Dynamic Living: Have an inspiring goal.

Dynamic Living: Have an inspiring goal.

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Have you ever wondered how some people get so many things done?
It’s a bit of yesterdays tip, they set intentions. They know what result they want to achieve.

Also a dynamic person sets goals that inspire them.

Recently I found a definition that spoke about the difference between motivation and inspiration.
I love it so much, I’m going to repeat here, ready?
Motivation is external, it comes from someone or something other than you, it shows up as either a reward or a punishment, and it drives you towards what you think is required of you.

Inspiration is internal, it comes from within you, it is a calling or a purpose you have that cheers you on, that encourages you, that draws you and calls you towards your wants.

A dynamic person is inspired by their life, the goals they have set for themselves.

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Some would say they are self driven. I prefer to think of a dynamic person being called by the divine energy within them.

To live a dynamic life, you need to know what you want. What a dynamic life looks and feels like to you.
This is where I believe the difference between motivation and inspiration come to play.
If you are seeking motivation, you will be looking to other people to get you started, to keep you going and to keep your energy levels up.
However, if you are inspired, you will be seeking out information, and ways that you can create what you want, and when you fall down, you get yourself up, dust yourself off and have another go, knowing you have found another way that doesn’t work. You will have an internal guide that whispers to you, that sets situations up in your favour.

Once again it is an energy thing, Everything is energy.
What is the energy behind your goal?
Are you working toward something that sets your spirit on fire, Some thing that lights you up, something that makes time skip on by without you noticing?
or are you working on things that light someone else up, that creates wealth for someone else, that makes life easier for someone else?
Do you find these goals sapping your energy instead of igniting enthusiasm?

Set yourself a goal that inspires you to learn about who you are, what makes you want to sing, what gives you energy?
These goals can be simple goals, like learning to juggle three balls. Not as easy as it sounds.

And when you hit mental resistance about your abilities, know that this is part of your growth journey.
It is this mental chatter that keeps you from moving into your ideal life.
Remember thoughts can not harm you, they produce emotions, which also can not harm you, these emotions are vibrations that are felt in your body, and it is these vibrations of discomfort that we will do almost anything to avoid.

As a life coach I help people to see the mental chatter for what it is, past thoughts brought into the present day.

Dynamic people set goals that inspire them to learn new things about themselves.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is You get what you believe you’ll get. Like energy attracts like energy.

oxoxo Linda

As a life coach it is my intention to help you to live your best life, every day.
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