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Authentic Living

” Today is the best day to begin the rest of your life” Linda Codlin


There’s a new moon rising and now is the best time ever to create your dream life. I am Linda, I’ll be your guide as we saunter along the path of life. Making the life that you’re living the most rewarding and satisfying experience ever.


How to be your best true self. To be organised,someone who shows up for yourself and what you really want. Investigating new and exciting possibilities, exploring the truth within and having a blast along the way.


Graceful and elegant, charismatic and dynamic, Be who you have always dreamed of being, pursuing your dreams with confidence and charm. Release your abundance and prosperity from within, live your life in love and acceptance.


My mission is to be the ignition switch that ignites the fire within you to inspire transformational change.

I believe you have everything you need to transform your life within you. You are not broken, You never have been. I like to think of your life as though you are a vessel. You have all the answers right there within you. The answers are sitting in the dark, waiting. You have the light inside you, you just need someone with a torch to show you how to switch the light on so you can find the solution. I am that someone with the torch.

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