Leading: What is the most important thing?

Leading: What is the most important thing?

Hello, My Friends

One of the meanings of leading is ‘most important’.
What is the most important to you, for you?

Instantly my mind goes to you are your most important thing.
Without you I wouldn’t be writing this for you to read.
Without you the world would be a little less bright.

You are the most important thing to you. Are you? You are, aren’t you?

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There are times when we all doubt that we are important, sometimes our self-esteem slides off our shoulders and hits the floor, rolling under the bed.
And at those times we tend to leave it there, roll over and go back to sleep.
Or we hit the pantry and eat everything in sight, trying to make ourselves feel better.
Or maybe we don’t have the luxury of staying in bed, we have to be out and at work, so we take our grumpy lack of self-esteem selves to work and grump and moan at everyone in ear shot, not caring how our bad mood is effecting anyone else.

And for days we forget about our self- respect, our self-esteem and our self-belief. It stays under the bed gathering dust and fluff bunnies.
Until something happens that triggers the feeling of enough is enough, we realize we are missing something vital about ourselves.
Then we go looking for it, we go looking for the feeling of self-respect, for the feeling of self-valuing, for the feeling of self-love.

We begin to shake off the doldrums that like a dark cloud descended over us, we begin to talk to ourselves in a way that soothes the wounds of self-loathing, that bandage the lashings of guilt and shame from over indulging in whatever we thought would make us feel better, and that didn’t.

We begin to see again that we are the most important asset we have in our lives.
We begin to lead ourselves in ways that feel healing, soothing, authentic and even a little bit loving.
The more often we do things that grow the healthy feeling of pride and worthiness, the more we believe we are worthy. It becomes an upward spiral.
And when the doldrums happen again, (And I’m sad to say, they will, it will take us less time to notice that our self-esteem has slipped off, before we go looking for it)
Eventually, we become so aware of feeling, we notice the instant we are not feeling an emotion that feels healing, healthy or whole.

The key to being the most important thing in your own life, is to give yourself grace. Be aware when you notice your self-esteem slipped.
Never, never, never beat yourself up emotionally, for slipping, why add more layers of pain to the pain you’re already feeling.
Why add the guilt of beating yourself up ,to the guilt you are feeling for letting your self-esteem slip, to the guilt of over eating.
So much unnecessary guilt. Such a heavy burden to bear.

You are your most important asset, smile at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you are sorry, wink and carry on.

Today’s inspirational droplet is You are your most important asset.

oxoxo Linda

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