Disappointing events, victorious days


That not getting what you want,

Is sometimes,

A wonderful stroke of good luck.

Dalai Lama

Hello, My Friends

Everyday in every way I’m feeling better and better.

All things are always working out for me.

I set my intention for every new task within my day.

These are my top three affirmations at the moment.

Today I had some disappointing news, and I had the emotional response to go with it.

Hubby asked how I was, and I replied that I wanted to cry. At that very moment life didn’t seem fair.

I had two choices as I saw it, I could wallow in the disappointment or I could bury it with action and pretend it wasn’t happening. These are the two choices my past self would have chosen from. And within those choices would have reigned anger, turning to food for comfort, purchasing something, or going for a long and tiring run to wear out my body and hopefully stop my brain from thinking.

The option I chose for me was to feel the disappointment, to allow the sadness to be, to weep a little. I turned to hubby for support, he was out of his league, his normally strong woman, wasn’t. So to manage, his idea was to go shopping, window shopping! To get out of the house, to use distraction to avoid the emotions. And I was happy to go along with him, the walk outside did me good.

Coming home, I had business to attend to. Sometimes we go on even when we want everything to stop. And this is a good thing.

I’m feeling very proud of myself, as I know when one door closes another opens, that I am making deliberate choices to feel better about every aspect of my life, including disappointments. I know that this disappointment is paving the way for bigger and better opportunities to come my way, because I believe that things are always working out for me, and if they are not, then they are not for me. As I set my intention for the day, and for each activity of the day, I am aligning my energy to be in harmony with my inner being and the greater Universe.

If you are facing disappointment, fear of the unknown, uncertainty or loss. I’d like to offer my top three affirmations as comfort for your mind, emotions and your body. As they seep into your subconscious mind and work their magic on your beliefs, they will make a difference to how you view the world you are seeing.

Everyday in everyway I’m FEELING better and better.

Find a better feeling, it doesn’t have to be happy, or even pleasant, it only has to be a little better than you felt before, and if you do this often enough you may find yourself smiling unexpectedly, or humming a tune with the radio. If everyday you look for things that are beautiful, such as the sunrise or the sunset and appreciate that you didn’t have to do, have or be anything other than who you are to enjoy them, or at the very least to witness them, you may be able to appreciate that you are being taken care of, right now, and you don’t have to be anything, you don’t have to prove anything, and you don’t have to own anything to be taken care of.

Everyday in everyway I’m FEELING better and better.

All things are always working out FOR me.

This affirmation is about living on the edge of faith. To me in my journey and my understanding, it is about me taking the next step in front of me and believing it will reveal the next step I need to take. My journey is not a well paved road, it tends to take hidden and overgrown paths where I am having to find my way by instinct and intuition. Now and then my path intersects with a highway and progress is made quicker. My life is about learning to enjoy the journey, to find the pleasure in every experience, to learn the lesson if there is one to learn, and sometimes it is to lay back and watch the sunset and marvel at how the world manages to tick over without me having to control everything. In this knowing I trust that the Universe that can ensure I have air to breathe, gravity to keep me on the earth and sunsets to delight in, can manage the energy I put out into the Universe, and will bring that energy into alignment with the things I am wanting and growing into. To trust if something is not for me, it will not show up for me, but, if something is for me, nothing can stop it from coming to me. Everything is always working out for me. My declaration of faith, will you make it your declaration of faith?

Over the last month I’ve been discovering the power of intention, I’m still in the middle of this lesson, so when I have learned and mastered more of the aspects of intention I will share them with you.

I set my intention with every new task within my day.

At the moment my affirmation of ‘I set my intention with every new task within my day,” is to retrain my mind, my body and my spirit. To tune me into my inner guide, to be aware of my intuition, and my creativity. By setting my energy and vibration to the task at hand in advance, I am giving my spiritual guide a heads up on what I want to feel.

Remember everything we do, we do, for the feeling we believe we will gain. Intention for me is choosing that feeling in advance.

This has been an emotional day, and emotional days are good. I have grown so much. Mindset mastery works, and the freedom of feeling emotions instead of bottling, or storing, or stewing them is hard, but so rewarding. The emotional drama is over a lot quicker, allowing me to move into more satisfying feelings and actions.

Until next time,

Try out my top three affirmations.

Everyday in everyway I’m FEELING better and better. (say it with enthusiasm, emotion is the key.)

All things are ALWAYS working out for me. (Faith in action)

I set my INTENTION for every new task within my day. (Feeling in advance)

Have fun with them, pleasure and enjoyment of life is really important.

oxoxo Linda.

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My details are…


email: authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com

Website: https://www.authenticlivingwithlinda.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/lindacodlin25

Instagram: @lindacodlin

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