Develops Interests.

How do you shake the boredom blues?
Is your life in a rut?
What new interests do you want to develop?
Today I give you a challenge to shake off the boredom blues.

How do you beat the boredom blues?

Hello, My Friends

The sun is shining, the wind has dropped off, it’s a lovely winters day.
Hubby and I have been in hibernation mode.
We are a bit like bears, when the weather turns a bit chilly, we hunker down in our warm abode, eat, sleep and play games.
Our latest game is the card game, Phase 10.
If you want a game that will bring up your emotions and frustrations this is one for you.
I know it’s just a game, but I do not like continually being on a un-winning streak, and neither does hubby.
I’ve been amazed at how much this game has revealed to me about my thinking patterns around winning and losing.
When we play but don’t score, the emotional input is less. However the minute we score, my competitiveness arrives in full combat mode.
And when hubby is losing by a long shot, my nurturing side kicks in, wanting him to feel better.
I have to check my tendency to please others when I place my cards down. I have at times sabotaged my own game and then felt the annoyance at myself for doing so.

Today I want to talk about living lives of boredom.
We do the same things, over and over again, and we often do them with the same people.
Routines are good. They keep us on track.
Sometimes we just need to jump off the track.
We need to do something else.
With winter coming to a close, I am beginning to get the hankering to do new and interesting things.
To shake off the boredom and familiarity that being at home during the winter months has encased me with.

How do you shake of the boredom blues?
Do you plan fun outings with friends?
Do you go to places you have never been before?
Do you add art galleries, and exhibitions to your schedule?
Do you go to the movies with friends or by yourself? (by yourself can be very revealing about the hidden stories we tell ourselves.)
Do you go to cafes, and restaurants you have never been to before?

Maybe you like to go into nature.

The joyous thing about nature is it is never the same, in every season nature responds differently.
Maybe you would like to develop a new interest, a new hobby.

What would that be?

People are so interesting, in this age of feeling unsafe around those we don’t know, we stop caring about others, we hurry through our duties, we are on the fast moving conveyour of getting life done.
We don’t slow down to see the people around us.
To actually look at people, to catch their eye and share a smile.
Fear dehumanises people, fear keeps us living small and often boring lives.
When fear comes to play, it clears the room of joy, it sucks pleasure dry, leaving a shell and emptiness. To bring a little joy and pleasure to your life, begin to notice people around you.
Say hello to the lady at reception, wave to the little boy being bundled along in the trolley.
Be kind, be open, be polite.

You might be the only person who acknowledges another’s existence today.
And you never know, you might actually make a new friend, or acquaintance.

Your life is about everyone you touch. Your life is about how you touch them.
The lady at the gym, who you nod your head to, in acknowledgment, is touched by you.
The man at the grocery store, walking with a cane and struggling to get an item from the top shelf, who you help. Is blessed by your act of kindness.
The child waiting, alone, who looks afraid. They may never know you decided to wait, to ensure they remained safe. (Your energy blesses them)
People walking down the street, people you serve in your place of employment.
We are surrounded by people.

Be the difference you want to see.

How do shake off the boredom blues?
What are your favourite things to do to create interest and entertainment for yourself?

This week’s challenge is to do one new thing, and to greet one person everyday who you normally overlook.

Until next time.

oxoxox Linda

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