Dynamic Living: Expand your curiosity.

Dynamic Living: Expand your curiosity

Hello, My Friends

How did you get on with your imaginary shopping? Did you discover a few things you absolutely don’t like, and more things you do like?

Today we are looking at remaining curious.

Have you had the privilege of being in the company of a 3 to 5 year old?
They have an insatiable quest for knowledge and understanding.

Their mind is expanding, they are beginning to be aware of their surroundings and they want to know how everything works.

They even pull things apart to figure out what it looks like on the inside.

As a parent, I am guilty of attempting to squash this dynamic curiousity. The constant questions, the how does this work, why does this do this, what would happen if I did this or if I did that?
Children are little energy dynamo’s, they only switch off for the few hours they need to rest to recharge.

As children grow older, they figure out that asking questions is not so good for their health.
They may end up being yelled out, told to go outside, or given something else to distract them, they may even be given books, or the tablet to do their own research.

We are tribal beings, we learn best from watching and being a part of a community. When we figure out that wanting to know how things work, and taking things apart to figure that out gets an angry response from the adults around us, we shut of the curiousity.

We lose the joy of curiosity, of creativity and learning.

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Our brain kind of shuts down, it goes into an asleep mode, and only wakes up when we give it something new to learn.
Which is often only ever tied to our vocations.

When was the last time you read a book for the sheer pleasure of being enveloped in the story within the pages?
When did you last ask someone about their life, and how they came to be where they are?
And then listen to the story, totally engrossed in their adventures.
When was the last time you let your mind wander off into the fairy world, of imagination, of creativity, of relaxation, without an agenda of any kind?

Being curious, asking questions of others around you, and of your surroundings.
Questions that grow you, that expand your mind, that get you thinking out of your normal rut.
What are you seeking, secretly, what would you really love to know about? Begin to seek, begin to question, begin to research the topic you are interested in, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
Learning is an activity we can do until the day we die. It is recommended that we continue to stimulate our brain’s with new and sometimes challenging information.
Learning is part of discovering who we are, what lies dormant within us and what really, really, wants to come out to play.
Allow yourself to find that 5, 6, 7 year old, who wanted to know so much about how the world works, how people work, what makes the car tick, what makes gardens grow?
The things to be curious about are endless, dynamic people feed their curiosity, they nurture their hunger to learn new things.

Cultivate your mind, not to improve, but to learn, to be inspired, to expand, to create.
Your mind is a marvelous, underused piece of equipment. Ask it probing questions and see what you find out.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is If you are not learning, experiencing, and expanding you are degenerating.

oxoxo Linda

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