Dynamic Living: Be the Conqueror

Dynamic Living; Be the conqueror

Hello, My Friends

Asking this one question gives your brain something to focus on?

What do I want to see in my life?

How do I want to live my life?

As I began on this journey, I was asking myself over and over, what fear is stopping me from going after what I want?
So where was my focus, you got it, on the fear.
What you focus on grows, so my fear was growing larger and larger.
There are times that facing the fear is important, knowing what the fear is the first step of change.
Living in the fear will keep you stuck, your brain will go seeking your dominant thought.

To conquer fear, name it, then find the opposite emotion that is on the other side of it.

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So if you’re afraid of rejection, the other side of rejection is acceptance. You get to accept yourself, when you accept who you are, and you like who you are, you can not be rejected.
Unless you decide to allow yourself to feel rejected.
If you’re afraid to put your work out into the world because it might be judged harshly, the other side of this is being confident in the work you have done, and knowing that judgement is just someone else’s point of view, you have the power to listen and learn, you also have the power to reject the judgement and carry on.
If you’re afraid of being seen, the opposite is to put yourself into places where you will be visible, this may mean sharing your opinion at the meeting, it may mean saying, “No” when you want to say no.
Fear is your brain’s tool to keep you in your cage, remember the thoughts you think affect the way your body responds to the energy vibrations emitted by your emotions.

Most fear we face is not life threatening, however, if your gut intuition says to run, run. If your gut intuition tells you not to trust someone, trust your gut.
You are the conqueror of your life, and it begins with the mind drama, everything begins with the mind drama.

Conquering fear is about giving your mind better things to focus on.
Whisper to yourself, I can do hard things, and then begin. Do the thing your brain has been telling you, you can’t do.
Prove to yourself, that you are indeed a conqueror.
Then feel the satisfaction of having had a go. Victory is in the daily tiny steps that build evidence you can do what was unthinkable the day before.

Dynamic people learn to overcome their fears by focusing on what they want. They build the picture of what they are aiming for, this picture is in 3D, it is almost tangible, they walk through it, feel it, know how it feels, how it smells, how every detail looks.
Day by day they build on the vision in their mind, and they do the actions that make it reality, they face down the fear of not knowing what to do, by doing the next known step, course correcting as they go.
It is really hard to adjust a vehicle’s heading when it is not moving, however when it gets some momentum going, moving a fraction of a degree is easier and has greater effect sooner.
Be the conqueror of your life. Feel the fear and do the task anyway, then feel the energy of satisfaction, fulfillment and success. Lock these emotions into your memory.
Build more memories fo satisfaction, fulfillment and success than memories of fear, lack and scarcity.

Dynamic people are conquerors and they begin with their own minds.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Set your focus on where you are going. What you focus on grows.

oxoxo Linda

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