Confidence: Communication-CONVEY

Confidence: Communications-CONVEY

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Disappointment thrives on chaos and mis-communication.
Disappointment creates barriers to healthy and wholesome conversation.
Disappointment keeps people stuck in their box, not reaching out or connecting with others.

Today we are going to look at connecting and communicating.

Talking about what is really going on for you,
Talking about the hard things. Emotions.
Why is it that emotions and feelings are so hard to talk about?

Is it because of all the preconceived ideas that go with showing or talking about emotion?
Is it because we haven’t been taught how to connect with our emotions and use them in an appropriate manner?
Is it because they scare the life right out of us, What if I lose control? What if I cry? What if I fail in front of everyone?

To work our way to having a healthy relationship with our emotions we need to identify what they are and how they feel.

We must learn to communicate with ourselves first, when we acknowledge the emotion we are feeling, we can safely allow others to face their emotions as well.

The Acronym for today is CONVEY
We get to convey what we are feeling about any thing going on for us.
We get to own those feelings, and figure out what they are here to tell us, about ourselves.

C= Confidently
O= Outline
N= Needed
V= Valuable
E= Expectations
Y= Yeilded

CONFIDENTLY: When dealing with your emotions check for the fear that could be sitting under it.
Fear will undermine your confidence in your ability to communicate what you want to see happen.
Confidence to face whatever is underneath disappointment and fear grows as you learn to trust yourself.
Step up to the conversation with confidence that you deserve to be heard and understood.
OUTLINE: Have a clear picture in your mind of what has gone wrong, or what you want to see happen, or what has caused you to feel disappointed.
Figure out what needs to be done to rectify the situation, what you need to see happen to make it right. Who you need to become to create what you want.
It would be wise to write these down as a reminder.
Emotion can blurr what you want to say, and the way you want to say it.
Write your outline, wrap your confidence cloak around yourself and speak from your heart.
NEEDED: As above, work out what your emotions are about. What is letting you down? What information do you need? Where are you feeling disappointed?
Were you left waiting for someone who never showed up, and never called?
Is it about equipment failure, and the length of time to get it repaired?
Is your disappointment about you not being able to stick to your latest diet plan? Or some other way you are letting yourself down?
Figure out what your emotions and disappointment about, and what needs to happen next.
VALUABLE: Emotions and disappointments are valuable information gatherers. They tell you where your boundaries are, and when some one has overstepped them.
Emotions and disappointments are the things that growth and learning hang on.
Seeing that emotion is valuable for your growth. When feeling disappointment look for opportunities to become better at handling the situation that is disappointing you.
They show you where you value yourself, and where you need to strengthen your boundaries, or increase your love for yourself.
EXPECTATIONS: All disappointments stem from an expectation that hasn’t been met. Whether within you or with someone else.
Sometimes the expectation is unknown to the other person.
Sometimes the lines of the expectation move unexpectedly and causes confusion.
Expectations are what you believe you are entitled to.
Everyone has expectations, often we keep them secret not telling anyone about them until they step over the invisible mark that is the boundary.
Communication is letting others know your expectations before they overstep the invisible line.
What are your expectations? What are your non-negotiables? What are your boundaries?
Put on your confidence cloak and have a real conversation about what is expected and when.
YIELDED: Actions always speak louder than words.
Everything you do, you do for the feeling you believe you will gain from your doing.
What is the result you want to see come from feeling your emotions and the disappointment you are feeling?
Use your emotions and disappointment to improve your boundaries. Remember that your boundaries are about you, not about anyone else. We can not control other people’s actions.
Use your emotions and disappointment to reveal your expectations of what is acceptable and what isn’t.
Use them to update your systems, to make them more relevent for the work that is being performed.
Use your disappointments to increase your yield. Your results show that change is taking place.

Communication is key to dispelling disappointments.
Communication within yourself and with others.
Remember everything begins with a thought.
Think about what your key expectations are and communicate these with confidence.
You will find your confidence grows as you convey what you expect to yourself and to those around you.

Put on your confidence cloak, use your courage to investigate what your emotions and disappointment is trying to tell you.
Listen and learn, Grow and put in the necessary boundaries to make your emotions and disappointment worth its weight in gold.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Confidence comes through purposeful action.

oxox Linda

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