The Transformation Cycle

You can only fly once you choose to give up the safety of your chrysalis

Hello, My Friends

I’m sitting on the deck writing this, it is autumn and the trees are beginning to change colour. I am enjoying the vibrant colours of greens turning to yellows as the leaves get ready to complete their cycle of life.

The fellow stags up the hill are ‘purring’ calling the does to him. The cycle of life is about to begin again for the deer. I am always so grateful for the setting we have chosen to settle in. The wildlife is spectacular, the birdsong is continuous. If I don’t remember to actually listen it gets lost and tuned out as background noise.

I was thinking about what is important to me. Recently I took a few clients through their personality quizzes, and in writing up the results and gaining feedback on the accuracy, I decided to do my own personality traits, which is where these thoughts originated.

When you scroll to the bottom of these blogs, you will notice I include a picture of my business card, on one side it has TRANSFORMATIONAL Life Coach with a caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly.

While doing the personality quiz it reminded me of how important education and learning is to me.

When you hear a new concept or idea, generally the first few times you hear it, it slides out of your mind, like butter slides off a hot knife. However a residue remains, and as you continue to hear snippets around the new concept or idea, it latches onto the residue you heard previously. This is like the butterfly laying the egg on the food source. The egg has had to do nothing but stick to the underside of the leaf.

As the concept stirs and becomes an interest or necessity, the hatching or emerging stage begins, this is where you begin to devour all the information you can about the idea, you begin testing the ideas, and working out how they will fit in your life, this process can take weeks, months and even years in some lives.

As a caterpillar you eat and eat, taking in information, questioning beliefs and structures that have been running in your life, you begin to learn new habits, new skills, better ways of doing things, you become more confident in yourself, you are becoming a master at being the caterpillar, then one day, you have gained enough knowledge and begin to weave a chrysalis around yourself, you cocoon your self in a protective shell.

This is when all those new ideas and concepts, become part of you, you internalize the things you have been learning. It is a solidifying of new and up-levelled beliefs. When the time is right, you fight your way out of the encasing that has kept you sheltered and safe, you begin to stretch your wings. You no longer recognize your-self, you have transformed into what you were always meant to be, a butterfly.

A butterfly that doesn’t go through the resistance of fighting to get out of the chrysalis and pumping its wings, is a butterfly that dies without knowing the joy of soaring on the breeze, gliding and being at ease with itself and its surroundings.

It is my belief that each of us has some-thing we are supposed to do, be or have. This goal, dream, hope, or purpose has been within us our entire lives. We have in various ways tried to make it happen by our own strength or we have tried to stifle it, because we are afraid of it.

Where are you in the butterfly cycle? Are the egg, mostly unaware of who you are?

Are you the caterpillar, devouring information, looking for the answers?

Are you in the chrysalis, going through changes, you have the hope they will bring you to what you are seeking?

Are you the butterfly just breaking out into a new life, not yet aware of your full potential.

or Are you the beautiful butterfly soaring on the breeze, flowing with the energy of life and fulfilling your purpose?

What has been in your life, your entire life? What have you sensed you are meant to be with your life? Are you a creative person? Are you a mechanical, hands on practical person? Are you the empathetic person who instinctively know how to care for others? Are you a person who likes to serve and help others? Are you someone who loves to teach and impart wisdom? Are you a deep thinker, a philosopher? Are you a strategist, you love to work with facts and figures?

What ever your particular style is, if you find it brings you happiness, peace and satisfaction, you most likely are in your butterfly zone.

However, if you have that nagging feeling, or thought that something is missing, that you’re not quite good enough or worthy enough of the dream that keeps chasing you, you are in the caterpillar stage, you are still looking to find who you are and where you fit.

I can help you to bring your dream to life. I have the tools that will help you unlock your purpose, that will enable you to find the information you need to make the next decision on your journey.

If you are in the chrysalis stage, you are moving through a time of change, which may cause anxiety and fear, you have the ability to choose how you go through this change, you can choose peace and love, by not resisting the change but by finding what it is teaching you and by feeling gratitude that this change can be for your best.

And if you are in the egg phase, this will likely wash over you, which is okay, as something may stick and begin your growth process.

You may find that in the various areas of your life you are in different phases of this cycle. For example in your career you may have sorted out what you are good at and you are happy, and satisfied with your job, or vocation. Here you are in the butterfly stage, but you may not be earning the money you want, you may discover you have a money belief that is stopping you from achieving your next level of success, if you are unaware of the block, you are in the egg stage, if you are looking for information on how to eliminate the block, you are in the caterpillar phase, if you are in the process of changing the belief around the block, you are in the chrysalis phase. We can be in different phases at the same time in the various areas of our lives.

