Leading: 5 more reasons for WANTING to lead

Leading: 5 more reasons for wanting to lead

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5 more reasons for wanting to lead, yourself or others

1) For the love of the human being growing

2) For the love of order, peace and harmony

3) For the love of improving spaces, innovation, and mechanization

4) For the love of communication, connection and cooperation

5) For the love of inspiring, motivating and influencing the betterment of mankind, one person at a time.

You’ll notice that today, I have deliberately focused totally on the uplifting side of leading.

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Quality leaders are interested in everything human.
This includes how people think, how people grow, how people interact within themselves and with others.
And as a leader who is also a person they understand the frustrations of being human. This leader takes delight in enhancing the growing opportunities of those who are following them.

A leading person will want order, in their environment, less clutter in their minds and lives gives more space for clarity and improvement.
Having personally made peace with their past and all the twists and turns that have brought them to where they are today, they have emotional peace and are able to pass this onto those you wish to learn more about their authentic selves.
A quality leader creates harmony within themselves, within the environment, within those who work with them. They are not afraid to confront inappropriate behaviour to create a safe space for the wider team.

A quality leader opens spaces for others to contribute ideas on how to create, solve and repair. Empowering their team to find solutions to problems, to build new ideas, to fine tune existing ideas.
These leaders are open to new and maybe unorthodox ways of handling situations, they are not afraid to encourage out of the box thinking in their teams, they advocate for all ideas to be put forward and heard.

A leader who values open and honest communication, is a rare gem. This leader doesn’t shy away from conflict, as they know conflict is part of the human experience and how we work through conflict determines the type of life we live.
Having people being able to connect on a real level is an asset that draws followers, being a strong lead involves having boundaries, and rules.
People do not feel safe without connection, open and honest cooperation is not possible without trust. True leaders emulate trust, they have high expectations and are willing to follow through to maintain the safe space for the good of the entire team.

Quality leaders inspire, they do what they say, they live the principles they encourage, they motivate themselves and others by being their authentic selves.
These leaders have nothing to prove and everything to give, they also know how to receive appropriately.
A Quality leader will always leave people feeling better than when they met them, even when they are not trying to.

These 5 qualities are like the gold standard in leading yourself and others.

All leading begins with yourself, you must know yourself, you must love yourself, and accept that you are human.
Human’s mess up, they have raw and uncharted emotions that don’t behave in an orderly way all the time.
Loving people is a great beginning for being a leader.

Today’s Inspirational Droplet is Quality leaders love human beings in all their messiness.

oxoxo Linda

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