression.This is encouraging, as it means that theContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Finding your authenticity”

You are the creator of everything.

You create, Every something that you want is a potential creation Every bit of resistance you feel, is the messenger of some thing you don’t want, or that you do want and don’t believe you can have. You create. Create your plan to get the life you want. When you read that title what wasContinue reading “You are the creator of everything.”

Discipline: Fear verses Love

Discipline: Fear verses Love. Hello, My Friends We have a couple of ways we can look at discipline.One is the way I grew up looking at it. Being disciplined was something to be feared. Being disciplined meant I was about to be punished, or I was about to lose something I valued.This form of disciplineContinue reading “Discipline: Fear verses Love”

Stepping Forward: 60 and Beyond.

Celebrate everyday, Feel the best you can feel at any moment. Life is yours to live, Live it with your style, your flair, your way, with integrity and authenticity. Be who you believe you can be, no comparison. Hello, My Friends This week is one of those milestone weeks. I have my sixtieth birthday thisContinue reading “Stepping Forward: 60 and Beyond.”