Challenging Norms- Tooting your own horn.

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Challenging Norms,

Blowing your own horn!?

What is your stance on the statement of blowing your own horn?

Is it inappropriate to state what you are good at, what you love to do, or share something you are feeling particularly proud of?

This is our challenging norms opinion piece for today.

Were you taught that it is bad manners to brag about what you have done. By the way what does bragging mean in this sense?

I was taught that your good works will speak for themselves.
To me there is a degree of truth that your good works will indeed speak for themselves.
My query is “How will others know what you can do, or who you are if you don’t say?”

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Being proud of yourself, and the things you have achieved is a good thing.
I think that often tooting your own horn can be done for the emotional need, to be recognized, and this then diminishes the genuine response of those hearing your proud achievements.

Seeking praise, seeking grandeur, or seeking to prove yourself to someone else.
Does tooting your own horn, go hand in hand with contemptuous pride?

When a child comes running into the kitchen with a picture they’ve just spent the last hour drawing and colouring in, they are brimming with pride and want to show anyone and everyone who will look and listen at their drawing.

Is this tooting your own horn in it’s most innocent form?

What about writing up your C.V.? Where does tooting your horn fit is this scene? If you don’t tell your prospective employer what you can do and do well, they will never know and they won’t be able to validate what you say you can do.
What about sharing your busy life with others, explaining what life is like for you. Is this tooting your own horn?

When does tooting your own horn turn into complaining, nagging and degrading yourself or others?
My purpose in asking these questions is to get you thinking about your point of view of “blowing your own horn”, is there an appropriate time, place and situation or is ‘bragging’ about your achievements some thing to be avoided?

Where does a healthy self-image fit into this?
How do you congratulate and celebrate yourself when you do something great? Is this blowing your own trumpet, or is it acknowledging a good job well done?

I’d love to hear your opinion on this topic of blowing your own horn, pros and cons.
Leave a message in the comments, and let’s begin a conversation.
oxoxo Linda
As a life coach, part of what I do is challenge your normal thinking. You don’t know what you don’t know, until you do.
I help bring clarity to what you do know, and shed a light on things you may not know.

If you are stuck, challenging your normal thinking can produce results you weren’t aware of.
Let’s begin a conversation about what you view blowing your own horn to be.

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