Here are a few different areas where you may be at varying levels in the cycle.

Relationships: Family, friends, loved ones, children, colleagues.

Health: Fitness, Diet, Wellness, Mental wellbeing.

Finances: Money, vocation, qualifications, investments, retirement.

I hope these give you an idea that this process is not a linear process, it dips and peaks as we move through each stage of our development.

To transform we must work from the inside out and the outside in. It is a cycle where one enhances the other. When we only look at our external life, of our behaviours, the things we own, and put value and trust in without looking at our internal life of thoughts, and beliefs, we tend to be like the dog chasing his tail. He is busy, just not going any where. Our thoughts and beliefs linked in with our behaviours and habits, reveal and support how we show up in our personal spaces and in our societal spaces. Together both aspects create permanent change.

Until next time.

Linda Codlin.

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Silence, Isolation and Secrets.




Shame cannot live where love and light shines.

Hello, My Friends

This week has flown by, we have been busy yet it seems like we aren’t any further ahead of our to do list.

One of my focus’ this week has been on cleaning up the house.

It’s almost the middle of winter and it seems like all the dust and dirt settles in for the winter. The surfaces have a layer of dust sprinkled over them, the kitchen seems to have accumulated items that don’t belong in the kitchen.

Usually I am a tidy bug, I put away and clean up after myself. My motto for years has been don’t put it down, put it away. However this past month or so, I have been doing a wee experiment with myself.

In Facebook I have been looking at the twins of guilt and shame in relation to judgment.

My self talk, was very judgmental. As a child I internalised the point of view that there was something wrong with me, when ever I was told off or punished, I took it to mean it was my fault, and as such I could fix it. I turned into the fix-me- I’m-broken person.

Have you ever sat in the middle of the floor, kids toys strewn every-where wondering what you are doing, and how you got here?

That was me, I promised myself I’d be better, and I was. I worked out systems on how to keep my home clean, especially once I got a home that I could clean easily.

My house was nearly tidyish, all the time, and if it was messy it would take less than 30 mins to straighten it out.

Judgment of myself and others was rife in my life. I figured that as a sub-standard person I didn’t deserve nice things and never expected or anticipated having nice things, I also had a fear that when I did have nice things they would be taken off me.

Looking back I’m amazed that I survived. Every day, probably 50 times a day I beat myself up, I reminded myself that I was useless, worthless and unlovable.

Can you relate? Do you feel like you are being swallowed by an ogre of disgust?

As I grew and changed, I realised something about judgment, it was a mirror. It mirrored what I was thinking and believing on the inside, in the deepest parts of my soul, to the outside world. It was like people around me could read me like a book and they were writing the story, setting up situations and events that triggered me to be less than I could be. It also mirrored what I believed other people thought about me. With a self belief that I wasn’t worthy, I allowed people to treat me badly without even being aware of it.

Depression and continual sadness is like a blanket that we hide under, it coats our soul and our true essence until we can’t see it any more. When we are in a dark space it is hard to believe that we are important to anyone, the darkness settles like dust on the surfaces of an unlived in house.

Some times we know the darkness is looming, yet we don’t seem to be able to pull back the curtains on the windows of our souls and let the light and love of those around us in. The light is too bright, the kindness is too hard to accept, an outstretched arm is to be avoided for fear of being tricked. We tend to curl up in the corner of our lives and shrink away from others.

Shame is like that, it creates disconnection in us, and with other people. We isolate thinking we’ll be safe. Some times we isolate as a test to see who will notice if we’re not there. We are asking, Will they miss us? Will they reach out to us? We build a story around the isolation that no-one really cares. What we don’t see, is the friendly outstretched arms, of family and friends who are trying to help, they’re reaching out, shining what light they have, encouraging us to join in. We misinterpret their good will as being judgie, nosy, or interfering. We mirror our belief about ourselves onto the helpers.

Shame keeps us small, invisible and silent. We hold onto deeds done to us in the years past, as though they happened today. We keep the secrets of our youth and childhood in fear that if others knew we really would be alone, isolated and exposed. We feel safe in keeping our secrets.

Secrets are poison they ooze toxic thoughts and beliefs into your soul, secrets feed depression, sadness and shame.

It is time to open the curtain a crack, let some-one you trust in to your shadows. It is time to speak to some-one about the things you hold onto, the events that have happened in your past that have you bound and unable to get free, even though you try and try and try.

It is time to reach out to your family and friends, to extend your hand to them and receive the support they are trying to give you. This process is messy, it is painful for everyone, it gives everyone the chance to grow.

