Confidence: Friendships have an impact

Confidence: Friendships have an impact

Hello, My Friends

Friendships are priceless, and they affect your confidence more than you may think.

Apparently we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with!
The average wealth of these people will be what you earn.
The average way they treat people will be the way you treat people.

The things your friends think are important are most likely what you will think is important to.

Ask yourself these questions, you responses could give you a clue why life is so hard. We attract what we think about, what are you attracting?
Do the people you hang out with, lift you up and inspire you?
Do they bring out the best in you?
Do they challenge you?
Do these people lift your manner of thinking into the realms of what could be?
Do your friends begin their statements with ‘What if …,’ and complete it with an inspiring question that makes you think outside your normal way of thinking.

If you are blessed to have these people in your life hang onto them.
Inspire them with great questions.
Build this relationship, nurture it.

On the flip side do the people you hang out with keep you in a box, preferably with the lid attached
Every time you try to up grade your life, they remind you what you can’t be, do, or have because of some incident in your past.
Do these people keep you thinking small, knocking you back every time you step into your new found confidence?
Do they choose your decisions for you?
Do they decide what you want and don’t want?
Do they put you down, creating doubt and turmoil?
Do your friends prefer to stay in the life they are in and want you to do the same?

These people could be holding you back from walking in your full confidence.
If you decided what you wanted and went for it, what would the response of these people be.
Would they support you in words?
Then subtly sabotage with actions?

The people you hang out with will make a huge difference to how you see yourself and your confidence levels.
Choose people who actively believe in you.
Choose people you can trust to show for you as you show up for yourself.

Join supportive clubs where you will be encouraged to stretch and grow personally, professionally, and relationally.
Choose to mix with people who have what you want.
Learn how they think and begin to think as they do.
We are all human, begin a conversation, ask about their family, their career. If you are asked about your life, share the highlights and then ask about them.
Everyone has a history, seek out the interesting stories of growth and development that lay dormant in everyone.

Remember thoughts create our reality.
What you think about impacts the way you show up for yourself.
Show up with confidence.
Think the very best thoughts about yourself.

Become aware of how you behave with the people you spend the most time with.
Become aware of how the people you spend the most time with behave around you.
Do they act one way around you, and another way around someone else?
Maybe it’s time to upgrade the way you are around your friends.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is inspire and support others. Choose your friends carefully.

oxox Linda

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