The Transformation Cycle

You can only fly once you choose to give up the safety of your chrysalis

Hello, My Friends

I’m sitting on the deck writing this, it is autumn and the trees are beginning to change colour. I am enjoying the vibrant colours of greens turning to yellows as the leaves get ready to complete their cycle of life.

The fellow stags up the hill are ‘purring’ calling the does to him. The cycle of life is about to begin again for the deer. I am always so grateful for the setting we have chosen to settle in. The wildlife is spectacular, the birdsong is continuous. If I don’t remember to actually listen it gets lost and tuned out as background noise.

I was thinking about what is important to me. Recently I took a few clients through their personality quizzes, and in writing up the results and gaining feedback on the accuracy, I decided to do my own personality traits, which is where these thoughts originated.

When you scroll to the bottom of these blogs, you will notice I include a picture of my business card, on one side it has TRANSFORMATIONAL Life Coach with a caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly.

While doing the personality quiz it reminded me of how important education and learning is to me.

When you hear a new concept or idea, generally the first few times you hear it, it slides out of your mind, like butter slides off a hot knife. However a residue remains, and as you continue to hear snippets around the new concept or idea, it latches onto the residue you heard previously. This is like the butterfly laying the egg on the food source. The egg has had to do nothing but stick to the underside of the leaf.

As the concept stirs and becomes an interest or necessity, the hatching or emerging stage begins, this is where you begin to devour all the information you can about the idea, you begin testing the ideas, and working out how they will fit in your life, this process can take weeks, months and even years in some lives.

As a caterpillar you eat and eat, taking in information, questioning beliefs and structures that have been running in your life, you begin to learn new habits, new skills, better ways of doing things, you become more confident in yourself, you are becoming a master at being the caterpillar, then one day, you have gained enough knowledge and begin to weave a chrysalis around yourself, you cocoon your self in a protective shell.

This is when all those new ideas and concepts, become part of you, you internalize the things you have been learning. It is a solidifying of new and up-levelled beliefs. When the time is right, you fight your way out of the encasing that has kept you sheltered and safe, you begin to stretch your wings. You no longer recognize your-self, you have transformed into what you were always meant to be, a butterfly.

A butterfly that doesn’t go through the resistance of fighting to get out of the chrysalis and pumping its wings, is a butterfly that dies without knowing the joy of soaring on the breeze, gliding and being at ease with itself and its surroundings.

It is my belief that each of us has some-thing we are supposed to do, be or have. This goal, dream, hope, or purpose has been within us our entire lives. We have in various ways tried to make it happen by our own strength or we have tried to stifle it, because we are afraid of it.

Where are you in the butterfly cycle? Are the egg, mostly unaware of who you are?

Are you the caterpillar, devouring information, looking for the answers?

Are you in the chrysalis, going through changes, you have the hope they will bring you to what you are seeking?

Are you the butterfly just breaking out into a new life, not yet aware of your full potential.

or Are you the beautiful butterfly soaring on the breeze, flowing with the energy of life and fulfilling your purpose?

What has been in your life, your entire life? What have you sensed you are meant to be with your life? Are you a creative person? Are you a mechanical, hands on practical person? Are you the empathetic person who instinctively know how to care for others? Are you a person who likes to serve and help others? Are you someone who loves to teach and impart wisdom? Are you a deep thinker, a philosopher? Are you a strategist, you love to work with facts and figures?

What ever your particular style is, if you find it brings you happiness, peace and satisfaction, you most likely are in your butterfly zone.

However, if you have that nagging feeling, or thought that something is missing, that you’re not quite good enough or worthy enough of the dream that keeps chasing you, you are in the caterpillar stage, you are still looking to find who you are and where you fit.

I can help you to bring your dream to life. I have the tools that will help you unlock your purpose, that will enable you to find the information you need to make the next decision on your journey.

If you are in the chrysalis stage, you are moving through a time of change, which may cause anxiety and fear, you have the ability to choose how you go through this change, you can choose peace and love, by not resisting the change but by finding what it is teaching you and by feeling gratitude that this change can be for your best.

And if you are in the egg phase, this will likely wash over you, which is okay, as something may stick and begin your growth process.

You may find that in the various areas of your life you are in different phases of this cycle. For example in your career you may have sorted out what you are good at and you are happy, and satisfied with your job, or vocation. Here you are in the butterfly stage, but you may not be earning the money you want, you may discover you have a money belief that is stopping you from achieving your next level of success, if you are unaware of the block, you are in the egg stage, if you are looking for information on how to eliminate the block, you are in the caterpillar phase, if you are in the process of changing the belief around the block, you are in the chrysalis phase. We can be in different phases at the same time in the various areas of our lives.

Here are a few different areas where you may be at varying levels in the cycle.

Relationships: Family, friends, loved ones, children, colleagues.

Health: Fitness, Diet, Wellness, Mental wellbeing.

Finances: Money, vocation, qualifications, investments, retirement.

I hope these give you an idea that this process is not a linear process, it dips and peaks as we move through each stage of our development.

To transform we must work from the inside out and the outside in. It is a cycle where one enhances the other. When we only look at our external life, of our behaviours, the things we own, and put value and trust in without looking at our internal life of thoughts, and beliefs, we tend to be like the dog chasing his tail. He is busy, just not going any where. Our thoughts and beliefs linked in with our behaviours and habits, reveal and support how we show up in our personal spaces and in our societal spaces. Together both aspects create permanent change.

Until next time.

Linda Codlin.


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What is your Truth?

The light within you,

illuminates your truth,

nurture your seed of truth,

watch it grow,

let your truth shelter,

you from life’s storms.

Hello, My Friends

Hand picked spring flowers, scent permeating through the house, inviting.

The little things that show some-one loves you.

What are the little things that make you feel loved and appreciated?

Is it a cup of hot coffee waiting for you, when you rise in the morning?

Maybe it’s a smile and a sticky kiss?

Or maybe it’s having a tidy space to live and work in?

What about a hand written card, or letter?

A neck rub when you’ve had a stressful day, or dinner on the table at the end of a long tiring day?

Do you even notice the little appreciative acts of those around you?

What is your self talk when you receive a compliment?

Do you nod in agreement and murmur “Thank You.” or do you minimize the compliment telling yourself, “If they really knew the true me they wouldn’t be so nice.”

Some-one the other day asked me, “How do you know what your truth is?”

What a great question.

Looking back over my life, I realize that I was sold a lot of lies which unfortunately I believed. The lies formed the way I viewed everything.

I couldn’t believe I was worthy of love, so I couldn’t accept love. I would hear people telling me how much they loved and appreciated me with my ears, but my heart had it’s shield up and deflected the words. My mind always had suspicions as to the motives of others, it would tell me they wanted some-thing, to be aware of the wolf in sheep’s skin.

However deep inside me I knew I was better than how I was feeling and responding. Some feeling deep inside me, well hidden from the light of love stirred, questioned.

Always the thought, “There has to me more to life than this?” “When will I find true love?” “Why am I so broken, and how do I get fixed?”

