Dynamic Living: Many Mini Destinations

Dynamic Living: Many mini destinations.

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Within the final destination, there are multiple mini destinations, and we get to choose each one of these.

Every stage of our life has a mini destination attached to it.
When we are raising children, getting them ‘safely as possible’ to adulthood is part of the destination.
When we are aiming for purchasing a home or some major financial destination, managing careers and money is high on the priority list.
When we are aiming for a well lived life, the way we show up every day for each destination is our focus.

What if we made everyday a mini destination?

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What I mean by that is, when we arise in the morning we set our intention of where we want to be at the end of the day.
Let’s say you are in the middle of raising children, your intention may be to actively listen to each child for 5 mins.
Setting your intention, adapting your schedule to make it work and then carving out that time for each child.
Let’s say you are aware that you yell too much instead of stating what needs to happen in a calm way.
Setting your intention might look like you setting boundaries around the things you expect, and then calmly voicing what you want, and then just as calmly, from a place of loving yourself you follow through on what you said would happen if your boundary wasn’t respected, out of respect for yourself.
Plan space for yourself to breathe, to catch yourself before voluminous words pile out of your mouth. And never beat yourself up if you do not accomplish the first hundred times. You are reprogramming your mind and others behaviours to respect you.
Let’s say your mini destination is to slim your body.
Your intention may look like getting up in the morning and putting your workout clothes on, and heading out for a jog, or to the gym.
To back your intention up, the night before you read your affirmation of where your destination is and what feeling you want to gain when you get there, (at your destination) then begin to feel like that now in advance, setting your intention to enjoy being you today as you are, dressing the body you have now in a way that makes you feel fabulous to be you.

Mini destinations in the journey of life makes the long journey more fun and bearable.
What if everyday you set an intention to find the joy, fun and pleasure in what you are already doing.
See the humour in the way you drive to work, find the hilarity of small children, create memories that will last a life time, and retell and share those memories.
Slow down and enjoy the conversation at the water cooler, actually listen between the lines.
Allow yourself to get emotionally involved with your life, feel your ‘safe’ feelings.
This will move you out of boredom and into interest, you’ll discover your face doesn’t crack when it smiles, and smiles feel good, especially when they are shared.

The mini destinations can give us focus, reasons to give a damn, ideas to cultivate, actions to fulfill, ourselves and others to love.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Climb Calmly- Cease Chaos- Create Cheer.

oxoxo Linda

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