3 Ways to Change a Belief

Beliefs, we all have them.How often do we actually stop to investigate how well they are serving us in living a life we enjoy.You can change your belief.Live your life your way.3 ways to change your beliefs can get you started. We all come to a turning point The point where we know we mustContinue reading “3 Ways to Change a Belief”

Dynamic Living: Mindset, Connection, Essence

Dynamic Living: Mindset, connection, and Essence. Hello, My Friends Our final day on dynamic living. We have looked at how your mindset affects and influences everything you do. The way you think colours the way you see life, which has an impact on your attitude and how you react or respond to things that happenContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Mindset, Connection, Essence”

Dynamic Living: How to deal with Triggering Situations

Dynamic Living: How to deal with Triggering Situations. Hello, My Friends In line with yesterday’s post about connection, I want to mention about the ornery people you may encounter on your journey to friendships. Ornery people are people just like you and I. The difference is they choose to let their pain out to harmContinue reading “Dynamic Living: How to deal with Triggering Situations”

Dynamic Living: Personal connection is important.

Dynamic Living: Physical connection is important. Hello, My Friends We are living in a world where isolation is easier than reaching out to another person. Hiding behind our phones and digital devices, we try to cover up the loneliness of souls who yearn for connection. Social media is a poor substitute for face to faceContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Personal connection is important.”

Dynamic Living: Finding your authenticity

Dynamic living: Finding your authenticity. Hello, My Friends As we bring this month to a close over the next few days, I want you bring to your attention where we started.The definition of dynamic. Remember that being dynamic is about a process or system, an activity or progression.This is encouraging, as it means that theContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Finding your authenticity”

Dynamic Living: Finding FUN in pursuing goals.

Dynamic Living: Finding fun in pursuing your goals. Hello, My Friends Another benefit of setting and achieving goals is the fun you have in the pursuit of what you want. Some of the most fun things that happen to us, happen when we are in the pursuit of a goal.Happiness and purpose are linked. WhenContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Finding FUN in pursuing goals.”

Dynamic Living: Bringing a life dream to life.

Dynamic Living: Bringing a life dream to life. Hello, My Friends Today I want to talk about the benefits of setting and achieving goals. First things first. A dream is an ideal that you believe you can achieve. A project is a dream that has been committed to paper, with actions that need to beContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Bringing a life dream to life.”

Dynamic Living: Types of goals.

Dynamic Living: Types of goals. Hello, My Friends It would be remiss of me not to include goal setting in the mix of living a dynamic life.I could go into the SMARTER way of setting goals, which as a brief reminder is.SpecificMeasurableActionableRelevantTime boundEvaluatedReviewedbut I thought I would talk about the different types of goals thatContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Types of goals.”

Dynamic Living: Complaints and Gratitude.

Dynamic Living: Complaints and gratitude. Hello, My Friends What is good about your life today? I know when times get hard, it gets easier to complain and moan about everything. What are your top three complaints? Most people complain about their health or the perceived lack of it, money how little they have of it,Continue reading “Dynamic Living: Complaints and Gratitude.”

Dynamic Living: A vision well defined inspires.

Dynamic Living: A vision well defined inspires. Hello, My Friends Dynamic people create a vision for people to grasp.They build people up, motivate and inspire. Dynamic people have a vision of where they are going, and they know how to create that vision in such a way that other people can feel and see howContinue reading “Dynamic Living: A vision well defined inspires.”