Then I stumbled across a secret, and it watered the seed, deep in my heart. Slowly the light of a new better thought seeped into my spirit, and the seed of love began to grow.

I learned that for me to accept love from anyone outside of me, I must allow the seed of love within me to grow.

How do I love me?

What about you? Do you love yourself from the inside, out?

This is where your truth lies, your truth is deep inside you.

Learning to love who you are releases you from the emotional chains that captivate.

How do you begin to love yourself?

You admit your life sucks, that you are not the person you want to be, that you don’t treat yourself or others with kindness or respect, that you want more than the life you are stuck in, that you are unhappy in your body, that you want your life to have more meaning.

Or maybe you’re like I was, I put on a happy and smiley face, on the surface I appeared to be happy, I was polite and kind on the surface, however under the surface I was like a volcano just waiting for a weak spot to trigger an explosion.

You become aware of and acknowledge honestly all the ways you are not who you want to be. Be kind to yourself, you are doing the best you can with what you know.

The beliefs that hold your life together, are forging the habits that make your life what it is.

A belief is a thought that we have thought over and over, until it becomes second nature. These beliefs then become the auto pilot on which our lives run with little or no thought required, they become the set point which our behaviour reverts to in times of stress and tension, they determine how we live our lives. And we aren’t even aware they are running the show.

For me, my belief that I was unlovable, and unworthy were not serving me. So I created a new thought, I created a way of living, that made the new thought part of my reality. Constant repetition of a thought that stepped my belief up one degree at a time, until I had a new set point to live by.

I stopped striving and struggling to be perfect, I relaxed into being me.

What is your truth?

Truth is like the sun.

You can shut it out for a time but it ain’t goin’ away.

Elvis Presley

What if you stopped striving and struggling to be everything to every-one and became you?

Are you an artist in hiding? Are you a nurturer, some-one who loves to help people?

Do you have a hidden dream in your soul? Do you want to be a professor? A published author? A skilled craftsperson, creating fine furniture that lasts for generations? Do you want to be an owner operator of your own business? or do you want to go fishing and hunting on your own piece of paradise?

What is your truth?

The truth is still the truth, even if you don’t believe it,

And a lie is still a lie, even if you do believe it.

The life you are living today doesn’t have to be your truth.

Human’s have a gene that is always wanting more than they have, we are always looking to grow. Humans are seeking growth emotionally, physically, and spiritually, often we don’t understand this and misread the need to acquire more, study more, and want more as a ‘negative” trait, feeling unsatisfied is one way we know it is time to grow and look for the next challenge.

What is your truth?

Begin to seek your truth and you will find it.

Everything begins with a thought. If you can think a thought you can change a thought.

Loving yourself is thinking about yourself in kind and respectful ways. Every thing starts with a thought. Your belief about yourself is made up of thoughts. The things you have surrounded yourself with began with a thought. Your style of dress is a way of thinking. Your way of eating, walking and talking are all formed by thought repetitions.

You can think a thought, you can change a thought.

Your truth is already within you, you have probably had an idea or an inkling of what you would like to do, be or have. Try and see if this is where your truth lives. You will know your truth because it will feel like coming home.

Seek out your authentic truth, and move into that with ease and grace.

Live your TRUTH boldly.

Others may decide to think less of you,

but it isn’t your job to prove worth,

It is your job to live knowing your worth

can never be defined by another’s assumptions.

Hold your head high, be proud,

carry on.

Rachel marie martin

xoxo Linda


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5 Attributes of STYLE.






Hello, My Friends

Young children have enthusiasm, their energy seems boundless.

How do we tap into this enthusiasm and energy?

Waking up with pep and vitality, our young grandson was in action the minute his feet hit the floor. He was asking questions and waiting for the answers, he was interested in everything. Wanted to know how things went together, asked questions of people, respectfully, seeking answers to his active mind.

Imagine if we were as open and enquiring as this young boy.

This week I’ve been talking about style on my Facebook page. (authenticlivingwithlinda or lindacodlin25)

5 attributes of style …


Everything we do, we do for the feeling we believe it will give us.

The style you live your life in right now is because of a feeling you think it will give you.

Maybe you think if you do what you are told you will be loved, and accepted.

Maybe you feel if you stay over weight no-one will notice you, and you’ll feel safe.

Maybe you think, by living a small and contained life, I’ll never be hurt.

Or maybe you feel you need the latest gadgets, and the fastest cars to be seen and liked.

Maybe you want to be the centre of attention so you are continually getting in mischief.

These are all states of feeling.

Every action you take or don’t take, gives you, or takes you away from, a feeling you want or don’t want. Every thing you do is for the feeling you believe it will give you.

Style, everyone has a style. Your style may be to appear different, or it might be to fit in. What is the feeling your style gives you. DO YOU LIKE THIS FEELING? If so, sweet carry on living the way you are. If not you can change it. Only you can change it, because it comes from inside you.


What is attitude anyway? Attitude is the way your thoughts, beliefs, and actions intercept to produce a reaction in your body.

Everyone has an attitude, often we try very hard to cover up our attitudes, especially if they will be perceived and judged as being negative. Your attitude shows up in the way you walk, the way you talk and in the way you do things, or don’t do things.

The way you do one thing is the way you do anything. This is talking about your attitude, if you have a negative attitude toward work, you won’t give your work your full attention or your best.

If you have a cheerful attitude, you probably find life is kind and cheerful. The thing about attitude and your current style is that they can’t be faked. When you apply a cheerful smile over a disgruntled emotion, the emotion will come through every time.

You can alter your attitude by, investigating your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Often we begin with our actions because they are easy to see. The thing about that is your actions are created by your thoughts and beliefs. If you want permanent change in your actions, work with your thoughts and beliefs at the same time.

Style is your attitude to life, do you like the results your attitude have gotten you so far. Remember style is as much an inside job as it is an outward appearance. Only you can truly answer how you really feel about your style of living.


We make hundreds of choices every day, most we don’t even think about.

Our lives are made up of thousands of seemingly little, insignificant decisions. These decisions are choices, and they can have far reaching outcomes. For example lets say you’re feeling a bit blue, so you don’t get up when you normally would, you skip your morning walk, shower, and daily hygiene routine to lounge on the sofa and watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see.

This may seem like a one off, but your mind now has ammunition to use the next time you don’t feel like going to work, or going for a walk. Your mind will remind you how good it felt to sit on the couch. And before you know it you are having to battle your mind to do what was your normal routine. The more ammunition we give our brain the more it will either work for us or against us, our brain doesn’t care either way, it just wants to keep us alive, and it loves to solve problems.

Have you noticed that at times your brain will create problems to solve? Making decisions that are in alignment with what you want from your life and in sync with your values will give your brain something constructive to focus on.

Decision making is a skill that can be learned, it is a style we use either for our benefit or for our detriment. How do you make decisions? What is your style of choosing what you want from your life? Style is learning to make decisions that align with what you want, in a way that benefits you and those around you.


Quality by implication suggests flawlessness, superior workmanship, longer lasting and of excellence in character, form or use.

Often we use monetary value to decide the quality of an item or service, this can leave space between what we want and what we get.

How often do we purchase a lesser value item because of the number on the tag?

