Ep #22 Your Authentic Blueprint

Have you wondered why you didn’t achieve your goals from last year?Did you ask yourself the question, Why was it even on my list of things I want to achieve?Often we think we want something until it comes time to actioning it. Then not so much. Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,I’m your hostess,Continue reading “Ep #22 Your Authentic Blueprint”

Dynamic Living: A vision well defined inspires.

Dynamic Living: A vision well defined inspires. Hello, My Friends Dynamic people create a vision for people to grasp.They build people up, motivate and inspire. Dynamic people have a vision of where they are going, and they know how to create that vision in such a way that other people can feel and see howContinue reading “Dynamic Living: A vision well defined inspires.”

Super Highways are Created One Routine at a Time.

Without a destination it doesn’t matter where you are going. Routines are the highways to your dreams. Update your dream GPS mechanism. Hello, My Friends Another glorious week of Autumn weather, while fishing on the banks of the river, hubby and I watched as the waters bubbled with fish. We could see them jumping inContinue reading “Super Highways are Created One Routine at a Time.”

Imagination the Stuff Dreams are Made of.

In your Imagination, You can be any one you want to be, You can have anything you want, Imagine – Act – Imagine – Act You can have, be or do any-thing. Photo by Steven Libralon (www.unsplash.com) Hello, My Friends, This week I’ve been thinking about Imagination. When was the last time you dusted yourContinue reading “Imagination the Stuff Dreams are Made of.”

Change: The Constant of Life.

The only constant in life is CHANGE FEAR is the thief of your DREAMS BELIEF is the power of your DREAMS Hello, My friends. Emotions are fickle things. We are influenced by those around us, the circumstances that are happening in the world, in our country, or in our communities. It has been said thatContinue reading “Change: The Constant of Life.”