A recovering doer and your perfect guide.

Sometimes we’re tested, Not to show our weaknesses, But to discover our strengths. Hello, My Friends This week has been interesting, as a recovering doer, setting the goal to complete the dining room wallpapering had me thinking about past successes, and the attitude and energy I did them in. I have mentioned before that growingContinue reading “A recovering doer and your perfect guide.”

Dynamic Living: Imaginary Shopping, Discover what you really want.

Dynamic Living: Imaginary shopping, discover what you really like. Hello, My Friends Let’s put on our dynamic living imaginifying hats.Yesterday I said that dynamic people live in the vision they have for their future.They focus on what they want, and do the things that need to be done to get these things. What about you?DoContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Imaginary Shopping, Discover what you really want.”

Pruning the garden of your mind.

A garden is not a place it is a journey. Monty Don Hello, My Friends Another week has slipped by, this week has been an interesting week with mixed emotions. One of my clients had a major breakthrough, which has created a whole new range of emotions within me. I imagine it would be howContinue reading “Pruning the garden of your mind.”

8 Questions to Ask to Unravel Limiting Beliefs.

There are no limits to what you can accomplish, Except the limits you allow to remain in place, Kept in play by your thinking. Inspired by Brian Tracy Hello, My Friends What a week I’ve enjoyed! Business meetings, client consults, writing and journaling. Creating beauty, peace and style within my home, enjoying the fresh daffodilsContinue reading “8 Questions to Ask to Unravel Limiting Beliefs.”