How often do we purchase things in quantity because we perceive them to be a bargain and we may need them one day?

Do you purchase items from an attitude of lack and fear? Are you afraid if you don’t buy now and stock up that you may not be able to afford it later?

Is your personal space full of gadget you thought would make you feel good, to discover that they didn’t? Often we spend our money with the intent of avoiding or gaining an emotional response.

When we learn to feel our emotions for what they are, and learn to seek out the feelings we want on purpose, we may find our need for shiny trinkets drops off.

Style is choosing quality, purchasing one item of the finest workmanship you have the resources for, that will be a generational piece, rather than many items of lesser craft. Over time you will find that your standard of living will increase, the items in your personal space enhance your feeling of space and peace.

What do the items you surround yourself with, say about your style? Generally our external environment is a reflection of our inner thinking and emotional state. When we are feeling trapped we try to find things that will distract us, when we are feeling overwhelmed we become lethargic and unable to move. Style is about the quality of your thoughts and feelings. Style is about the quality of your questions. Style is about the quality of your possessions. Style is about the quality of your clothes. Quality is an integral part of Style.

What does your style say about the quality of person you are? Do you like what you see?

You get to upgrade your quality of living, and as you do so upgrade your style.


Loving yourself is respecting who you are. How you treat yourself inwardly shows up in your exterior style of living.

Everything you do speaks to the way you see yourself, whether you love and respect yourself, or whether you see yourself as being worthy or unworthy of the best life has to offer.

The style of self love, is caring about how you look, your hairstyle, your posture, your body and how you clothe it.

The style of self-love is how you show up for yourself, the way you put your needs ahead of other people’s needs. (Often we don’t do for ourselves, what we will do for others. ) The style of self-love is in the safe boundaries you have around your thoughts, and around the way you allow other people to treat you, talk to you, use you and abuse you.

The style of self-love is when you have confidence to stand up for yourself, have strength of character to face hard things head on, giving yourself grace to make mistakes and to learn from them.

Style is found in everything you do or don’t do.

It is my intention that you will begin to look at what you do, what you have, and what you want in your life, and ask yourself how your current style of living is enhancing and moving you forward to feeling, and experiencing the life you really want.

Learning to live in your authentic style is the feeling of freedom to be you.

Until next time, happy styling.

xoxo Linda


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Use Your BUTS to Benefit YOU.

Thoughts create actions.

Goal cards are passports to the future.

Goal Cards create focus.

BUTS are the flags that warn of impending danger to achievement.

Action creates evidence.

Hello, My Friends

This week, has seen our young grandson of 8, staying with us while his parents are working. We’ve had fun creating a knights helmet, sword and flag, the shield is still in progress.

This little person is a real chatterbox, I’d forgotten how difficult it is to listen and get things done. I love his sunny disposition, and the joy he brings. He is learning to think strategically by playing endless games of squares, (You start with a grid of dots, each person joins two dots with a line, the goal is to prevent the other person from making a square, or series of squares.) and working out how to win at noughts and crosses.

This week I had a stark reminder of how our thoughts create our actions. Three weeks ago, hubby opened a jar of homemade jam. This particular jam was very well set, and didn’t spread easily. My daughter and I were reminiscing about some of the baking I did when she was a child, this got me thinking about how I could use this jam.

Cheese cakes; that’s what the recipe book called them. I recalled they were delicious, a pastry shell, with a jam centre and sponge topping. My mouth was watering as I thought about them. I baked them this weekend, they smelled divine.

Over the last few months I have been eliminating the amount of sugar and refined flours I have been consuming. Usually baking doesn’t bother me, but this week my mind did a number on me and I wasn’t on guard enough to counter it.

It used the old thought pattern of, “You know one won’t hurt you. ” “Remember how delicious they were.” ” You’ll feel so good after you’ve had one.” “Go on have a little one, no-one needs to know.”

Have you ever had your mind trick you with these sweet words?

I gave some of the baking to our neighbours, in an effort to reduce the temptation. I put them away in the cupboard, figuring out of sight was out of mind. No! My mind was very determined I needed these cakes.

Late in the evening I went to the cupboard, I put the plate on the coffee table with my herbal tea, I told myself they were for my hubby. Who was I kidding? Hubby knew and I knew. I had decided to have one. I knew, I would from the time I had baked them, I just didn’t want to admit it to myself.

So my feelings over ruled all my thinking and planning not to eat any, They overcame my cajoling, bribing and good intentions that I had at the outset . My brain had sold me on the wonderful feeling this cake would give me.

Reality, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

I no longer need food to feed my emotions. I am in a place where I can feel what I’m feeling. So I allowed myself to feel the disappointment of allowing myself to be duped by a past that doesn’t belong in my present.

I gave myself the grace to do a YOU TURN, to not beat myself up, and to deal with the fact that I broke my two month trend for something so unsatisfying. It’s a new day, and now my body is dealing the consequences of sugar and refined flour. I will use this as a reminder in the future as evidence that I actually do know what is best for my body.

What about you? What little seed of doubt, or negativity, or disbelieve has wormed it’s way into your thinking? What is promising you the wonderfulness of feeling great, even though you know it will have a sting in its tail?

As I mentioned earlier, all it took for my thoughts to runaway from me, was a memory of how I perceived this morsel of food once made me feel, and in the hope that it would create that feeling again, I allowed it grow until it came into fruition.

When we flip these little seeds on there head, they also have the ability to be a little seed of inspiration, motivation and what could be. We pick up a thought that we could be slender, we could earn more money, we could drive a nicer car, we could have more love and affection.

When we sit in the place of imagination and let this thought grow, and blossom, we give our idea wings, and we give our brain a challenge. Our brain loves challenges.

Before our seed of inspiration grows into maturity it needs to be nurtured, watered, and fed. We do this by research, my sitting with the positive side of what if. What if this could actually happen?

And before the big BUT, comes along to snaffle your inspiration and idea away. STOP.

Listen to the BUT. Write out all the BUTS, especially the so called negative ones. These buts are your friends.

You may say, “But I can’t go into business for myself.” “But I can’t lose weight.” “But I am too sick to do that. ” “But I can’t manage money.”” But my family will laugh at me. ” But …. (Whatever your BUT is. )

Your BUT is helping you to see what you believe to be true about you. This is good. It is only when we get a true reading of what we really believe and think, can we change it.

This is where the emotional work begins. Everything we currently do, we do for the feeling we believe we gain from it. Our actions either lead us away from pain, or towards pleasure. There is a subtle difference in the wording, but a huge difference in the energy emitted from our actions.

When you begin to take action towards what you want, rather than taking action by moving away from what you don’t want, you invoke the law of attraction and begin to put into practice the compound effect. The Compound Effect is where small, seemingly insignificant actions taken over a long period of time create vast results. For example by choosing to not eat dessert every night, over the period of a year or so, you will be able to see the results on your body. If you added a walk instead of the desert you will see results quicker, Small manageable actions can have huge effects.

Also you begin to create evidence for your brain, you are proving to yourself that you are the kind of person who … Doesn’t eat dessert, who enjoys evening walks, who is reducing your body size and gaining fitness. This evidence is used to silence your inner critic.

