Leading: Remaining calm under pressure

Leading: Remaining calm under pressure

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Effective leaders know how to remain calm under pressure, they have learned how to regulate their responses.

They walk calmly, purposefully and focused in the direction of their objectives, not being derailed by the heightened emotions of others.

An effective leader takes care of their body.

Their body is the temple that they live in, and if the body is unfit, and out of shape it is harder for the mind to focus on what needs focusing on when it has to take into account the well being of it’s body before it can handle any stress reaction.
The food you feed your body has a big impact on how optimally your body runs. If it is running on low energy, it won’t have the reserves to manage a high energy situation without going into over draft.
Choosing to optimize your health by giving your body the food it requires, takes experimentation, not all bodies function the same, not all bodies require the same amount or type of fuel, it is up to you as the leader of your body and brain to trial different food types, eating at different times, and experimenting with eating different quantities of food until you find what feels best, and gives you the best energy and vitality feelings.

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Calm leaders exercise, exercise can be a stress reliever, it can also be a stress increaser.

Find a form of exercise or activity that you enjoy, it is unwise to thrash your body, or to punish yourself by over working out at the gym.
Exercise is one way you can show your body that you love it, that you want to work with it instead of working against it.
If your body is telling you to walk instead of run because of a muscle weakness, listen, if you choose not to listen you may end up with an injury that will take time to heal.

An emotionally grounded, calm leader has control over their mind. They strengthen their ability to train their mind with activities like meditation.

Meditation helps to develop mental strength, by bringing thoughts into focus and then letting them float on by, learning non engagement of these thoughts reduces anxiety and stress.
They know that thoughts have the power to create, so they monitor and regulate what they think and what they tell themselves.

A calm leader will use the tool of gratitude, or gratefulness to find the ‘good’ in every situation.

They know that being grateful for every situation, or finding something in every situation to be grateful for shifts their energy from blame, and judgement to thankfulness and peace.
Having the habit of keeping a gratitude journal is one way of finding what is abundant in your life, it is one way of focusing on the things that are working.
Remember what you focus on grows, focus on the great things in your life that are working out for you.

Unbalanced stress is an indicator that something is out of order.

We feel stress when we perceive that something we care about is under threat.
Leader’s who understand themselves know the sensations of stress in their body, they pause and find what value is feeling under threat.
Then take the necessary steps to address the stress or the perceived threat. Using gratitude they thank their body for the advanced warning of something out of balance.

Calm leader uses the tool of reframing to empower them to remain in control of their emotions.

Instead of asking why has this happened to me again, they ask why is this happening for me.
They know that everything is always working out for them, and if it appears to not be so, then they need to look a little deeper at the beliefs lurking in the background.
Asking great questions, gets great answers. Ask yourself great calming questions.

Calm leaders know how to breathe to calm themselves, they breath deeply to the bottom of their lungs, expanding their diaphragm as they inhale, and then they exhale completely.

I was told that the most important part of the breathing practice is to fully exhale, you can not take in fresh air if there is no room for it to enter, so exhale fully before inhaling.

Remaining calm is a skill that can be mastered.
It takes dedication and practice. Honesty with how you are feeling and redirection to how you would rather feel.

Today’s inspirational droplet is Remember to breathe out and breathe in, when under pressure.

oxoxo Linda

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