Following Your Intuition

Your intuition is a part of your being.
Do you use yours? Have you trained yourself to tune into your intuition?
The information your intuition assimilates and puts together is just right for you.
It is intended for you only. Your body knows you best.

“Our intuition is like a muscle;

We must practice listening to it and trusting its wisdom.

When you take the time to ask and keep listening for the answer, being at peace becomes easy.”

— Lisa Prosen

Hello, My Friends

This week is the second week of winter. We have had some beautiful frosts, crisp clear mornings and glorious days.
Great days for fishing, even if the fish are slow to bite, it has been wonderful being outside in the chill air, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of a beautiful winter day.

Our topic for this week is listening to our intuition and how it guides us.
My word of the year is Trust.
I am in the process of learning to trust myself.
Sometimes, as we grow into adulthood we pick up the belief that other people know more than we do.
We are lead to believe that we don’t know what is good for us. That there is someone, or something that knows us better than we know ourselves.
As I am trusting myself more, I am finding this is not the case.
Part of trusting me more, is to hear and feel the nudges of my inner intuition. This is the divine part of my being. I call her OMNI, because she is everywhere, she is linked to a higher power than myself, and she is in tune with me.
Each one of us has an inner intuition, and what you call it isn’t as important as learning to tune into it.
Your intuition could sound like a voice whispering to you. (by the way, your intuition only ever wants the best for you and others, if your voice is suggesting ways to get revenge or to inflict pain onto another, this is not your inner intuition.)
Your intuition may be a feeling, in your gut. A little squirm.
Or maybe you see your intuition in colour, or feel it as a vibration, a sound.
Your intuitive nudge will as personal to you as you are unique.
Finding your intuitive nudge can be a lot of fun. It can be a bit of trial and error in the beginning, until you know that familiar feeling, sensation, voice or sound.
I believe we already have an inkling of how our intuition shows up for us, it has been guiding us all our lives.

It’s the feeling of turn here, ask this person, stop now. It’s the sensation of “I knew that was going to happen.”
As we learn to trust this intuitive feeling, sense and act on the nudges and hunches we gain more of an insight of who we are, and what we’re about.
Some things sit better with you than other things, you enjoy some activities more than others.
Intuition for me, sits in my body, it links with my thoughts, and taps into the feelings and emotions I have.
Mostly, it is guiding me with tiny hunches, a random thought, or a strong unbidden emotion or feeling.
Learning to trust these hunches, is my work for this year.
I have moved into a few new situations because of following these hunches.
Trust is an action word for me.
If I say I am putting my trust into something, I am acting on something.
I like to think of it like I am coming into a room, there is a large oblong table in the centre of the room, around this table are 12 chairs all evenly spaced. I select the chair I think will suit me the best.
(This depends on what you are doing, if you’re the chair, it’ll be at the head of the table, if you’re a member of a team and feel valued you’ll probably sit near the chair, or the person percieved to have the most value, if you feel you don’t belong in this meeting and have nothing to share you will sit at the far end of the table where you perceive you will be left alone.)
And all of this happens in a split second and mostly unconsciously.
When I select the chair I want to sit in, I pull out the seat and sit down.
I trust the seat will hold my weight, I trust the seat will be a certain height, I trust that it has been designed in a way that will support me.
I actually don’t even consider any of things unless I have a check in my body, my mind may have observed a crack in the back support, or as I pull the chair out it squeaks.
Then I will check the chair out.
Our intuition is like the check we have, it tells us when something isn’t as it ought to be.
It tells us when something is off, when we’re not as safe as we presumed we were.
It also tells us when to have a conversation with someone, maybe someone you have just met. About a certain thing you’ve been mulling over, to find that this person has the next key to open the door for your goal achievement.

Every day I sit in silence with my journal, I pose a question to my brain, then I begin to write whatever thoughts I have about that question.
I believe this is one way my brain can speak to me. And I get to see what it’s saying without emotion blocking or hyping up the response.
In this writing often OMNI will speak, and words of wisdom will pour out onto the page. My next step, my next healing, my next growth.

Learning to tune into your intuition can make a huge difference to how you live your life everyday.
Everyday becomes an adventure. Your brain is an amazing processing machine, give it quality questions and it will give you answers.
Your intuition will then be the guide, that helps you decide what answers are relevant to you today.
Then you get the choice to act or to not act.

Your life is always a choice. Sometimes we don’t know we have a choice, until we pose the question.
We always have a choice, and investigating the thoughts and feelings that stop us from making the choices that will give us happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction is where the work comes in.
What is stopping you from discovering your inner intuition and following it’s prompts?

I can help you to discover and overcome the things that are stopping you from living the fullness of the life your soul longs for.
Gaining the ability with support to trust your intuition.
Do you need an accountability buddy to help you to remain focused on what you want? To grow your emotional freedom while moving towards your current goals?

Authentic Living Coaching can help you.

Until next time.
Have fun playing with and discovering how your inner intuition talks to you.
If you’d like to share your experiences of how following your intuition has changed your life.
Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear your experience.

oxoxo Linda.

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