Confidence: Choose your level

Confidence:Choose your level?

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Did you know you get to choose your level of confidence?

Confidence, like courage is a choice.

You get to decide on the quality of self-talk that you tell yourself.
You get to decide on the quality of emotion you create with those thoughts.
When these two elements are positive and for your best, collide in your life, then the magic of confidence appears.

This is where the belief in your abilities begin to shine.
Have you ever heard the saying, “Fake it till you make it.”?
Well, it’s a little like that.
Trust that you can step into the next level of your development.
Take a deep breathe, and centre your thoughts, then act as if you knew exactly what you are about.
If you fall short of expectations, it is not personal, it is an indication that you have more skills that need learning or honing.
Learn the new skills, hone and fine tune your existing skills, become an expert.
Then go into the next scenario knowing you are better prepared. Have confidence in your preparation.
Have confidence in yourself, you are on a journey and the more you do something the easier it gets to do.

You choose your level of confidence, choose a level that extends you a little.
Choose a level that gives you that feeling of, “Yes! I did it!” with a side of fist pump.

Your butterflies might feel like they’re all in disarray, you get to choose to calm them and take control of your space.
Be in charge of yourself.

You can not control anyone else, their actions, words , and thoughts are theirs.
You get to control your responses, your words and your thoughts.
This is where your power lies.
This is where your confidence lives.

Make a decision to edge your way forward.
Begin to upgrade your thoughts
Choose your confidence level on purpose.
Decide in advance how you are going to behave, how you are going to look, how prepared you are going to be.
Then take the action steps to put it into practice.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Do Not compare yourself to others. You are an original. One of a kind.

oxox Linda

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