Leading: 5 more reasons for WANTING to lead

Leading: 5 more reasons for wanting to lead Hello, My Friends 5 more reasons for wanting to lead, yourself or others 1) For the love of the human being growing 2) For the love of order, peace and harmony 3) For the love of improving spaces, innovation, and mechanization 4) For the love of communication,Continue reading “Leading: 5 more reasons for WANTING to lead”

Confidence: Communication-CONVEY

Confidence: Communications-CONVEY Hello, My Friends Disappointment thrives on chaos and mis-communication.Disappointment creates barriers to healthy and wholesome conversation.Disappointment keeps people stuck in their box, not reaching out or connecting with others. Today we are going to look at connecting and communicating. Talking about what is really going on for you,Talking about the hard things. Emotions.WhyContinue reading “Confidence: Communication-CONVEY”