This was part of the steps, I didn’t include in my battle with my brain and my feelings. If I had reminded myself that I am a person who only eats for health and well-being, that sugary and floury foods are like poison in my body. I could have stood down the entire scenario before it took over. Lesson to be learned, always have what you DO want in front of you. In cases of temptation, pull out your goal card, read it and visualise how you feel, having already gained it. Remind your emotions how wonderful it is to be the person who has money, slimness, mobility without pain, love, and happiness. Remind yourself how it feels to be driving the car you want, sitting in your lounge, reclining on your self massaging chair, or watching television in your purpose built media room. What ever your goal is, keep the feeling and visual of it in front of you. This inspires and motivates your mind, letting it know that you are willing to do the emotional work and the physical action to make it yours.

So, BUTS are your friends, they let you know what is stopping you. Your goal card is your passport to a new life. Use it to remind yourself of the feeling you will gain when you have the goal. Use your imagination to see yourself enjoying your goal. Then set your determination to do the action to make it happen.

Be your authentic self, living the life you want for your future today.

xoxo Linda.


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Emotional Labour is the hardest work ever!

Nothing is, until we think a thought about it.

Well, hello, my beautiful friends.

What a week I’ve had, temper tantrums, unmotivated episodes, joyful elation and dedication to my dream.

This week I set the goal to reupholster the new(ish) dining chairs, hubby had done the labour intensive work of sanding and varnishing, it was my job to add the fabric, I gathered all the tools I thought I would need, I gathered my enthusiasm, and began.

As a qualifier, I have never upholstered any thing before, so DIY Linda at the helm. I cut out the fabric following the pattern (old fabric that came off the chair) First attempt, I didn’t allow enough fold under. Second attempt was much better. Positioning the fabric on the chair I smoothed it out and began using the heavy duty hand stapler.

When did I lose the strength in my hands? It took a lot of effort to squeeze the spring loaded handle, to eject the staple where I wanted it to go, only to find that as the staple left the gun it bounced on chair and the staple didn’t go flat into the chair. Long story short, it took three attempts (I stapled and re-stapled the entire chair three times) to get the first chair covered, in the process I discovered it was best to use the little office stapler to ‘tack’ the fabric in place so it wouldn’t move or stretch as I prepared the fold under, I methodically used two hands to fire off the staple, one to squeeze the trigger, the other to hold the head onto the surface with my body positioned directly above the chair legs.

Straightening the crinkles out of my back, I surveyed my work. Not too bad. The failed staples scattered all over the floor were testament to learning in progress, feeling pretty pleased with myself I admired chair number one and told myself the next one will be easier now that I know what I’m doing. And it was.

Chair number four was my undoing, tiredness had set in, the staples began jamming, the fabric was stretching and needed redoing. Ah! My temper flared, it was time to have a break. Now, for those who know me, I can be very stubborn, obstinate even. There was no way I was going to let a little thing like a stapler and pleats stop me finishing the job. Hubby walked in to find me beating up the stapler to remove the stuck staples. Frustration has a way of making us behave in irrational ways. He gently took the stapler, removed the blockage and reloaded it for me. (I know the stapler had nothing to do with my frustration, it was how I was thinking about the job, wanting to get it finished that was causing my frustration) Finally after re-stapling the entire chair twice, with another pile of twisted and useless staples on the floor the chair was done. Phew! Only two chairs to go.

Drama, I created it, I felt it, and I reacted to it. Not very well at that.

One good thing about this entire saga, is, I now know I created it, and I can change it. In the past I’d have taken out my frustration on anyone in the area, and that anger would have simmered for days under the surface, affecting every other interaction I had whether human or not. Not anymore, I went for a long soak in a super hot, deep bath and relaxed all the frustration out of my body and brain.

Tell me about your week. In the comments below share with me your successes and your frustrations?

Nothing is, until we think a thought about it.

Often we don’t do what we know we ought to be doing. Why?

We are having a thought about the action, and that thought is creating resistance in our mind, which our body reacts to.

Often, the hardest part of doing anything is beginning. Getting the body in motion, once we have begun, the task is not as daunting as we first thought.

Emotional labour is the hardest work ever. I read this the other day, and it is so true.

How many times do we make an easy five minute job, last all day?

It’s the emotional resistance to doing the job that creates the conflict within us.

I remember when I had four babies under four, cloth nappies were the norm, and washing was a huge thing for me, I had children who were bedwetters, creating mountains of washing.

When I was in poor me, life is hard mode, the washing pile just grew and took over the house, unwashed linen and clothes in the laundry, and washed, unfolded clothes on the couch in the lounge. One day, I’d had enough, I had to figure out a better way to handle this mountain of washing. The bedwetting wasn’t going to stop any time soon, so I figured out at way to reduce the amount of washing, by doctoring the children’s bedding, by making the washing my first priority every day. Getting it washed, and hung on the line. I learned to fold it as it came off the line directly into the basket, and to put it away as soon as it I took it inside. I created a system for hanging and labelling the clothes, so each child’s items were hung and folded together, making putting them away easier. I conquered the mountain of clothes. It took time and planning. It took focus and effort. It took thought power. The emotional labour of having had enough, and needing to be willing to do something different to give me a different result, and a better feeling about myself and the laundry situation gave me the drive to find a solution.

What is your emotional labour?

What are you avoiding?

What will it take for you to have enough, and draw a line under it?

To say, “I won’t take this any more”, and find a solution that will make you feel better.

The emotional labour is the hardest work ever, once we step over the threshold, past the brain and our thoughts about any activity we have been putting off, the activity becomes easier.

Life is not supposed to be so hard.

Our Emotional Responses make life what we want it to be.

Make your life easy, elegant and efficient by choosing the thoughts you think about everything.

Nothing is, until we think a thought about it.

I’d love to hear what you think about this statement.

Leave a comment below.

Until next time, investigate what emotional labour is causing you to work harder than you need to.

Authenticity is ease.

oxox Linda


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Accountability buddies enhance personal power.

An accountability buddy gives you the wings to be IMPERFECT so you can soar with confidence.


Hello, My Friends

This week has been a long one. We have been in level 4 lockdown. The thing is, this week has the exact same number of hours as last week, and the exact same number as next week will have. The only difference is the way I have viewed them. Interesting isn’t it, how the thoughts we allow to sneak in have a way of taking over.

Spending time with hubby seemed to be more fun than working. Reality check, if you ignore the work it waits for you. And, then monitoring your self talk about excuses you gave yourself for not doing the work becomes really important.

Authentic living with Linda, is about authenticity, being real with who we are, and where we are at.

Life doesn’t always go to plan. We don’t always feel like doing the right thing at the right time. We lose the plot now and then. Welcome to humanity.

Today I want to talk about accountability and personal power.

In psychology the meaning of accountability is the extent to which an individual is answerable to another (e.g., a supervisor, official review body, a group of peers) for his or her behavior, decisions, or judgments.

