Create a Living Legacy Intentionally.

When it is time for you to leave this body, what do you most want to be remembered for?Three short generations and we can be completely forgotten.How would you like to be remembered?You can begin to create those memories now.Your intention & action What will you leave behind when you are not here? Who willContinue reading “Create a Living Legacy Intentionally.”

Leading through talking.

Leading through talking. Hello, My Friends Another essential asset of leading is talking. Speaking with words, speaking with the written word, and speaking without words. As the saying goes ‘Actions speak louder than words,” goes it is partly right.There is so much more to talking than the words we use. Leading involves using words plusContinue reading “Leading through talking.”

Dynamic Living: Many Mini Destinations

Dynamic Living: Many mini destinations. Hello, My Friends Within the final destination, there are multiple mini destinations, and we get to choose each one of these. Every stage of our life has a mini destination attached to it.When we are raising children, getting them ‘safely as possible’ to adulthood is part of the destination.When weContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Many Mini Destinations”

Disappointing events, victorious days

Remember, That not getting what you want, Is sometimes, A wonderful stroke of good luck. Dalai Lama Hello, My Friends Everyday in every way I’m feeling better and better. All things are always working out for me. I set my intention for every new task within my day. These are my top three affirmations atContinue reading “Disappointing events, victorious days”