“Impossible” possible.

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing we would truly astound ourselves. Thomas Edison

Hello, My Friends,

How has your week been? Last week I challenged you to pick one area of your environment and begin to sort it out. Did you have a go? How does it feel to be a little more tidy, organised or put together?

We had the plumber come to sort out our kitchen water works this week. I am so grateful for hot running water with great pressure. It makes me feel so blessed, even though the kitchen is still in disarray, while we wait for the vinyl to be put in. I have a kitchen sink.

We are heading into winter, the daylight hours are getting shorter, the mornings are cooler. As we await news by the government whether we can move into alert level two of the lock-down, there is a definite air of anticipation.

The topic I want to talk about this week is “Impossible!”

How many times do we hear the words, “that’s not possible?” “you can’t do that.”

Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Take the sub four minute mile. The first mile run was recorded in 1850 with the event of running race tracks, being measured and standardized. It look almost a century to bring the time down to 4:01:4 sec in 1940. It was considered impossible to break the four minute mile, “breaking the record could prove fatal”, it was reported to be said. Roger Bannister proved it could be done, on 6th May 1954 he ran the mile on Oxford’s Iffley Road track in 3: 59:4 sec. and lived for many years to tell the story. His mate John Landy broke the same mile record 46 days later. Today the record is held by Hicham El Guerray who ran the mile in 3: 43:13 sec at Rome in 1999. This record has remained for 21 years. Does it mean it is impossible to reduce it further? Only time, and an athlete who is willing to put in the time and effort training will tell.

Once the four minute barrier was broken, it was only 46 days till the next person did it. What ideas are you sitting on? Thinking they can’t be done. What if you created a network of people around you, whom you trusted, to help your idea to grow and bear fruit, to become a reality? Now is the time when we need diverse thinking and ideas like we haven’t seen before.

Imagine, a time before skyscrapers. The tallest buildings you’d seen were three or four stories high. When some one comes to you from the future, they tell you that where they come from buildings have up to 160 floors, they surpass the clouds, they block the sun and house thousands of people.

What would your reaction be? Mine would be denial, “That can’t be true.” It can’t be done.”

Our minds need to expand to accept new and different realities. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Our lives are like that, the reality we are living today wasn’t available to our parents or grandparents. We have technologies they couldn’t even have thought were possible.

A video call to someone on the other side of the world. These were things of the movies, science fiction. Someone dreamed them up, someone followed up on the idea, someone put in the effort, the trial and error to fine tune the design, and today we hold in our hands the ability to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. It may be midnight here, but somewhere in the world it is day break, or lunch time. The opportunity to make the impossible possible is in our hands.

The only thing that stops us is the 15 centimetres in our heads. The chatter that prevents our minds from growing and expanding. I would like to encourage you to think about your potential as an unlimited person. What would you love to do? What really smokes your tyres? What would you do all day long and never feel tired doing? What if that was as close as your pen? What if all you had to do was write it on a piece of paper and read it three times a day, every day? If it was that easy to make it a reality would you have the courage to do it? What if, while you were reading those words you had an idea. What would happen if you wrote that idea down and thought about it, gave it a little energy, investigated what it needed, turned it over in your mind, looked at it from many different angles. What if you found something you could do to grow it? Would you be willing to have a go, try it out, make a mistake and try out something different, tweaking your idea. Try it, I can guarantee you will surprise yourself with what you really want and what you can do right now to begin to make your impossible, possible.

Everything is figure-out-able. Give yourself the permission to go figure it out. You are a creative being. Begin with What you would really love to do, then ask yourself why you really want to do it? Did you know that figuring out your why is what gives your ideas the wings to fly. Your why is the motivation for what you do? Your “impossible” needs a strong why, Ask yourself, Why do I want ….. to lose weight, to earn $20,000;00 a month, to drive a brand new SUV, to own a beautiful, large, sunny home, to have the most wonderful romantic relationship, to create and run my own online business. Anything you ever wanted. Keep asking why? till you find the core, the reason why you do anything in your life right now, that is the same why you can achieve whatever your “impossible” is.

Till next time, my friends, find your why, write out your “I would love to…” and read it every day, give it your energy and breathe life into it.

Remember: What we think creates our feelings, our feelings create our actions, our actions create our habits which create a well lived life. Everything we do, we do to receive a feeling. Thoughts create lives.

Be your best authentic self. You are one of a kind, and the world needs you.

Linda Codlin

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