Love Letter to Your Body.

Today’s podcast is about a letter I found written to our body, it gives us permission to be human.
And my challenge to you is to write your body a love letter.
To go deep and find all the ways you love your body.

Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,
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Hello, My Friends

Welcome to Episode 39

Today I want to talk a little about trusting our body.
Trusting our body with the food to eat or not eat.
Trusting our inner thoughts and feelings.
When we strip away all the noise and external pressures of who we think we ought to be, we find who we really are.

Trusting is not always easy, letting go the reigns and going with the “flow” feels so uncomfortable.

Recently I found this beautiful letter by Chef Cynthia Louise addressed to my body.
This spoke to my heart as I am working my way to trusting my body.

A sweet love letter to my body.
My dear sweet body.
First of all I’m sorry,
I have called you fat,
I have called you fat,
I have called you worthless,
I have looked in the mirror and wanted you different.

I have eaten food, but tasted guilt.
I have looked for joy, but swallowed sadness.
I have looked for comfort, and starved you instead.

From this day on,
I wish everyday to be a celebration,
To enjoy the miracle that is you: My body.
To nourish you with wonderful, delicious food.
To fill you with the Sweetness of Life.

And as we sit quietly together,
As my heart and Mind love you gently,
Over a plate of nature’s sweet candy,
I will celebrate your sweet tooth naturally.

This is so beautiful, and part of Chef Cynthia Louise’s philosophies.
Check out her recipe books.

This gave me the idea of writing a love letter to my body.
However before I began, My body wanted to write a letter to me.

This is the letter my Body wrote to me, in response to Cynthia’s letter.

Hold it, before you start.
I hear you say, you love me,
and yet you ignore me.
You ignore me when I tell you I’m thirsty and need water,
Not fizzy, sugary drinks.
You ignore me when I tell you what I need to eat, and still you reach for your favourite foods.
Just because it claims to be healthy or natural is not the same as what I need to function at my optimum.
You ignore me when I tell you I need sleep, by claiming, resting while scrolling is good enough.
You ignore me when I’m feeling lethargic and need to go for a walk or jog, you clain you are too tired to move.
You say, you love me, and then frown at me in the mirror.
You say, you want to look good and then dress me in clothes that don’t suit me.
You say, you want better health, to move without pain and yet you refuse to seek medical help that will make my life easier.
I hear you say, you love me, and still you don’t respect me.
I find myself in situations that break my heart.
I find myself crying on the inside, while you put a happy face on the outside.
I find myself feeling emotions that never get voiced.
I find myself alone in my body.
If you really love me, show me some respect.
If you really love me, listen when I speak.
If you really love me, accept me as I am.
If you really love me- love me, take care of me, nurture me.
All I want is to be treated with dignity.

From your Body.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦
Write your body a letter of love. If you want to share your letter with me, leave a message me, or email me.
Live your best life, Know your body and live your life authentically.
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