Also in psychology there definition of personal power is characterized by freedom from the dominance of others. It is infinite, it’s about access to and control of limitless inner resources, such as our skills and abilities, our deeply held values, our true personalities, and our boldest selves.

How do we meld these two seemingly opposing elements into our lives?

I want to suggest that when we live in our personal power, we value the accountability we have to ourselves first, and then to others.

Accountability is a choice we make. Just like living in our personal power is a choice. Sometimes it is productive for us to have some-one to report to, they help to keep us on track.

The question is whose track are you on? Are you on a track that you have deliberately chosen for yourself, or are you walking the track of some-one else?

Accountability is a tool that we can use to measure our results, without monitoring how we are going, we could end up in entirely a different space to where we want to be. The most important person to be accountable to, for our behaviours, judgements, and decisions is ourselves. When we are moving forward in our personal power, accessing the infinite wisdom, resources and abilities that are within us, and acting on these. It is to our future selves that we are accountable to live into our full potential.

Do you have a goal that scares you? A desire to do something so great and wonderful you don’t share it with anyone because they will think you are crazy. This is where your person power lives, it’s in the goals and dreams that pull you out of mediocrity. It is in who you have to become to live in your wonderful dream.

My life is very different today than it was two years ago. I grabbed onto my big dream, and began the journey of redeeming my personal power. Of becoming accountable to me.

The only person I have to prove anything to is me. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself. Such an easy to write statement, and such a difficult statement to live from.

If you, like me, grew up in an environment that taught, you were acceptable by the way you behaved, then being accountable and caring what others think about you is really important.

Learning to be accountable to myself, for myself is a journey of many pitfalls. And it all boils down to how I think. To the beliefs I hold as true about myself. Our self image depicts how we see ourselves. Have you ever wondered why you can do almost impossible things for other people, but you can’t get out of bed to go for a run in the mornings? It’s your image of yourself, you don’t see yourself as someone who lets other people down, but your own personal standards allow you to let yourself down all the time.

Having an accountability buddy helps you to overcome letting yourself down, as you grow into the belief that you are a person who shows up for yourself and for what you have planned. Your accountability buddy is like having training wheels on your bicycle as you learn to ride unimpeded. As you gain momentum and your thoughts about your ability to show up and act with your personal power become stronger, you and your buddy can remove the training wheels for the activity you were in training for.

The great thing about growing into our personal power is that it is a continual journey, as we master one skillset we can move into the next skillset, taking our accountability buddy with us.

Do you have an accountability buddy? Some-one who will encourage you, inspire you, pick you up when you lag behind. Some-one who thinks the best of you, who won’t let you get away with less than your full potential, some-one who will goad you and motivate you when you run out of belief in yourself. An accountability buddy is some-one who will hold you to account to do what you say you will do, they will help to keep you moving towards your big and sometimes scary goal, when you want to run back to the safety of your cave.

Your personal power is the battery that gives you the energy to plan, to step forward and begin walking when the path is still unknown and unseen. Your personal power is made up of your intuition, your perception, your belief in yourself, and in your will to persevere against all odds.

Tap into your personal power to move into your freedom, find an accountability buddy, some-one who will stretch you and to whom you can stretch, and watch as you both grow and flourish.

Until next time, live from your authentic self, grow your personal power and belief in who you are, find a buddy and follow your dream.

XOXO Linda


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Emotional Band-aids Don’t Work.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need courage to face them.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need strength to feel them.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need patience to heal them.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need love to release them.

Hello, My Friends

Wow, what a wonderful week this has been. I have learned new things and met new people. Had my mind and reality stretched. A mind once stretched can not go back to its former self.

Positive thinking, it’s a good thing. Right?

What is positive thinking to you?

Do you over-ride all the ‘negative’ niggling thoughts with ‘positive’ powerful thoughts?

That is how I lived. I figured if I was positive then the Law of Attraction would work for me.

So any emotion or feeling that I deemed to be negative got squashed, it got sat on and ‘replaced’ with a positive thought. I figured by using positive affirmations I’d change my thinking, and with it the circumstances that I was running away from.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for affirmations, I use them every-day to step my personal beliefs from one level of disbelief to the next level of belief, without awakening the BS radar in my mind.

However, using an affirmation as a band-aid to heal an emotional wound, won’t work.

What I found was, I was using ‘positive thinking’ as a band-aid to cover my emotional wounds without cleaning them out first. And with time I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling more anger and resentment than ever. The emotional wound under the band-aid had turned septic. It was poisoning me from the inside out. The bitterness, frustration and anger at not living the life I really wanted was poisoning my soul, my relationships, my energy and my environment.

Finally, with the help of a great coach, I was helped to rip the band-aid off. To look at the rotting and septic flesh underneath that was my emotions. The initial ‘surgery’ to clean out the pus and gunge was painful and hard to look at.

Realizing I was the one who had been silently killing my dreams, suffocating my goodness, and sowing seeds of doubt and mistrust was a bitter pill to swallow.

The thing I had discovered about having the type of ‘positive thinking’ I had, was it was promoting toxic emotional waste, which affected every area of my life. My physical health was suffering, my financial well-being was suffering, my personal relationships were dying, and the ability to love myself was choked, twisted and knotted so badly that my life force was draining out of my life, leaving an empty shell.

After ripping of the band-aid, one at a time. I began to look at the ‘negative’ thoughts that I had buried, I began to clean up the stinking mess, I dressed, and addressed the toxic thoughts that I had buried. Remember, burying my emotions was my normal. The only emotions I let be seen were the ‘nice’ emotions. The good girl emotions. The sweet, kind doormat emotions. With the occasional volcanic eruption of anger, to release some of the pressure.

Are you feeling like I was? Are you so very good at band-aiding your uncomfortable emotions, that you don’t feel them?

Let me tell you what I learned, and how it changed everything for me.

Basically thoughts create emotions. Emotions create vibrations in our body, which we feel as sensations. It is these sensations we either embrace or we avoid. And it is these sensations mixed with our beliefs that create our actions, which are the results we see in our lives.

So easy to write, such a small paragraph. So much power and freedom in those words when they drop into your soul and become your beacon of light.

Everything is created twice, first as a thought, and then as an action.

So, my question to my coach was, I’ve been thinking positively, why don’t my results match what I want? Then wham she hit me between the eyes with a four by two beam, by reminding me that everything I do, I do for the feeling it will give me. And the beliefs I have accumulated over the years drive which feelings are acceptable and which ones aren’t. This is where self-sabotage enters the picture.

We began healing past wounds. Did you know you are carrying years of old wounds around with you? Some of them are heavy scar tissue and hinder free movement, some are weepy open sores poisoning your view of life, some are crusty scabs that every now and then get itchy and we scratch opening the wound again. All these add layers of extra weight to our spirit and drain us of our energy.

When I learned to embrace the ‘negative thoughts’ and welcome them into my life, they began to lose their power over me. The emotional wounds began to heal from the inside out, without me having to dwell on the situations of the past that I thought created them.

Those very thoughts I perceived were negative are actually part of my guidance system. They are a valuable part of my navigational system.

Are you, my friend, ignoring one of the most valuable parts of your navigational system because of the vibrations in your body that they create?

