The 2 C’s of Self Belief.

Be Yourself, YOU are ONE of a KIND. Two humans are completely different from each other. Comparing them is like insulting nature. Nitin Namdeo Why are you trying so hard to fit in, When you are Born to Stand Out. Oliver James Hello, My Friends This week has been a wonderful week, we have hadContinue reading “The 2 C’s of Self Belief.”

Proving yourself to the most important person in your life.

A hero can be anyone, Even a woman doing something as simple as feeding her family, Or a father giving a hug to a child, When the world seems to be falling apart. A heroine makes a difference by loving, by being there, The smallest actions have the greatest impacts, unseen, But vitally important. Hello,Continue reading “Proving yourself to the most important person in your life.”

Disappointing events, victorious days

Remember, That not getting what you want, Is sometimes, A wonderful stroke of good luck. Dalai Lama Hello, My Friends Everyday in every way I’m feeling better and better. All things are always working out for me. I set my intention for every new task within my day. These are my top three affirmations atContinue reading “Disappointing events, victorious days”

You are the creator of everything.

You create, Every something that you want is a potential creation Every bit of resistance you feel, is the messenger of some thing you don’t want, or that you do want and don’t believe you can have. You create. Create your plan to get the life you want. When you read that title what wasContinue reading “You are the creator of everything.”

Resonating: Right or Wrong?

There’s a resonance inside us, a sense of who we are. We’re a multi-bodied traveler. We’re an essence. We’re a feeling, an awareness that has an ancient existence. Frederick Lenz Hello, My Friends Why do things resonate with us? I’ve been mulling this question over, some things resonate with me, that don’t resonate with youContinue reading “Resonating: Right or Wrong?”

Value: What do you value?

Connecting to your inner value guides you to peace and harmony. You have value because you are. You give value by being. You receive value from others. Hello, My Friends Life has settled into its normal rhythm, I must admit that I do miss the challenge of doing one action task that extends my thinking,Continue reading “Value: What do you value?”

The big 60. It’s so much fun to be ‘older’.

There is no greater FREEDOM, than the FREEDOM to be yourself. Give yourself that gift, and choose to surround yourself, with those who appreciate you, exactly as you are. Zoe Zantamata Hello, My Friends Over the last 60 odd days, I have been doing one challenge every day. The purpose of this challenge was toContinue reading “The big 60. It’s so much fun to be ‘older’.”

Stepping Forward: 60 and Beyond.

Celebrate everyday, Feel the best you can feel at any moment. Life is yours to live, Live it with your style, your flair, your way, with integrity and authenticity. Be who you believe you can be, no comparison. Hello, My Friends This week is one of those milestone weeks. I have my sixtieth birthday thisContinue reading “Stepping Forward: 60 and Beyond.”