20 Ways to identify a Martyr.

A martyr is a way of thinking and believing, and as such can be changed.Learning how you behave and think is the first step to change.Please do not beat yourself up it you see traits of the martyr in your life.You have the power to create a new life. Hello My Friends. Martyrs behave inContinue reading “20 Ways to identify a Martyr.”

What do you argue the most over?

Hello, My Friends What do you argue the most over? This is an interesting question.Your answer will tell you what you value most.The things, people and ideals you argue for the most are the things, people and ideals that mean to most to you. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t argue. Do you argue forContinue reading “What do you argue the most over?”

You get to re-write your History; In a way that feels fabulous.

Do you feel stuck by your past?Are there items in your home that remind you of a past you no longer live?What excess baggage are you carrying around with you and what price are you paying for that baggage?Want help to heal wounds from the past? Hello, My Friends What have you carried with youContinue reading “You get to re-write your History; In a way that feels fabulous.”

What motivates you to make the time?

“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” — George Lorimer Hello, My Friends My the weeks are flying by, we have moved into Day Light Savings time, and now the evenings are getting lighter, and the mornings darker.We have the promise of summer, andContinue reading “What motivates you to make the time?”

Affirming Yourself

It matters what you say to yourself.you may think no-one will ever know what you really think, the thing is you do, and you are your most important asset.Your mind is always listening to you. Say some nice things now and again. Affirm yourself. Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin IContinue reading “Affirming Yourself”

Sing and Dance

When was the last time you sang out loud?When was the last time you danced deliberately?When you are feeling confident in yourself, you sing and dance, you care less what other people say and think about you?Sing and Dance, have some fun. Hello, My Friends Singing and dancing!When was the last time you sang?Not quietlyContinue reading “Sing and Dance”

Living Life Looking Forward.

“Hello, My FriendsLiving life looking forward is about looking into your imagination, and forward projecting yourself into the future. Your ideal future. For me, my coach taught me to imagine myself as my future 90 year old self.She is a woman who has achieved all the things I want to achieve. She is the embodimentContinue reading “Living Life Looking Forward.”

How to Feel Better.

How to feel better. Hello, My Friends Three ways to feel better quickly. 1) Appreciate what you have.This sounds pretty basic, but when we get into a funk it can be quite difficult to see what we already have, when we are focusing on what we don’t have, or on what isn’t working well.Three thingsContinue reading “How to Feel Better.”