Dynamic Living: Live today like there is no tomorrow.

Dynamic Living: Live today, like there is no tomorrow.

Hello, My Friends

Continuing on with the theme from yesterday and putting ourselves into new situations, today I want to delve into the types of things we can do that will expand our points of view.

We talked about following your passion, or the nagging thing that has been sitting in the background that we promise we’ll do it when …
When the children have grown,
When the house is paid off, or when we’ve purchased a house.

When I’ve lost weight, when I’ve got more money, time, energy.

The sad part about this is we put off our lives, waiting for one day, and you know what, one day never comes until we decide to make today that day.

Dynamic people know this, they decide what they want and they make it happen, today.

The thing about today, is it’s a one day only deal.

You will never get today again. Once we have used all the minutes in the day they have gone.
What often happens is that because we get another day of minutes tomorrow, we squander today’s by putting onto tomorrow what could be done today.

Click on the link below to see today video clip.

Imagine what we could do if we lived as if today was the last day ever.
What would you want to get off that one day list?
Why not begin now?
Join a club that will help you to play pool better, speak better, or draw better.
Sign up for a hobby that interests you, what about face painting, or dog training, or model train building.
What ever your interest there is bound to be someone else interested in doing the same thing.

If you have lots of reasons why not to get off the couch and involved in your life, now is a great time to connect with a life coach to discuss the mind drama that is keeping you on the side line of your own life.

One of the saddest things is not being a part of your life.
Begin a new hobby, start a new trend, join a sports club, volunteer at a social event, or church stall.
Sign up to a local walking club, meet new people.

It’s surprising how quickly the boredom scale diminishes when you have new things, and people to talk to and about. (Nicely of course, no judgement here)
Try your hand at pottery, crocheting, or knitting.
Have a go at singing in a choir, or marching with a bunch of marching enthusiasts, or have a round of golf with someone new.

A new person is a friend just waiting to be discovered. Strike up a conversation, You never know where it might take you.

Live today, don’t put off what you want, find a novel way to make it part of your day.
And create fantastic memories, and stories that will entertain for years to come.
Jump into your life, and begin to live it, bring the kids with you, create a budget to allow for a once a month outing, step into the new and exciting.
Dynamic people have a go, they live every moment, for no-one knows when their last moment is.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Live like there is no tomorrow, never put off the fun things do them now.

oxoxo Linda

As a life coach it is my intention to help you to live your best life, every day.
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