Dynamic Living: Comfort Zone and Learning Zone

Dynamic Living: Comfort Zone and Learning Zone.

Hello, My Friends

Building on yesterday’s goal setting, today I want to move you into your learning zone.

Firstly what is a learning zone?
I’m assuming you have heard of a comfort zone.

A comfort zone is where you know what to do, how to behave. You have done and action, thought a thought, felt a feeling so often that it is comfortable, normal.

A comfort zone is part of the boredom scale, life is being lived in the known, there is no challenge in the comfort zone.
Yes! It is easy, it is restful, and it can be suffocating.
To move out of a comfort zone, involves doing something that is often uncomfortable and scary.
It might even hit your brain’s fear button, so it screams at you that if you do this thing you’re gonna die.
Speaking in front of a group of people will not kill you, but your mind may be telling you that it will.

This is where reframing the thought comes to play.
Instead of thinking about moving out of your comfort zone, which has resistance attached to it, think about moving into your learning zone.

The learning zone removes the fear, it replaces it with anticipation, it is looking forward at the new skill you want to gain, rather than what you are losing.

The learning zone allows for mistakes to be made, it silences the perfectionist from within.
The learning zone builds confidence in your ability to try new things, without overwhelming yourself about performance.

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When seeking out new challenges that move you up and off the boredom scale, thinking about the learning zones gives you courage to have a go.
To fall over, and pick yourself up and go again.
The learning zone is not about doing or not doing, it’s about improving, it’s about enjoying the process of learning a new something.

Dynamic living is about living in the learning zone.
Trying out new things, expanding your education base, trying new hobbies, creating works of art, exploring new areas of your country, writing a book of poetry.
Dynamic living is getting to know you, what inspires you?
Do you like watching the night sky? Join a club that gazes at the stars.
Do you like taking photographs? Get around like minded people, learn about the nuances of the craft.
Do you enjoy baking? Create an online baking group, where you share your creations with each other, form a group in your area.
What have you always wanted to have a go at? Find a group who are already having a go at it and step into your learning zone.

Challenge yourself that for 100 days you are going to do a new activity, like learning to juggle, play the guitar, learn to sketch with pencil.
The sky is the limit, use your learning zone as inspiration to move off the boredom scale.
It’s amazing how much energy you can find when you are being challenged to learn something new.
Be kind to yourself, learning new skills takes time, practice, failing-doing it poorly, more time, more practice, doing it better, more time, more practice, doing it well, and you never know it may actually turn into something else.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Practice makes better, when you do better, you feel better.

oxoxo Linda

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