Leading: Being teachable is an essential asset.

Leading: Being teachable is an essential asset.

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How did you get on with smiling at yourself in the mirror? Did you feel foolish? It does get easier and it does shift something within you.

Today I want to talk about another attribute of leading and that is the essential things required to lead.

The most important thing to remember about being a leader is that it is a skill and as such it can be learned and taught.

Being teachable is one of the major abilities that both leader and follower require to gain mastery of life.

Some one who has an attitude of “I know that” will not learn very much, and often has to learn lessons through the school of hard knocks.

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It is wise to be open to learning from everyone. Each person we come across in our daily lives has something of value to teach us, if we are ready to listen, with a willing attitude to find new tips and tricks that will make living life better, and if they don’t teach us directly with what to do, they can teach us with what not to do.

One essential element needed to lead other people, and yourself for that matter is a pulse. When you have a pulse it implies you have a heart.
Using your heart to connect with your team, is vital.
People will follow some-one who they feel cares about them, and cares about how they work.
When you are in a position of being the team lead, you have the ability to draw out the best in your team. You also have the power to create resistance and disharmony.

A team is only as coherent as it’s leader. Being someone who recognizes that each person has strengths and weaknesses, and knowing how and when to motivate will provide the entire team with success. Success breeds success.

Leading includes being friendly, sometimes it means getting in the dirt and doing some of the donkey with your team.
Sometimes being a heart leader means having the difficult conversations with people who are not pulling their share of the burden.
The heart lead leader, always remembers they are talking to people with feelings, with families, and with hearts of their own.
This leader will always have the hard conversations with respect and caring. They will speak candidly and listen candidly, hearing what is being said.
A heart lead leader, shares the vulnerability of the individuals of the team, and they have high expectations of the results they require from the team.
Having a true connection with people will build strong and loyal teams, a leader is part of the team and as such set clear expectations and boundaries.
Each team member knows what their role is and how they are expected to perform in that role. This gives everyone confidence that their part is important and won’t be overlooked.

A coherent team works in harmony with each other, and as disputes arise they are given the power and the tools to work out a resolution in a way that maintains the respect of all, and produces results that can be reported on.
The team leader may be required to facilitate conversations, asking leading questions, seeking out more information, encouraging honesty and working with integrity.
Keeping personal information personal, working through a situation to it’s conclusion no matter how messy it may become.
A team who knows that their leader has their back is more likely to go into bat for their leader as well.

One of the essentials of leading is to have a heart and not be afraid to use it, or show it.

Today’s Inspirational droplet is Essential leading involves having a heart, and leading with your heart.

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