Learning to let the secrets out and to grieve the hurt is turbulent and emotional. Letting shame go, learning to see yourself as worthy, and learning to believe it, takes courage.

Do you have the courage to open the door of silence and secrets, to release shame and the darkness that shame holds close?

Find a coach, or counselor, some-one you can trust to guide you on this path. Shame is sneaky and doesn’t like to leave easily, and generally will fight to stay.

You may even find yourself fighting for the shame and the habits that no longer help you but are comfortable to you. This is where support is so important.

It is my intention that you will be strong and reach out, you will see that there is hope for you, that you are cared for, that you are worthy and you always have been. I would love to hear your story and how you are moving along the path.

Part of my experiment was to leave the housework undone and see what judgment reared its head, whose voice it was that I heard, and how true these accusations were?

I was facing my fears and my guilt and shame, I realised the state of my home didn’t make me anything. I could still be me in a messy space as well as I could be me in a tidy space. I also discovered I prefer tidy and organised.

Cleaning house can be so therapeutic, Dusting, sweeping, wiping and clearing off surfaces. Eventually every thing is in it’s right place, and order is restored. I continue to be me, with a little less baggage.

Be brave and take the hand of some-one who wants to help you be your true authentic self.

xox Linda

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Bringing Back Broken Hearts to Health.

Every Time Your Heart is Broken,

A Doorway Cracks Open to a World Full of New Beginnings

and New Opportunities.

You Just Don’t Know it Yet.

Patti Roberts
Dan Meyers unsplash.com

How does the broken heart heal?

I have been thinking about the broken hearted, people who have had loved ones move on and out of their lives.

People who have experienced set backs and knock downs. Disappointments that kicked so hard the centre of their world has shifted.

It seems like the whole world is against you, that every thing you do is twisted and used against you.

You feel small and alone, vulnerable. Like no-one cares.

You feel weary to your core, so tired that putting one foot in front of the other is a chore.

Your heart has been ripped out and a slab of stone has replaced it.

Every thing you know to be true has shifted, and you feel lost, unsure, your confidence has been shaken and evaporated like a puddle of water on a hot day.

Your tears fall in seemingly endless streams, your heart feels like it will never heal. You sob until you can sob no more, then anger sets in, you are so mad. Mad at god, mad at partners, mad at family, mad at kids, mad at the car service man. Your anger runs deep and frighteningly heavy.

Broken hearts do mend.

I know how easy it is to want to erect walls around your heart to protect yourself from harm ever again. If you are like me, you will promise that you will never allow yourself to be in this position again.

I’ll tell you a story that a wise woman once told me. I went through a life shattering event in my life. This event had it’s fingers in every area of my life. There was nothing that was untouched. My heart broke. My dreams squashed like bugs on the windscreen. People I thought were friends, were not. I felt alone, ashamed and embarrassed. My life had been sucked right out of me.

Only it wasn’t, I was still breathing, I was still moving, I still had people who depended on me.

I felt I had to hold everything together, even in the face of financial hardship, emotional abandonment, family distain and rejection.

My heart was so broken that I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t think, I barely breathed. Trying to hold onto the shards of the life I’d worked so hard to create to watch it crumble to dust and be blown away.

Eventually I reached out for help. It’s amazing who rallies around you when you are broken hearted, this wise woman answered a question I posed one day. I still hadn’t wept, it was all bottled up in my broken heart. I felt that if I let the door open even a little, the dam would break and I’d be washed away. Never to be seen again.

On this particular day, I sat at the table, with the tissues sitting ominously in front of me, daring me to break the dam, and my inner resolve was, “No way, I don’t cry in front of others. ” I looked at this lady and asked, “How do I put my life back together like it was, when my life is like a mirror that has been shattered into a million pieces all over the floor.” ” I don’t even know if I can find all the pieces, and I don’t know where to begin.”

She reached out and took my hand, looked me in the face, and said, “Linda, you don’t put it back together, you create a new life. You take the bits you like and you leave the rest and build anew.”

This was the first time I’d let this concept sink in to my soul.

My heart was still broken, I was still running on empty, my emotions were still in lock down, I was still doing the necessary things to care (As well as I could) for those in my charge.

The only difference was now I had hope. I had the trickle of hope that I could put every thing together again, it wouldn’t be the same, but it would be.

I began to search for me. In the middle of this heart break, I had been told there was a part of me that could never be broken, a part of me that was essential to who I was. When I found her, she would be the beginning of a more authentic life.

I discovered that I was not broken, that from this heart ache, some of the best blessings emerged.

