Create a Living Legacy Intentionally.

When it is time for you to leave this body, what do you most want to be remembered for?
Three short generations and we can be completely forgotten.
How would you like to be remembered?
You can begin to create those memories now.
Your intention & action

What will you leave behind when you are not here?

Who will miss you the most?

You have the choice how you want to be remembered.

Hello, My Friends

We have been having some beautiful weather. Frosty cold mornings, with chilly clear days.
I watched the neighbour thaw his car out so he could go to work.
Life is so fragile. We feel like we are invincible until we’re not.
Recently we learned of relatives who passed over. She posted gorgeous pictures and quotes every other day. She will be missed.

This got me thinking about the legacy we will leave behind.
What lasting imprint will each of us make on the lives of another?
What will remain once we have gone?

Have you thought about this?
After about three generations, what will be left as a reminder that you were here?
I think about the books that have been written about people, ordinary people, just like you and me, who have done fabulous things with their lives.
The hardships they endured, the victories they celebrated, the trials that popped up to be overcome.
These people have left a legacy in who they are.
Their struggles, and the character they developed to surpass the these challenges.

I was in a second-hand book shop the other day. You know the ones that have that musty , damp, old book smell.
I was surrounded by books, these were rare, one of a kind books from previous generations.
Each book had a story to tell. Each book represented someones thoughts about the topic.
The topics ranged from children’s picture books to biographies, to how to’s, to car manuals. (Many of these cars would be long gone now.)
Some books told stories on how they’d survived the horrors of life after events that no-one should have to face.
They shared the heartache and the victory of striving for an extraordinary goal. A dream, they had no idea how it was going work out, the things they went through.
Books about sharing life with the one they love, how they built a life together, raised a family and lived a ‘normal’ life.

This intrigues me. We all have a story, we all have a life, we all have the ability to do and be the difference to someone else.
And yet we never seem to think about the big picture. We get busy with the day to day, not quite lifting our heads to see what is before us, and often looking back with a ‘if only’ sigh.

What if you set an intention for the day?
If, when you dragged yourself from the warmth of your bed, to start your daily routine, you gave yourself an intention for the day.
Your intention might be to smile at your teen, to say words of kindness instead of nagging about the unfinished chore list from last week.
Your intention may be to calm your inner critic. You know the voice who is constantly reminding you of ‘who you are’, ‘what you are good for’, ‘how disappointing you are’.
Your intention for the day, might be to see her, and hear her, then to give yourself grace to be okay where you are right now.

Setting an intention for the day, makes a difference to your attitude and energy.
It kind of gives your day a focus. A bit like a dart looking for the dart board. If you have something to aim at you are at least heading in a direction of your choosing.
And if you should miss the intention for the day, give yourself an inner nod, and know you had a thought that created an energy shift.
If you set the same intention the next day, would you still miss the intention, or would you move a little closer to it.

The thing about intentions, they are little energy bubbles.
When we send an energy bubble into the world, we don’t know how it will come back to us.
As a child I was taught the saying, ‘That the road to hell was paved with good intentions.’
I learned that it wasn’t intention but action that got you to heaven. The beginning belief of a doer attitude.
I was taught that the intention was less important than the action.
Now, I disagree with this premise. I believe the intention paves the way for the Universe to become involved in how the action is performed.
The intention is as important as the deed. A good deed done with the intention to do harm, is not a good deed.
The energy (which is the intention) that you do something, is the energy you get from the thing you are doing.
The doing can be a noble thing, it’s the energy or intention that creates the feelings that people remember.

We all have one life, it is a fragile life, it is a finite life.
What is the legacy that you want to leave behind when it is your time to leave this body?
What is the emotion you want others to have when they remember you?
What difference do you want to make on history?

Set your intention, then lean into it everyday.

Until next time, My friend
Set your intention, and lean into it everyday.

oxoxo Linda.

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