Dynamic Living: Imaginary Shopping, Discover what you really want.

Dynamic Living: Imaginary shopping, discover what you really like.

Hello, My Friends

Let’s put on our dynamic living imaginifying hats.
Yesterday I said that dynamic people live in the vision they have for their future.
They focus on what they want, and do the things that need to be done to get these things.

What about you?
Do you know what you want?

When was the last time you went imaginary shopping. Remember the energy you go imaginary shopping with is really important.

If you go shopping with the mindset of, I can’t have any of these nice things because I’m broke, you are creating that in your reality.
You are focusing on what you don’t have, and the lack or loss of it. How can it come into your energy circle when you are repelling it with your thoughts and emotions.

So when you come imaginary shopping with me, we choose in advance the energy of abundance and love, we choose to be looking for what we like, and I mean really like.

You don’t have to like something to fit your budget, your current home, your current body. You get to like what you like, whether you would ever purchase it or not.

Click on the link below to see today video clip.

When imaginary shopping with me, we never, never, never look at the price tag.
We look at the quality of the goods, we look at the colour and style, we look at the shape, we feel how it feels to sit on the couch, sit at the table, imagine all the beautiful settings and surroundings.
We get to imagine having our own entertainment theatre, with a 70 inch television, with electric reclining chairs, a chiller fridge just for cold drinks.
We get to imagine what our ideal kitchen would be like, what type of fridge/ freezer we want.
When you are imaginary shopping with me, you get to decide what you want, how the room will feel, how you want any item in the room to be placed, you get to decide on what comes in and what doesn’t.
You get to sit in whatever car takes your fancy, smell the brand new leather smell, if that’s what you want. You get to feel the steering wheel, marvel over the gear stick hiding in the console, the keylessness of the vehicle, admire the colour, and if they don’t have a colour you like, you get to imagine ordering one in a colour of your choice.
You get to look at real estate, hunting for your perfect location that will suit your business perfectly, or to go house hunting for your ideal home.
You get to look at houses interiors and decide what you like, and what you don’t.
You decide if you like wooden floors without caring about heating costs, you get to choose a spa bath without caring about cleaning or running costs.
When you are imaginary shopping with me, you get to decide on what you like, no string, no buts, no excuses attached.

And when we have an idea of what you style you love, what you prefer, what makes you smile, and makes your heart sing, we create a vision for you to hold onto.
Everything is first created in the mind, before it is created in reality. Let’s create in the mind, by figuring out what you love.
Then lets create a vision board, or a script, an audio programme around your vision. To keep it alive.
The secret to creating in your mind first, is to buy into the dream, to believe you are worthy of what you really want, no second bests, no guilt or shame, no internal beat ups.
Then the next hardest part is to keep the emotional, and mental space open for what you really want to appear. This involves looking at what you want, rather than what you have. No matter how bad it is right now, you can create a new life in your imagination. What you focus on grows, keep your emotions light and your desire in the energy of abundance, and when you are prompted to do something, do it.

So, let’s become dynamic lifers, begin today, by using your imagination, go imaginary shopping, decide what you like for you, take a snap shot with you in the car, with you standing in the driveway of the type of home you’d like, in the furniture department.
Feel in your imagination how you think it would feel to have the items you really like surrounding you. Hold onto that feeling. Make it strong and clear in your mind. Focus on all your feelings, how you feel, where you feel the joy, the beauty, the style and the craftmanship.

Use your imagination for you, create in your mind first, and then in your reality.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Everything is twice created, once in your mind, twice in your reality.

oxoxo Linda

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