Leading: We learn faster by immersion.

Leading: We learn faster by immersion.

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Of the 10 types of leading we have talked about over the last couple of days, every one of us will be a mixture of all.
It’s not that we intend to manipulate or motivate, it’s that we are part of a society where these skills are used around us and often on us everyday.

We learn more by immersion that we will ever learn by reading a book.

That is part of the reason why becoming actively involved in the skill you want to master is important.

The more you do some thing the better you become at it. The more you fail at some thing, get back in the ring so to speak and try something else, the sooner you learn the subtleties of the skill you are wanting to master.

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Every time it seems that situations are trying to stop your progress, the more you have to learn about yourself and the skill you are mastering.
As you lead yourself, head on into uncomfortable situations, you figure out how to handle yourself, and how to handle the situation.
You grow, you become more confident.
Then the next skill you need begins to make it’s lack of ability apparent and the cycle of learning continues, each skill growing on the base of the previous skill.

Have you identified a leading skill you want to develop?
Is it one of the 10? Each of these, the ‘negative’ and the ‘positive’ are valid attributes. They each have a place for teaching us what we know and what we need to know.

What is your reason for wanting to lead?

What is your reason for wanting to be led? This question can be very telling. If you want to be led so you don’t have to take responsibility then I’d suggest you have a deeper look at your motive.

If you want to be led, so you don’t get to fail, more mindset mastery is required.
Failing is part of learning, failing is part of succeeding. Failure is only permanent when you stop getting up and stop figuring out a different way of doing the thing you want.

Be encouraged you are not alone in your journey, every person who has ever succeeded at anything has had to face the discomfort of failing, of getting up and going again.
Strength is not forged in the easy things, it is forged in the difficult things.
And each difficult thing is relevant to the person facing it.
Comparisons are not helpful, because what is your difficult thing, may be someone else’s easy thing, and your easy thing, might be someone else’s difficult thing.

We each have our own journey, but we are not alone on our journey.
I would encourage you to reach out to another person, who is where you want to be, ask for support, and be the support that another person on their journey needs.
This is a together everyone grows kind of journey.

Today’s Inspirational Droplet is Failing is part of growing. Failure is only permanent when you stop trying.

oxoxo Linda

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