Leading through talking.

Leading through talking.

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Another essential asset of leading is talking.

Speaking with words, speaking with the written word, and speaking without words.

As the saying goes ‘Actions speak louder than words,” goes it is partly right.
There is so much more to talking than the words we use.

Leading involves using words plus intention plus body movement which then becomes relatable actions.

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Leaders who have difficulty getting there message across to their followers or team will loose their audience’s attention.
As a team leader this can be part of any disharmony created within a team.
Members who are not sure what is expected of them, are not sure how they should proceed, they become more dependent on the leader for guidance.
An effective team leader will ensure their team is kept up to date on any relevant changes in game plans, they will ensure each team member has the equipment and resources needed to accomplish the task at hand.

Knowing how to talk the talk, to encourage, inspire and motivate is important for the morale of the team.
In my opinion your intention for talking the talk, your intention for wanting to inspire your team and your intention for encouraging your team is as important, if not more important than the words you use.
Intention is about the energy signature of why you want the team to perform in a way that benefits you and genuinely uplifts them.
Intention is more than the surface words. It’s about the feeling, the heart of the team, the dream and the achievement of the project.
You may give a compelling speech about a project that you want to get approval for, the words sound great, but you have the intention of ‘pulling the wool over the teams eyes’ by not disclosing all the details, your team will know it.
Each one of us has a B/S meter in our brain, we have a liar radar hard wired into our brain.
This meter and radar are gifts given to us at birth, which are developed as we grow up.
The thing is when something is off these radars, go off, signalling a be ware alarm.
You could give the exact same speech with the intention of open and honest dialogue, and the response would be completely different because the B/S meter and liar radar wouldn’t be activated.
Team members know when a leader is leading with integrity. Sometimes a leader may get away with misleading people for a while, however their actions will reveal their true motivation, and people will begin to add up all the little discrepancies between words, intention and actions.
This is when leaders can find themselves in the middle of heated conflict.

Words are important to get your message across to your team. Open lines of conversation are vital for understanding and information sharing.
More important is your intention. When you care about the people on your team, you will have open lines of conversation, you ensure each person is given all the information that is relevant to their part of the project. Also they are included into correspondence that pertains to the project.
Leaders with heart, walk the talk with the intention of bettering everyone on the team, including themselves.

Remember that leading is a skill, and as a skill can be learned. Talking to your team openly and honestly is a skill that can be learned.
Checking in on your intention for with-holding or sharing information is also a skill that can be learned.

Today’s inspirational droplet is your intention for walking the talk is a vital asset for empowering others.

oxoxo Linda

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