About Me

Hello, I’m Linda Codlin, your guide on this journey called living, where we investigate how to enrich and elevate our everyday lives, to dance lightly through each day with ease, joy, abundance and elegance into our future.

A little bit of my history.

I grew up in a small rural town in the province of South Taranaki, under the winter snow capped mountain, Mt Taranaki, in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

As a child I was quiet, some would say shy.

I married and had four children in quick succession.

As a woman in a church environment, I felt the pressure to behave in a certain way. I home educated my children for a number of years. Feeling alone and undervalued, I needed to feel truer to myself, my journey into the world of self improvement began.

I entered the work force. While doing menial jobs, I remember thinking that there had to be more to life than the way I was living, hand to mouth, in a constant state of scarcity, barely getting by, fun was nowhere to be seen.

I began looking for answers to the questions of “Who am I?” “How do I fit in this world?” “How do I get more out of my life?” As I devoured self improvement books, my confidence was growing, I went back to school to gain some necessary qualifications to allow me to work in the dairy manufacturing industry.

When my marriage ended, I began the search to find myself, being a self help junkie, I read many more books, seeking to find the real me, the Linda that wasn’t lost in the roles I performed. The Linda that was beyond ‘wife’ mother, sister, daughter, process worker, cook, house keeper, who was I beyond my body size, health, wealth or marital status . These were the roles that I had let define me. I was feeling alone, not good enough, or worthy to have any form of success. When I stumbled upon the truth, and it changed everything. Along my journey I discovered that I’m not broken, I never was. I have always been enough, and the answers to the questions were within me the entire time, they just needed nurturing.

I met and married the wonderful man sharing my life today.

I am following my dream of encouraging and nurturing others to follow their dreams, to become their most authentic selves. I am teaching and coaching using the principles I have learned and continue to learn and use in my every day life.

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