The fire cleansed me. Did I have a lot of emotional baggage? “Yes” and it is an ongoing journey.

Is there hope for you, who have a broken heart? “Yes”

Is the road to health easy? “No, however it is worth it”

Did my river of tears swallow me? “It felt like it at the time, and those tears also cleaned away a lot of the hurt.”

It is my desire for you if you are hurting, if your heart is breaking or has been broken, if you are facing disappointment, to hang on.

You are valuable, you have a story to tell that no-one else can tell, your story is the life line for another person going along a similar path as you.

Listen to the wise woman’s words, ” You can’t put yourself back together as you were, you have to create a new life.” Find the core of who you are, the piece of you that can never be broken and begin from there.

If you want help to find that core, and to build a new life, to heal your broken heart, and collect yourself from the disappointment, connect with me for coaching.

The grass is greener on the flip side, wings work better without heavy emotional baggage.

Lean into your authentic self, know you are not alone, you are not broken and you never have been.

xox Linda Codlin

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Release Resistance, Style Serenity

Serenity is not freedom from the storm,

But peace amid the storm.

S A Jefferson-Wright

Whatever you resist you become. If you resist anger, you are always angry. If you resist sadness, you are always sad. If you resist suffering, you are always suffering. If you resist confusion, you are always confused. We think that we resist certain states because they are there, but actually they are there because we resist them.


Picture by Igor Kasalovic Unsplash.com

Hello, My Friends

Welcome to the last week in May. Do you find that as you get older, time seems to pass so quickly? That has been my week. Hubby has been teaching me to play pool. Oh my goodness, does my brain have a heyday? Hubby tells me how to hold the cue, in my mind I’m doing what he says, but no I’m all awkward like having five thumbs. My mental chatter starts with an innocent, you’re so bad at this, you should quit while you’re ahead. I remind my brain I’m learning, when you’re learning you don’t get it right first time. Round One to me. Then hubby tells and shows how to break, success I hit it perfectly and a ball goes into the pocket, I’m feeling pretty good, confident even. I’ve got this. Chatter decides now is a good time to remind me of beginners luck. Who coined that phrase? Next three hits and the white ball shoots into the pocket, dang, this is not as easy as he makes it look. While I’m messing around aiming at and missing the balls and sinking the white, he’s clearing the table. Self talk 101, oh my goodness, the negative chatter begins. I’m glad I have the tools to shut that negative lady down, which I do. What I find amazing is how quickly my brain runs to beating me up for not being as good as some-one else. Actually there is no comparison. He’s had years of practice at the angles and pace and pressure that needs to be applied. While I’m a very new beginner. Am I giving up? No! I figure I need more practice and tuition. Will you find me at the club more often? I think yes. If I want to get better I need to practice better skills. The same applies to my mind. Mental chatter is going to happen, I expect it, it tells me where I can improve, it is a mirror to how I really view myself. What my beliefs are and it gives me a heads up on how to grow and expand my thinking.

What about you? Are you aware of your mental chatter? What does it tell you about yourself? Do you like what it is saying?

If you don’t, you can change it. I can give you the skills to hone and practice to create more of what you do want.

Well, that was a bit of a Linda rant.

What I really want to chat about is resistance?

What would a life without resistance look like?

There are a few definitions of resistance, so I want to clarify the two that I’ll be mentioning. The first is the act of fighting against something that is attacking you or refusing to accept or be changed by something. The second is using words or behaviour, knowingly or not, as a means of defense and deflection.

That is quite a definition and deserves to be read again.

So, what would your life look like if you didn’t resist the uncomfortable, or unpleasant events in your life?

Would you feel like you were loosing control, and that the whole thing you have built your life upon would collapse? I did.

Do you resist the things you perceive are good for you? Now you may say, ” Why on earth would we do that?” I’d say, “Because you don’t believe you are worthy of good things, or nice things, or pleasant things.” Maybe you think you need to be punished for something you perceive you have done wrong in the past. So enjoyment and pleasure are out of bounds for you.

Do you resist the things you perceive that are bad for you? You may say, “Well, yes of course, wouldn’t anyone?” My question is, “What makes it a situation bad, or what makes it good?” Our thoughts about it do.

If an event happened and you had no thoughts about it, you would have no reaction to it, no resistance or attraction. It’s our thoughts that create our view and it’s our view that creates how we respond, (action with conscious choice) or react, (action without conscious choice) to any situation.

For some weird reason we think the more we push against something, the easier it will be to overcome, or to get our own way. We push and strive and fight with all our might against the perceived enemy, wearing ourselves out and nothing actually changes.

