Leading: 5 ways to be your most important asset.

Leading: 5 ways to be your most important asset.

Hello, My Friends

Are you struggling to believe you are your most important asset?

When you are feeling less than your best it can be very difficult to know you are worthy of being loved, especially by yourself.
When I speak about loving yourself I am speaking about the feeling on the inside of you that says, I am okay. I am an alright person.

If you don’t feel this way, I have five ways you can begin to make a shift in your thinking and feeling about yourself.

I believe all our emotions, feelings and sensations are working for our good.

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Yes, even the ‘bad’ ones, the sad ones, the depressed ones, all your emotions, all your feelings, and all the sensations in your body, they are all trying to tell you something really important.
However most of us have been trained not to listen to our body, to our emotions, and to our feelings. And, sometimes we listen too much and give them too much power over our actions.
Balance and harmony is where the centre line to happiness lies.

If you are trapped on the merry-go-round of ignoring your emotions, feelings and sensations, to open the door to them feels too scary, like you will be swallowed alive and that you’ll never be able to come back from the overwhelming sadness, heaviness or shame.
I want to encourage you to do these five activities every day.
They will feel weird, you will feel embarrassed, you will feel silly.
I want you to let those feelings be there and know that they are completely normal, and they will not harm you. They will feel foreign and uncomfortable.

1) Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and smile. (What are you thinking as you read this? And What are you thinking as you stand in front of yourself looking at your reflection)
2) Nod at yourself in the mirror, saying, “Aha, I hear you.” For every thought that you think about yourself, say, “Aha, I hear you.” Say it out loud, or silently within yourself.
No arguing with yourself, No agreeing with yourself, just stating, “Aha, I hear you.”
3) Still looking yourself in the eyes, whisper audibly, “I love you.” (Then listen again to the thoughts that come up for you.)
4) Repeat step number two, Nod at yourself in the mirror, and say ‘Aha, I hear you”, whisper it out loud for every thought you have about yourself.
5) Blow yourself a cheeky kiss at you leave the mirror behind you.

Do this every day, preferably morning and night, and I can guarantee you will feel a difference.
Especially once you get past the embarrassment of looking at yourself in the eyes and talking to yourself.

It is important to not engage in any form of mental conversation with yourself around the thoughts that come up for you.
Always nod and say, “Aha, I hear you.” And move on to the next thought or the next activity.

You are your most important asset, and this simple process is letting your emotions, your feelings, and your body know that this is how you now see yourself. You don’t have to believe yourself, you just have to do it.
If you want more guidance on how to build your self-esteem to see yourself as your most important asset, email me on authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com to book a 15 min introductory coaching call.

Today’s inspirational droplet is Your eyes are the windows of your soul, talk to your soul.

oxoxo Linda

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