Fear is Universal

F.E.A.R.False Evidence Appearing Real.or Focus, Enjoy, Attitude, Result.You have the power to define how you feel about fear, and how fear motivates or sabotages your actions and beliefs. Fear of being alone, Fear of being stood up, Fear of looking foolish, Fear of looking out of place. Fear is universal. What is your flavour ofContinue reading “Fear is Universal”

Fear of failing is…

How would you answer this statement? Hello, My Friends Challenging Norms… Fears are such powerful things.Fear is a response to our brain perceiving something or someone will harm us,The emotional feeling of fear is our body responding to the brains stimulus.Our body needs to be ready to run, to fight, or to hide. So ourContinue reading “Fear of failing is…”

Change: The Constant of Life.

The only constant in life is CHANGE FEAR is the thief of your DREAMS BELIEF is the power of your DREAMS Hello, My friends. Emotions are fickle things. We are influenced by those around us, the circumstances that are happening in the world, in our country, or in our communities. It has been said thatContinue reading “Change: The Constant of Life.”