Once we learn to accept what is, as it is. Hidden doors open to show ways around or through the situation. We open ourselves to lessons that we would never have been party to if we’d continued to fight. Some times the very thing we are fighting against is the thing we really want, it is just inside out and doesn’t look like we expect it to.

Often we fight so hard for something because we are afraid of what we might be losing. Or we think we have to fight for a belief we have held onto for most of our lives, even though it doesn’t serve us any more. We fight against people who are trying to help us because we think they are going to hurt us in a way we were hurt in the past. We feel like we are losing control, so we fight harder and cling on tighter to the very things that are causing us pain and harm.

We focus on what we believe we will lose. What we focus on grows. What you feed gets stronger.

What we often don’t realise is that we are creating the drama we are feeling, ourselves. Our way of thinking about any situation is how we view any situation. If you weren’t directly involved and a friend was explaining the same situation to you, but about someone you didn’t know and didn’t have any reason to be triggered or invested in the outcome, would you have the same response? I’d say most likely not.

As we learn to lean into the changes that life brings to us, looking for the lessons, the opportunities and the blessings, we are more likely to find them, when we accept what is, we discover that we can find a way through it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all situations will disappear because you stop resisting them, I’m saying when you give up the energy expenditure of fighting and resisting, you can put that energy to better use, in finding solutions, or creating new ways to view the obstacle. See if you can find the rainbow, see what growth that is in the situation. And sometimes there is nothing you can do but accept that it is, as it is. This releases your inner energy and creates peace and harmony, serenity, between your body, brain and emotions. Which often allows for grace to flow to and through you.

Often we make a situation mean something about ourselves, we take it personally, we make it mean we are bad, or unworthy, or not valued, under appreciated. We make a situation mean whatever our self esteem needs us to make it mean for us to live where we are, they way we are. If we accepted the situation as it is, and stepped away from our perceived loss or gain we may find the solution is wrapped within us.

We can’t see the opportunity because all our energy is being spent struggling against how we perceive the situation will affect us. By releasing the resistance, we make room to see the blessing.

When we begin to learn to trust that everything that happens to us is actually happening for us, and is for our benefit, we begin to see the growth and reap the rewards of peace, harmony, and serenity allowing our electromagnetic energy to flow through us without any hindrance.

So this week, my challenge to you, is to look at where you feel stuck and see what you are resisting and investigate ways in which you can release the tension a little, by accepting that it is the way it is right now.

xox Linda Codlin

I would love the opportunity to show you how you can have more ease and flow in your life. To release the resistance and see the silver lining.

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Action or Inaction

You are only one decision away

from taking charge of your life.

Make one great decision,

over and over until you get,

the results you want.

Hello, My Friends

This week has been inspiring, I have been having interesting conversations that are stretching my thinking. Isn’t it wonderful that our brain and thinking are not set in concrete.

This week hubby purchased an old table and chairs, it is his intention to restore them to their former glory. The table is scratched and scarred, it looks like it has seen many meals and conversations up till now. Imagine if it could talk what would it tell us. It could relay plans that were hatched, stories of sadness and joy, would it have been party to confidential goings on in the dead of night? Would it tell of romances blossoming and family meals of laughter, arguments and strong disagreements about politics and religions?

The table will carry all these secrets to it’s final days, never actually telling us of the joys and sorrows it has witnessed.

What is an action, when it is not in motion? It is a thought or an idea that is being worked on. An action is a noun, it names what is or has been done, or accomplished. Action names the cause and effect of a behaviour, it describes the activity that is being done to accomplish an outcome.

I’ve been thinking about action and inaction. Can we ever be in a state of inaction?

If we are not choosing to behave in a certain manner by intent, are we not behaving in another, or allowing someone else to determine how we act. Whether we choose or don’t choose to act we have still chosen. Action or inaction is a choice we make, even when we procrastinate until the decision is ‘made’ for us, we have still made a choice.

This gets a bit hairy, if we take this thought through to its end, everything we do and don’t do comes down to a decision we make or don’t make. By not choosing we have made a choice, by putting off doing what needs to be done, we have made a decision, by confronting some one or some thing head on we have made a decision.

The upshot of this is I am always responsible for my action or inaction. Everything that happens in my life is in direct relation to what action or inaction has been taken. Now it may appear that I am saying that you asked for all the things that happen in your life. I’m not, some things are beyond your control, people behave in ways that affect you when you least expect it. What you do have the ability to take responsibility for, is your part in the event, and how you will allow the event to manifest in your future. You get to choose the action or inaction you want to take.

