Dynamic Living: Quality Questions make all the difference.

Dynamic Living: Quality questions make all the difference.

Hello, My Friends

Quality questions makes all the difference to how you think.
Are you someone who uses the why statement as a means to stay in the middle of your drama.
Why is this happening to me, again?
When you ask this statement, your brain goes into action to find the answers for you, and when it does you have two choices, use the information to make an informed decision about what to do next, or use it as proof that your life is as bad as you believe it to be.
Often what we do is we ask rhetorical questions, but our brain doesn’t realise that is what we are asking, and finds evidence to support our theory or belief.

A great question to ask regularly throughout your day is, “What do I really want?”

And then answer it,

How close are you to living into that want?
What do you need to do to get closer to your want?
Do you need a new plan, or to add more results centred action to your existing plan?
What about your feelings, where do they fit into the picture?

These are a few great questions to get started.

The other day I said what we focus on grows, where our attention goes our energy flows.

These next bunch of questions are to get you thinking about focusing your attention on the good in your life, so that more good will come into your life.

Click on the link below to see today video clip.

Set your alarm to go off at the top of the hour, then take a few minutes to go over this list, and mentally note or actually jot down the answers, you may be surprised at the responses.
What is going well?
What blessings do I notice?
What am I grateful for?
What is great about this moment?
What possibilities are present?
What do I love about my life?
To what or whom can I offer thanks to?

Your answers could vary from the meeting is running smoothly, to I am grateful I can breathe easily, to thank goodness for elevators, to I am so happy to be inside when it’s raining out, to it is possible for me to create a new system to improve the storage of our equipment, to I love earning money to take care of my family, and finally it could look like I am so thankful for my children, they give me so much joy.

The more you ask these questions the more indepth the answers will be, you may even find inspiration to solve a problem that has had you stumped for a while.

Then there are the ‘negative’ looking questions that bring clarity to what is really going on.
What am I afraid of, What am I fearing will happen.”
What am I resisting in this situation?
What if the worst did happen, what would that look like?
Answer these questions with an attitude of inquisitiveness, become the detective of your life.
Then ask yourself, “What would it look and feel like if I wasn’t afraid, or fearful.”
What would happen if I stopped resisting and accepted that it is how it is, and find a way to deal with it as it is, no resistance?
Could you handle the worst case scenario? Plan for it, have a contingency plan, free your energy to focus on the solution.

What you focus on grows, where your attention goes your energy flows.
And great questions give you clarity and direction.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you think about what happens to you.

oxoxo Linda

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