Fear of failing is…

How would you answer this statement?

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Challenging Norms…

Fears are such powerful things.
Fear is a response to our brain perceiving something or someone will harm us,
The emotional feeling of fear is our body responding to the brains stimulus.
Our body needs to be ready to run, to fight, or to hide. So our marvelous body prepares us by filling our body with adrenalin, making us super alert.

In modern day times, our brain tends to over-react, which can keep us in a heightened state of alert.
Challenging the normality of your everyday includes investigating with interest what triggers your fear response.

Do you have an emotional response to the fear of getting it wrong?

What is your body’s go to feeling? Sick to the stomach, butterflies, cramping or headaches.
Where does it live in your body? Chest, head, stomach, or legs.
How do you handle these feelings? Avoid, over-ride with action, eat, or some other activity.

Do you have these feelings often?
If you do, learning to see them coming will help you make decisions on what to do next.

Connect with me in the comments.
I have strategies that can help you to overcome the fears of failing and getting it wrong.

oxoxo Linda
As a life coach, part of what I do is challenge your normal thinking. You don’t know what you don’t know, until you do.
I help bring clarity to what you do know, and shed a light on things you may not know.

If you are stuck, challenging your normal thinking can produce results you weren’t aware of.
Let’s begin a conversation about the fears keeping you stuck in the cycle of inaction.

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