Action is the deed or gesture taken, it is the activity, or the process of doing something. We are always in the process of doing something, as humans we never stop, our heart is beating, our lungs are inhaling and exhaling. And when they’re not we’re in trouble.

As humans we are in a constant state of motion, our heart pumps our blood around our body, our conscious mind and subconscious mind are in a perpetual state of movement.

How do you choose to take action? Do you leave the decision making up to others?

Why would you do that? What is the benefit you are getting from letting others make your decisions for you?

Action is the anagram of I ACT ON.

What do you act on? What makes you take action in any area of your life and not other areas? This is a sure fire way of discovering your values. You will always stand up for your core values. It may take a bit of pushing from people outside you for you to push back, it is in the push back that your value will be found. Ask yourself, when you push back. Why is this important to me? What is being violated? and keep on asking these questions, writing down the answer, and keep going deeper. Once you have found one of your core values you will have a reason to take action. To make an informed decision.

I ACT ON is an affirmation. This week in my authenticlivingwithlinda Facebook page I have been covering the Perspective Spectrum of affirmations.

Write out your value, then add I ACT ON in front of it. For example, I act on honesty. I act on freedom, I act on beauty, I act on humility.

Authentic living with Linda is based on wisdom and truth wrapped in every day events. My affirmation could be I ACT ON Wisdom. I ACT ON Truth. I ACT AUTHENTICALLY.

Then my choice would be to run my decision, thoughts and actions through the filter of I Act …. and make the necessary adjustments to my behaviour to fit the affirmation.

Not easy to do in the heat of a conversation, or when I’m tired and want to cut corners to finish up sooner.

Your challenge for this week is to look at where you take action or inaction. Do you like the results of your action or inaction? What would give you better results?

You and only you have the ability to alter your actions, or inactions in any given moment.

You can do a YOU TURN at any time you want to.

I can help you turn your actions or inactions into choices that will make a difference to the results you see and feel.

If this has resonated with you, and where you are on your journey, please leave a comment, like or share it with your friends.

xox Linda Codlin

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Radars and Transmitters all go!

What you put out you get back.

Check your transmitter is in top working order

Check your sending signal is strong and accurate

Check your authentic self is sending the signal.

Hello, My Friends

I’m trusting this is finding you safe and well, with all the unrest in the news at the moment, it is easy to get distracted and drawn into energy draining conversations.

Do you ever feel like you are treading water?

You are doing the same things, in the same way every day.

Do you feel inferior to others around you, like you’re quite as good as they are? Or do you feel a little superior, like there is no way you’d ever do what they did?

This week I have noticed a theme in the clients I have spoken to.

You are a perfect being!

Let me say that again, You are a perfect being, you have been created perfectly. Your being has everything it needs.

I have been hearing how broken you think you are. You are not broken. You never have been, nor will you ever be broken.

When you are watching the television, and it suddenly goes snowy and hazy. What is your first thought. Oh no! the TV’s on the blink. You flick through a few of the other channels to see if they are working, they’re not. You may put a DVD on to see if you can get a picture. That works.

What are you doing? You are problem solving, You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

You follow the wires on the TV making sure everything is plugged in correctly, you turn the TV off and on to reset it. Still it is running all hazy and snowy. You check on a TV in another room and it is the same. You figure it must be the receiver aerial that is not picking up or transmitting the signal from the transmission tower.

You are a perfect being. You are not broken, your finances are not broken, your relationships are not broken.

What is broken is your radar, and transmitter. You have been receiving false signals.

These false signals have masqueraded as truth.

The way you see yourself and believe yourself to be, determines what you do, the vibrational signals you send out into the Universe and this determines the results you get back in your life.

How much time are you spending in the past?

How much of your thought energy is being spent on remembering and rehashing the past events of your life?

You can not relive those events, they are past, gone. The only thing you can relive is the emotional response you have to your perception of the event.

What if I told you there is a way you can reframe those thoughts and emotions, would you want to let them go?

Often you are so attached to the events of your past, they are the story of who you think you are. you have wrapped your identity up in these events. Let me tell you, they are not you. They do not have to define you. You can choose to define yourself from your future and the things you want for yourself.

You are a perfect being.

Repairing your radar and your transmitter will give you a better signal of who you really are.

It is my belief that each one of us knows instinctively who we are.

We know who we are and who we are meant to be, every now and then something sparks that feeling of knowing deep within. This gives you a twinge of not being enough, it gives you a twinge of how ‘broken’ you think you are.

This twinge is the door to change. It is the door to moving steps closer to the person you know you are.