Emotions and feelings are vibrations that move the cells around in our body, we have been taught that we have to respond to these vibrations. I’m saying we don’t. We can be aware of them and notice them, name them, learn from them and not do anything with them. They won’t actually do you any harm. (Initially, I didn’t believe this. It was my belief that if I felt my emotions they would drown me.) As I opened the door to my emotions slowly and as I began to feel and allow my most dominant emotions to be freed, to be listened to, they became less and now I know when they flare up I need to take notice of my thought patterns, and listen to the advice they are giving me.

The anger, frustration and self-loathing have given way to peace, harmony and self-love.

I want you to have the freedom to remove the band-aids that cover your emotional wounds, to allow all the years of hurt to be healed. So you can experience the freedom of loving yourself, having peace with yourself and knowing you are good enough now, (and that you always have been.) to enjoy emotional freedom.

Thinking is neither positive or negative, it is all data and information that our brain gathers and uses to keep us safe and alive. Without thought a thing isn’t, our thinking makes things so. When we add a vibrational feeling to a thought, we give the thought power. The more often we think a thought the more power we give it.

The question is are the thoughts you are thinking giving you the results you want? If not you have the ability to change them, and the corresponding emotions and feelings. Which change the vibrations you feel in your body making you feel better, which bring you better results.

Until next time, rip off the one emotional band-aid and begin healing the wound underneath. Allow your authentic self to breathe.

xoxo Linda


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Awareness is the Key to Change.

You are searching for the magic key that will unlock the door to the source of power; and yet you have the key in your own hands, and you may use it the moment you learn to control your thoughts.

Napoleon Hill

Hello, My Friends

This week we had a mini get away, we went to a tiny wee fishing village on the East Coast of New Zealand. The sea was rough, a storm had just blown up the coast. We rugged up with layers, jackets, hats and scarves. Walking on the near white sands, avoiding the seaweed that had been dislodged and relocated with the turbulent waters, we rounded the corner and was instantly sandblasted. The ferocity of the wind caught us off guard.

In the few days we were away, we walked the beach everyday, and saw only a handful of the locals out and about. They probably thought us weird, as we were the only ones on the beach, obviously visitors to their snug little seaside haven.

Being new to the area, we didn’t have any preconceived ideas about what to expect. We weren’t party to the politics that surround any group of people living in a community, which meant we were oblivious to any feuds, or miscommunications, we didn’t know about romances or gossip. To us this sleepy little village was an escape haven, a place for us to wind down and enjoy.

Do you have a safe haven in your life? Do you have a place you go to recharge your batteries? Do you have a place where you can forget about the feuds and miscommunications of life, even for a short time?

I recall as a mother of four preschool children, (I had four children under the age of four.) Life was busy, extremely full on and at this stage in my personal growth I was in survival mode. If I flopped into bed at night with the breakfast dishes done and a load of washing hung on the line and dried, I had a successful day. Each day was the same as the day before, and yet each day was so different. Small children don’t care that you are tired and don’t have the energy to chase after them, or tidy up after them. They are only acutely aware of their needs, and waiting is not on their priority list. To find time for me, I would put the children in the bath with bubbles, I would put the lid down on the toilet, then sit and watch them play. It was my quiet time, I could think while they played happily, they were still young enough to need supervising, but old enough to play without adult interference.

Do whatever it takes to make time for you to recharge. When we are tired and run down, when the stresses of everyday living begin to get too much and swamp us, we need to take a time out. Without windows of deliberate down time, we tend to burn out, over react, over compensate and feel guilty.

It takes energy to think clearly, when our lives are cluttered with too many activities, we forget to make time for the most important person in our lives. Us! When we are feeling overwhelmed by, to do lists that never seem to end, we do nothing. We sit on the couch watching TV. We tell ourselves we need the down time. Even though our body may be in the resting position our mind isn’t. As we consume the information that flickers across the screen, whether we are aware or not our brain is in processing mode. It takes in every detail. The information we feed our mind the most, is the information that becomes the most readily available when it is time for making decisions.

This week in Facebook (lindacodlin25 or authenticlivingwithlinda) I have been talking about awareness.

Awareness is the key that opens the door to change.

When we are not aware, we don’t care.

Reality as we know it is built on our awareness. When we don’t know something we travel on by oblivious, it doesn’t touch us, until we receive some information that triggers a response and we become aware.

Once we are aware, we then have two choices, we either believe the information or we don’t believe it. If at first we don’t believe, we may put it aside and act, or pretend that we don’t know anything. Denial only works for a while. Our mind is an information gathering data machine. It collects and stores information and knowledge. One of the reasons for this is, the mind has a duty of survival. It’s job is to keep us safe. What better way to know when danger is coming than by accumulating information that proves we live in an unsafe space.

Have you ever wondered why your mind always runs to the negative first? Why you can see all the things that won’t work before you can see the things that can work? It’s because our mind is doing it’s job of keeping us safe by warning us of impending danger and by keeping us from taking action. The mind is a problem finding, and problem solving machine, it is collecting data to prove it’s point and prevent us from moving out of our safety zone.

Do you struggle to do new things? Your mind is protecting you -it thinks. If your life is cruising along happily without any dramas, guess what your mind does? That’s right! It creates drama, you pick a fight with your partner, it doesn’t matter what it’s over, the point is to create a scene where the mind can step in to be your protector.

Awareness of what the mind is doing is the key to changing your minds resistance to change. By calling your mind out, and letting it know politely, (It is part of your body after all, and we want to love our body) that you see what it is doing by saying, “Thank you for showing me this” Then you take charge and decide whether the thought that the mind has put forward is leading you to your goal or not, and then you choose to take action accordingly.

I am a firm believer that our mind needs something to focus on, when we ask quality questions of ourselves we give our mind a focus, it goes into seek and deliver mode. Then before you know it, you have more information at your fingertips for you to add to your decision making fact sheet.

When we soothe our mind, and let it know that we have heard it’s concerns, and then give it a mission to complete it begins to work for us instead of against us.

It is my intention for you to become aware of what is causing you to feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or burnt out.

Huge hint. It is never anything outside of you. It has nothing to do with the situation in front of you. It has everything to do with what you think about the situation. Awareness is the key. Thoughts are the building blocks of everything. Become aware of what you are thinking, figure out if these thoughts are leading you in a direction you want to move in.

You can think anything you want, imagine that, anything you want. Awareness is the key, are you aware of what you currently think about? What is your number one complaint? What do you complain about most often and why? How could you solve this complaint? Give your mind an assignment, ask it to solve your complaint, then take note of the information and the ideas that begin to cross your path. Your thoughts create your life. Why not create a fabulous life? Why not retrain your mind to work in your favour?

Make time for yourself, recharge your body and your mind, give yourself the gift of space to breathe, to relax and truly unwind, give your mind a rest from worry and fear. Do one thing this week to recharge your batteries and give your mind a challenge that will give you results you can be proud of.

Until next time, this is authentic living with Linda, where I share wisdom and truth wrapped in every day events.

xoxo Linda.


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Germinate Your Seeds of Greatness.

