Leading: Identifying with your tribe.

Leading: Identifying with your tribe.

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Effective leaders transform people’s goals and ambitions, even their identities, replacing self-orientated behaviour with group orientated behaviour.

An ineffective leader exercises their power over people, forcing them through rewards and punishments to comply with commands, bending their will to their own. This is not leadership.

People have a need to identify with a group, family, sect, tribe, or community of people, thus creating the need for someone to lead or be in control.

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This social setting is a group dynamic, that influences how people interact and behave in group environments.

Part of this social function is to give individuals a valuable means of gaining understanding of how other people relate to each other.
Enabling individuals to work as a group, understanding habits, behaviours, wants and social norms. Helping each to manage those they are working with.

A group dynamic explains the difference behaviours of individuals when they are with one group, compared to their behaviour with a second group and how they behave in their own company.

Being authentically you is learning to tap into your inner self, knowing who you are and how you respond or react when in particular settings.

Do you have particular groups of people that trigger you in certain ways?
Remember a trigger is an indication that a personal boundary, belief, or value has been, or is perceived to have been, violated in the past. And that you are afraid it will be violated again.
Being aware of social patterns, the roles each person has to play in the group, how each person behaves within the social environment, the structure and heirarchy of the group, and how each person interacts and communicates with each individual of the group and the group in total gives a good foundation for being a positive influence.

A group is classified as two or more people. There are 4 varieties of groups.
Each variety has an important role to play in the way we as humans interact.
The first group is known as the primary group. This group or groups of people consist of families, romantic couples, very close friends, they exist in intimate social settings and are expected to be long term relationships.
The second group is known as collectives. People in collective groups are drawn together by a common activity, experience or event. Once the common event is over the group disbands. Examples of a collective group would be people at a music festival, travellers on an aeroplane, people at a sporting event.
The third group is known as a category grouping, these people have an overarching, broad range of similarities of beliefs or identification with the group.
An example of the category grouping would be people of the christian faith, or citizens of a particular country. Each person has an affinity with people of like beliefs, they can not know everyone in the category.
The fourth group is social groups, this grouping of people are found together for specific reasons, such as employment, sports teams, mothers groups, and support groups.
This group generally has a common goal and purpose that everyone is working towards.

How many groups are you actively involved in?
Are each of these groups managed in the same way?
Do you lead in one group, but not in another?
Are your online groups similar to your face to face groups?
Just a few interesting questions to get you thinking about the types of social groups you are involved in.

Today’s inspirational droplet is Authenticity is having courage to be you no matter who you are with.

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