You see, when we were born we were born perfect. We have everything we need to grow within us, we have the ability to generate love and affection in our parents, we are vocal when we have a need and we expect that the need will be met. We are confident. We are not concerned with how we look to others, we are not afraid to try new things, we are willing to trust. We have no fear. We are perfect spiritual energetic beings.

Your perfection is still within you. You were given a seed, you are a spiritual energetic being, your spirit or energy connects you with the seed you have been given. All your life in one form or another you have been trying to find ways to let this seed come to light.

Repair the radar and transmitter, allow yourself to tune into your energetic vibrational self.

You are perfect, by changing the channel you are tuned in to, you will begin to change the results in your life. You will move away from drama, you will erect safety barriers around you, and only the things you want in your circle will be allowed in, and all the things you don’t want will be allowed to leave. You will feel the health return to your body, as you make decisions from a place of loving yourself.

As you begin to choose to live, you will find the shadows of death leave.

Where there was darkness and cold, the light and warmth will appear.

Where there was mistrust and judgment, trust and acceptance will reside.

Where there was fear and scarcity, you will discover love and abundance.

You are perfect.

Allow me to be part of your journey to peace and freedom, to life and transformation.

Allow me to help you repair your radar and transmitter.

Clarity and truth are waiting to be released from within you.

You are perfect, and you have a seed of greatness within you.

Until next Time

Seek to unleash the spirit energy within you, move towards your authentic self.

xox Linda Codlin

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Witchy Warts and All.

Begin where you are,

Begin with what you have at hand,

Begin even if it’s not perfect,

Begin, improvement is at hand.

Hello, My Friends.

Sunday was Mother’s Day in New Zealand. I had the pleasure of having young grandson aged 9 to stay. He came with his electronic games. It’s been years since I was behind a controller, mastering the art of looking at a screen and working the arrows, triggers and knobs, which took a bit of time to get the hang of. We were playing a split screen so I could see where he was, this didn’t help a lot, until I saw him behind me and witnessed my life bubbles disappearing.

Finally by the end of the weekend I was beginning to get the hang of the game and the ability to move around. Young grandson still had to take the controls from me to get me to safety when the zombies and wolves were after me. He also had to build a shelter, and feed me. Goodness without his experience and knowledge I would have perished more than I did.

Isn’t that the way of life, there is always someone with more experience and knowledge who knows how to get you out of a sticky situation. These people may be older, or younger. They may not look like you or act like you. The secret to being helped is allowing people to help, being open to the fact that some-one may just have the answer you need and it doesn’t come wrapped in the way you think it should.

This month on my Facebook page I’ve been delving into affirmations, it’s fascinating what a difference a few well spoken words can have on a point of view. I decided that a videoed affirmation a day would be a great way to encourage others. It would also be a wonderful and ‘simple’ way to begin speaking into the camera.

Oh my! I have a such an active brain, who decided I’d gone mad. Why would I ever want to put myself in that position?, then it began the usual tirade of self doubt, “You’re not good enough.” What do you know about videoing?” “No-one will see it.” “You’ll be laughed at. ” it pulled out all the old things that would have kept me stuck and paralyzed with fear, but I’m onto my brain now. I know my brain is only trying to keep me safe, to protect me, I know it doesn’t like doing scary and unfamiliar things.

On my first attempt, I set up the computer and recorded 15 or so takes, I sucked. I got to see all the unconscious movements I made, from rocking back and forth to frowning. I forgot the words, forgot to look at the camera, was so nervous my voice sounded unlike me.

Imperfect Action to the rescue. It is now part of my motto to take imperfect action. Imperfect action is the cure for procrastination. I breathe and do it anyway.

Feeling pretty proud of myself, I’d done it. On about day three I’m playing around with the lighting, recorded my words and sent my little 30 second or so clip off into the big wide world of the web. I asked hubby to have a look at it and tell me what he thought. Looking up from his crossword, he glanced at me blurted out, “Did you know you have a pimple on your nose. “(Tact is not his forte.)

Oh My Goodness, I dash off to the bathroom, yes he’s right. Right in the middle of my nose was a iddy biddy pimple, but to me it might as well have been a huge witchy wart. “Everyone will see it.” Brain overload, catastrophizing every where. “It’s the end of my videoing career.” “It’ll be so embarrassing when everyone sees it.”

Did I feel like quitting? Yes.

Did I feel like covering it up with make-up? Yes.

Did I do either? No. Authentic living is about being authentic to me. Warts and all.

And now you all know about it, see if you can spot the two days it’s obvious.

When life doesn’t go according to plan, How do you act or react?

When you’ve made a decision to do some thing, and the curve balls begin flying at you. Do you plan a forward strategy and carry on? or do you give up and crawl back into your tiny cave of ‘safety.’

