Confidence: One outfit at a time

Confidence: One outfit at a time.

Hello, My Friends

Are you a track pants kind of person?
Do you dress down when you are at home, where no-one is going to see you?

I know some-one who sees you every day.
This person is the most important person in your life.

Imagine you are meeting some-one you really want to impress.
Would you wear your trackies?
Probably not.
They don’t portray you in the best light.

When you show up shining your best light, you radiate confidence.

Why then would you not want to show up with this confidence all the time?

You are the person you must impress every-day.
By dressing to impress yourself you uplift your confidence.

You get to feel in charge, confident, beautiful, stylish.
Whatever your key word is.
Learn to create it on purpose.
Dress to be that person, groom the body you have.
Begin to show yourself the respect you expect from others.

Thoughts create things.
Create your style, image on purpose.

Style is way more than just clothes.
However clothes are a great place to begin.
They are an obvious display of how you think about yourself.
How you want others to think about you.
It’s in the detail that we find confidence, knowing our shirt is ironed and looks great.
knowing that our lipstick adds a touch of charm.
Knowing that our overall look is showing who we are on the inside.

Choose what you want your clothes style to say about you.
Seek advice if necessary.
Upgrade one item at a time, if you have budget constraints.
It doesn’t take much to uplevel your confidence with your clothes.

Show the world who you are one outfit at a time.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Strive to look your best always, you never know what a day may bring to you.

oxox Linda

As a life coach it is my intention to help you to live your best life, every day.
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