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Zig Ziglar

Hello, My Friends

This week hubby and I went to the wharf and threw worms at the water, we had the intention of catching flounder, we were disappointed. The water was very dirty, the rain we’ve had recently has taken it’s toll on the water clarity. I figure we must have been feeding the crabs, because our lines were always pulled in with empty hooks.

We’re at the end of another month. I’m feeling very proud of myself for all the actions I have taken in my long term goals. Whenever I hit a wall I remind myself to check my beliefs, then do the thought, emotions, feelings, actions, habits and results chart. I know, I asked this question last month, and I’m asking again, have you set a goal for the month of August? Have you got a plan of what you want to have achieved at the end of this month? Pick one area of your life that you want to improve, one character trait that you want to make your own, and begin by writing what it means to you, add your why. Remember your why is the motivation that will keep you going when the going gets tough. If your goal doesn’t stretch you out of your comfort zone, then choose another one. The reason for goals that stretch you, is to prove to yourself who you can be.

Okay, mini rave or lecture done. Seriously though, write a goal, put it on a card and keep it in your phone, or better still make it your home page on your phone, so you see it a dozen or more times a day. Keep it in the fore-front of your mind.

This week I want to share a thought that has been brewing in the back of my mind, for a few weeks.

If you could be known for anything, what would it be?

If your name was to go into the history books as some-one who made a gigantic leap forward in the way mankind experienced life, what would you want it to be?

Sit with this question for a minute.

Would you want to be known as the person who eliminated all homelessness across the world, by designing a new type of building?

Would you want to be the wealthiest person who ever lived? And, the person who was responsible for creating the avenue for those who want to move from poverty to financial freedom, to do so?

Would you want to see your children grow into healthy, community minded adults, who give to the community they are raising their children in?

If you were to be known for one thing, would it be for discovering a breakthrough in medicine, a cure for diseases, a medical procedure that gives people a better standard of living.

Would you want to be known as someone who was kind, caring, strong and vibrant?

If your head stone had the words… Here lies …( your name) s/he was the greatest …(name your gift or strong suit) in the 21st century. What would you want your gift to humanity to be?

Our thoughts create our lives. Your thoughts create your life. What are you thinking you’d like to be known for? What are the doubting thoughts that follow any of your ideas? It is these doubts that usually stop people from becoming great. We squash them before the idea seeds have had a chance to germinate.

Allowing your thought seeds to germinate is really important. Learning to think deliberately is the one thing that has changed everything for me, and continues to do so. The giants that I perceive are on my path, to stop me gaining what I really want, are in my mind. We are free to choose how we think.

In the fishing example above, I have a choice in how I view my outing, and the lack of fish. I get to choose how I think, I can think that there are no fish left in the ocean, because the fishing vessels have netted them all, or I can think that the fish are not biting because the water is dirty, or they’re not feeding today.

Either story doesn’t alter that fact that we didn’t catch any fish, and that we fed something in the river our worms. One story is much more emotive than the other and elicits a much stronger response. It is in the emotional response that we tie our results, in this case. of no fish to blaming some-one else for taking the fish. What if the truth is the fish cannot live in waters that have been contaminated by the plastic waste of human drink bottles? That would also create an emotional response, depending on your point of view. These are all stories I have made up about not catching a fish. I accept the result I had, that I didn’t catch any fish or I can look to lay the blame on some-one else.

Playing the blame game, always leaves us powerless. Often we feel like a victim in our own lives, instead of the lead lady or man.

Who are you blaming for your situation? For not being where you say you want to be? What is the truth about your situation? Some-times looking at and admitting to your self the real truth, the totally unbiased facts can be hard, the facts can be hurtful because we become aware we are responsible for our own situation. Are you in debt and continue to spend money you don’t have.? Are you obese and can’t stop your eating obsession, blaming your genes, the way food is manufactured now-a-days compared to the past, its your parents fault or your partners fault. Denial is keeping you in the safety zone of inaction. Which is exactly where your brain wants you to be. But that is not where your heart and authentic self want to be.

I am extending my hand to you, think about what you want to be known for, what do you want people to remember you for? What do you want your generational legacy to be? Sow the thought seed of personal greatness within you, water it with time and more encouraging thoughts, allow it to germinate, air it, give it wings by writing it out in detail. Be careful who you show your thought seed to, some will snatch it away and trample on it, others will nip it in the bud before it has a chance to become fully fledged, and others will support you and take your idea for themselves. Your idea is yours to be nurtured, and acted upon in due season.

It is my intention to get you thinking about the long game. Look to the end of your life and see all the wonderful things you have done for humanity and your community. Let the fire stir within you, then take the Beliefs, thought, emotions, feelings, actions, habits and results chart and work it backwards.

Start at the end of your life, see your head stone, hear the accolades that are being said about you and your contribution to mankind. Then look at your results, in your minds eye, see how they came to being, What habits did you need to live into, to create your stunning results? Then move past your habits and look at the actions you took to achieve all the recognizable steps you took to get the result you did. Feel the feelings of excitement you felt as you found your breakthrough, feel the fear you felt as you worked on your project, what did you do when you felt fear and doubt? When you felt afraid or embarrassed? Notice how you moved through these feelings. Label the emotions behind the feelings, remember these are only ever one word. These emotions are triggered by thoughts, and this is the where the greatest change happens, notice the types of thoughts you were thinking as you uncovered your greatest potential, as the seed thought took root and began to grow. And finally what beliefs had to be challenged, and redirected for you to believe that you have what it takes to make a ground breaking, life changing, contribution to mankind.

Begin at the end and work backwards. Imagine if each one of us did this in one area of our lives every year, what a different world we would be living in, in five years time.

Allow your imagination to plant the seed of what your life could look like if you let the seed grow, and took a chance on it.

Until next time, be your authentic self, find the gem idea that is yours to grow with, and into.

xoxo Linda


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What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting for permission,

Stop waiting for love,

Stop waiting for time,

Stop waiting for perfection,

Stop waiting for change and be the change.

Hello, My Friends

This week has flown by, I’m sure my clock is on fast forward. Each day zips on by, I go to bed each night satisfied with the day. I have been doing a little something that my coach suggested, and I’ll pass it on so you can try it out and see if it helps you as it is helping me.

Every night as I lay in bed, I go through all my muscle groups tightening and relaxing them, once I my body is relaxed, I play the mental picture of my day in my mind. I rewind and look at the things that didn’t go the way I wanted them to, then I imagine that they had gone how I wanted. I transpose myself into the situation and change the words that I said, and the words that others may have said. I walk through the situation, looking at my thoughts and actions, I weigh up whether they were leading me to my goal, and if not, then I redirect them in that direction.

This way I go to sleep feeling good about my day, and confident that tomorrow will be a good day. This little routine is altering the story I’m telling myself about myself and my day. It is giving me courage to investigate difficult emotions and my truthful reactions. I am finding this little routine deals with any residual emotions and since I am an energetic being, it is wiping the angst from my system.

Every morning I ask myself a question, these questions vary depending on what is happening in my life.

Today’s question is “What are you waiting for? What if, you stopped waiting and made it happen for you?”

