Confidence: Managing Disappointment

Confidence: Managing disappointment.

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Confidence is not all about flowers and rainbows.

Confidence is about how you see yourself.

Being confident in your ability to cope with the situations that come into your life will not make you immune to disappointments.

The way you face and deal with disappointing circumstances and people will have an impact on your confidence.

If you take the situation or circumstance as a personal affront, you will wear the disappointment more keenly than if you decide that it is something to learn from.
The more personally we take people’s comments, the events that don’t work out the way we had planned, or when we don’t gain what we thought we would.
The more likely we are to internalise these things personally.

Personal baggage weighs us down, and prevents us from moving on quickly and easily.
I’m all for personal responsibility, taking the blame if it sits with me, and then making it right.
To me personal responsibility is not being some-one’s whipping boy, is not taking on some-one else’s learning curve or blame.
When we face disappointments, and disappointments do happen.
It is usually because of our expectations, we expected more, or less from some-one or something.

Confidence is knowing how to take being let down, whether you let yourself down or whether you were let down by another.
A confident person does not beat themself up, they look at the facts of the matter and determine what didn’t work and why.
They then strategise on how to correct the gap.
If it is some-one else who has ‘dropped the ball’ then they have a discussion around this and gather more information so they can make an informed decision on what needs to happen next.

A confident person is not afraid to acknowledge their mistakes, and are willing to put them right.
A confident person will not allow themselves to be berated for making mistakes, either from within or from any-one else.
A confident person knows they have the ability to learn, and have another attempt, they are not afraid to ask for help or guidance.

Disappointments are a fact of life. It is how we deal with these disappointments that grow our confidence.
The more evidence we buld in our lives that we are people who know how to handle ourselves in situations and events that are not as we would prefer, the greater we trust ourselves to handle the disappointments that come our way, instead of ducking for cover, we stand strong and make adjustments as needed.

Then our confidence grows, we know we take full responsibility for our thoughts, our actions, and our results.

Stand and face your disappointments head on.
Gather the skills and knowledge to look at life head on and smile.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Every moment can be a fresh start, be responsible for your own emotions.

oxox Linda

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