Confidence: Your style hiding in your posture

Confidence: Your style hiding in your posture.

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Your body language says so much about who you think you are.
There are people who study what people are saying by the way they walk, stand, sit or rest.
Apparently our every movement indicates our subconscious belief about ourself and the world we live in.

We use these conscious and unconscious movements, expressions, and gestures as a non verbal way of conveying what we really feel, and think.

Becoming aware of how we move, and express ourselves, gives us clues to how we interact with the people around us.
If we are not comfortable with what someone is saying to us, we may put our arms over our body’s closing them off and keeping them out of our space.
If we feel we are being threatened we may stand a little taller and put our hands on our hips to create the illusion of height and width. Unconsciously stating that we will not be bullied or push around. Or maybe we use these as stand over tactics to get our own way.

These are signals that we read, instantaneously and from the feedback we get, we make a flash decision about some-one, this is your first impression. You have less than seven second to create an impression.

A first impression usually sticks, it is in these few seconds that som-one sizes you up and decides what label to place on you and these labels determine how people interact with you, the label becomes the filter that everything you say and do will be measured through.

Having confidence in yourself and your ability to read a room, and read people, and be comfortable with who you are, is indicated in your body language.
By using this information to your advantage you gain valuable information on how to present yourself in non verbal ways and have a greater impact on those you are relating to.
If you don’t feel inferior you will be more confident and therefore you don’t show fear.
You know who you are, and other people’s rejection of your ideas don’t phase you.

With confidence you have learned that you are okay the way you are, and you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

The way you move, the posture you adopt enhances your confidence.
When you are feeling confident, notice how you walk.
Notice the tone in your voice, the way you stand, where your hands are.
What is the expression on your face?

Confidence allows you to let other people be them, without their views and opinions inpinging on your self-esteem.

Confidence inspires people to follow you, to want to know who you are, because you are not needing some-ones approval you have your own air of knowing yourself.
This is why being aware of how you move, how you use your personal space and expressions can improve or sabotage your attempts of communicating with others.
Your personal space is the area you occupy and the energy you radiate around you.
By creating an open and inviting space with your posture, you influence how people read you.
Stand with your shoulders back and down, breathe deeply, keep your arms loosely at your sides, or use them to discretely punctuate your conversation, this gives the feeling of expansion.
Rather than having your shoulder hunched over, with your head down and arms wrapped tightly over your chest. This gives the feeling of being small and unimportant, and detracts from who you are.

Trust is built, when your body language and your verbal expressions match.
This is the authenticity that creates the confidence, that draws people to you.

Play with your posture, experiement in front of the mirror.
Practise walking one way, and watch how people respond to you.
Then practise walking another way and watch again.
Which posture or stance had the better reception?
Which posture did you feel more confident?
Which posture was uncomfortable because you are not used to being that way?

Your posture is your choice.
Your body language is your choice.

Awareness is key, you can’t improve anything if you are not aware it needs improving.

Watch and become aware of how you move, how you fill your space.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Curate elegant habits.

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