Such a great question.

If I asked you that question, what would your response be?

Are you waiting for children to grow up?

Are you waiting until the mortgage is paid? Or until you purchase your own home?

In my past I was a very practiced waiter. I would put off things because they would take too much time, or they would cost too much, I didn’t think I could do it, that I wasn’t skilled enough, or it would be too hard and that I would be an inconvenience to someone else, or I wanted someone else to come and rescue me. Some things got put on the wait list because I didn’t really want to do them, it was some one else’s expectation of me.

Can you relate? What is on your wait list? What are you waiting for?

I discovered that most of the things I put off, took very little money or time. For example, our garage had been leaking when it rained from a certain direction, the battens were allowing water to trickle down the walls. I was expecting other people to fix it for me. To me it was too big of a job. When I finally got sick and tired of putting up with the dampness, I asked a builder friend to give me some advice, he guided me in ordering the flashings, and showed me how to install them. And I did it.

For years it was put on the too hard list, it took a few dollars and an afternoon of my time. The feeling of accomplishment and the confidence I gained from that small project still motivates me today. It reminds me that if I really want to do something, then I need to find the information to begin with, plan the finances and the time. Then to begin.

I once subscribed to a lady whose life mantra is you can do anything for 15 mins. This is so true. When time is the issue, begin with your timer, set it for 15 mins and begin. It is amazing how much you can do in 15 mins. I have cleaned a bedroom ceiling, vacuumed, dusted, painted a bedroom, sanded and varnished a bench top, exercised, weeded gardens and begun many projects that were overwhelming in their entirety.

This is my one go to routine when I find I’m putting off anything, often the thought of beginning something is due to my belief, and because I’m thinking it is too hard, too big, or will take me too long. The timer gives me a start time and an end time. I have the choice of extending the timer or completing when the timer goes off.

What are you waiting for?

What can you do today to begin? Everything begins with a thought. What can you think about today to get the energy needed to create what you want into motion?

What story are you telling yourself about why you are waiting? Do you believe that you don’t deserve it? That you don’t have what it takes to study for a new career, or that doing what needs to be done will take all your courage and you are just not that courageous. That you will never find true love because you’re not lovable enough. Is your waiting story leading you to what you want? If not you have the power to change it.

What would happen if you asked for help? What would happen if you let others know what you really want to do, be and have?

For me, asking for help and trusting that others would want to help was one of my stoppers. I discovered that when I asked and my request wasn’t answered the way I wanted I would give up. Doing this was not serving me, so I began asking for things I knew people wouldn’t mind fulfilling for me, this was how I gained confidence in asking, I also realised that when I don’t ask, the answer is always NO! If I really want what I want, then, I will do what needs doing to get it. I would break the fear barrier and continue to ask, I’d ask better questions to get the answer I needed, I’d ask different people, I’d ask for more information then do the next thing that came up in front of me.

What are you waiting for? What if you stopped waiting and made it happen for you? Where would you be in one year’s time? How would you feel when the thing is in your life?

If you want more guidance in moving towards what you really want and to stop waiting, then connect with me for a coaching session.

xoxo Linda


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A little light displaces the dark, a little thought creates life.

Light a candle in the darkest moments of life

Think your thoughts on purpose

Shine a light on your ideal future.

Hello, My Friends

This week has flown by, it seems that every day has been wet. I love rainy days they make me so appreciate having a warm and comfortable home to live in. It is important to me that my space is tidy and neat, and rainy days are great days to organise.

Recently the power went out and we were thrown into the quiet of no technology, for about 30 mins, till we got our battery pack set up to run the portable DVD player. Entertainment for the afternoon restored. As the time went on and the sun began to go down, we lit candles for lighting.

It’s amazing to me how little light a candle throws out.

The thing about light is that it displaces the dark. It doesn’t take a lot of light to displace the dark.

The night the power went out, we used a variety of lighting sources, there was the candelabra with three candles, five single candles, we used a single bulb torch, and an LED torch. The LED torch was the smallest of the lighting gadgets and it gave out the strongest light.

Size doesn’t determine how much light we gain.

This got me thinking about what makes the biggest changes.

Sometimes it’s a life event that throws us out of our normal lives, an event that takes decision making out of our hands. A bit like the power going out. We had no control over the outage, we only had control over how we handled it, and the way we wanted to make the most of it.

More often the changes that stick and change everything are the small incremental adjustments we make in our habits. Like the candlelight that brightens the darkest corner, a shift in our habits alters the result we get.

Thinking a thought is all it takes to make a difference. The thought is the seed of light that chases the darkness away. With a tiny well thought out thought, everything can change.

One of the little things I like to think about is My thoughts create everything.

If this statement is true, and it is. What would be the best thoughts to think?

Everything is created twice, once from our thoughts, and twice by bringing that thought into fruition.

If my thoughts create everything, what would I want to create?

Like the LED light, the small torch focused in one place gives more than enough light to see to complete the task at hand. One focused thought gives enough energy for that thought to become reality.

We think thousands of thoughts in a day, how many are actually thought on purpose?

What would happen if you chose to think on purpose? That’s what an I AM affirmation is, it is thinking on purpose. Every time you state I Am you are programming your mind. And your mind loves to be programmed, you give it a directive and your mind goes into overdrive to find evidence to prove it is true.

What would an ideal day look and feel like to you? Really think about what an average ideal day would be for you, where would you be living and how does living there make you feel? What activities would you be doing and what do you feel while you are doing these activities? What will you be wearing? How will you walk, stand, talk and carry yourself? Who are you with? How do you earn your living and what do you love about your job or business? Where would you eat lunch and dinner? What types of food would you be eating?

Write out your ideal day, or record it. Be as detailed as you can, the most important part of your ideal day is to generate the emotions you will be feeling. Note down how you feel, the sensations that your body feels, what thoughts you’re thinking. Forward project yourself into this ideal day. See yourself walking through your home, hear the waiter asking what you’d like to drink and asking for your meal order. Smell the perfume of your date, or feel the spray of your perfume as you apply it. Feel the texture of the fabric of the shirt or dress you are wearing. Admire how you look and enjoy the pleasure of the day. Tap your emotions into your ideal day. Make it as real as if you are there right now.

This is using your imagination.

What if you actually did this exercise, and you actually made a commitment to yourself to read it or listen to it every morning and every night, feeling the emotions, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing everything you would, when you are in your ideal day. Do you think you would feel differently about your usual day to day activities?

Your intuition will begin to work for you, you will begin to get a sense of what you need to do to make your ideal day your reality, if you choose to follow your intuition and act on the promptings, your life will change in little increments that lead to massive changes.

These thoughts will be like the LED light, they will illuminate the your mind and change your life.

Give this a try, you may actually end up living your ideal life, moving toward what you want.

Think your thoughts on purpose, make a decision to think from your future self, who is in living in your ideal day.

Begin to dress like that future you, walk like you did in your visualization, be confident like your ideal self is confident. Become the person you see yourself being in your future.

If you want more help in creating your ideal day, connect with me and we can make your ideal your reality.

Until next time become the person your ideal self sees in your future.

oxox Linda


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