I figure with my daily recordings, that I will get better. I will relax eventually and appearing in front of a camera will become more natural and familiar. Eventually those seeing it will see the real me. Apparently the camera me is still a bit stiff and starchy when compared with the real life me.

Why am I sharing this? Life doesn’t run smoothly, there are always obstacles to overcome, life will throw us pimples on noses, it will give us flat tyre’s in the pouring rain, we will face scary things, and we will have to make choices on how we respond to these things.

When the WHY of what you want is strong enough and compelling enough, you will pass right through and out the other side of whatever trial you were facing, continuing on your journey. The event that could have stopped you becomes the stepping stone to more confidence, and greater things. It becomes another arrow in your quiver.

Until Next Time

Keep stepping forward into your authentic self, follow your heart and move through whatever obstacle is in front of you.

PS. Affirmations help.

x0x0 Linda Codlin

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Super Highways are Created One Routine at a Time.

Without a destination it doesn’t matter where you are going.

Routines are the highways to your dreams.

Update your dream GPS mechanism.

Hello, My Friends

Another glorious week of Autumn weather, while fishing on the banks of the river, hubby and I watched as the waters bubbled with fish. We could see them jumping in the water, yet they weren’t looking at our lines and bait. Frustrated, the old hand fisherman decided it was time to fish the way the fish were eating. He changed from his traditional hook and bait, and went for a spinner, which he skimmed along just under the surface, success and fish for dinner.

Sometimes we need to change the way we have always done things to make the most of the opportunities at hand.

As the new month has just rolled in, I’ve begun writing about affirmations on my Facebook page, “authenticlivingwithlinda” this has got me thinking about my habits, and the ones that are useful and those that are not.

The idle promises I make myself and then don’t follow through on.

Do you identify with me? Do you plan and organize, promise yourself that tomorrow you will eat better, exercise with more heart, drink water, even get up willingly before the alarm. Just to become busy putting out ‘fires’ or procrastinating with other fun things, like Facebook scrolling, crossword puzzles, or even household jobs that are not relative to achieving your goal.

These may seem like small things, I know they are not. They are my future in the now. The way I take care of my body and nutrition now will reap benefits in the future. The shape and state of my body today is the result of previous years of care or neglect.

The way I think makes a direct and obvious difference to the results and success I have in my life.

Routines and habits are thoughts in action. When we behave in a certain way, it is proof that we have thought in a certain pattern. Some habits are good for us. Some are not. Teeth brushing is good for your oral hygiene, eating sweets and highly sugared foods are not good for your teeth.

Your routines are routes to success. They are super highways that when performed routinely and are in accordance with the Universal laws of life, will speed up time and efficiency.

What stops you from making great routines?

Some would say laziness.

Some would say ignorance.

Some would guess the lack of motivation and drive.

I would like to suggest that your will to want to change isn’t as strong as your will to stay the same.

When you find what you really want, and I mean really, really want. Then you begin to make the necessary adjustments to your daily schedule.

Let’s say you have met a new person, who intrigues you. You think about this person, you want to know about who they are and what they think, you go looking for things you have in common. You set up your schedule to ‘bump’ into this person. You take extra care with your appearance, You speak in a manner that won’t offend, you learn new ways of being.

Why? There is the promise of love in the air. Your desire for love is greater than your fear of rejection, or any of your previous habits.

When your why is big enough, you are able to push past any resistance from friends or family, or even from within yourself.

How do you behave when you are in love? Your armour or ardour is strong. The needles from family and friends don’t get through to you. You are focused on what you want. The new person of attraction is your sole focus, everything you do is run through the filter of, what will they think,? Will they like the way I’m dressed? Will they enjoy this activity? What is their preference in entertainment, food, travel, everything?

You lose yourself in the pursuit of another for love.

When you have a big goal, that inspires and frightens you, that taps into your passion and stretches you to become something greater than you have been, you move from the mundane into the realm of extra.

As you nurture your goal, dream about it, imagine how it will look, imagine how you will feel when you have achieved it. You give the goal oxygen, as you begin to take action steps towards achieving your goal, you have the determination to make it happen.

In your determination you make adjustments to your day, you watch TV less, you scroll Facebook less, you begin to arise earlier, you step into the unknown, you talk to people that you would never have thought to approach before.

Your goal is bigger than your fear.

Will you feel fear? Yes.

Will you feel like giving up, and running away? Yes.

Will you have resistance from people around you? Yes.

Will you face your inner limitations and beliefs? Yes.

It is in all these things that your routines and the thoughts behind them, will give you strength, courage, and grace to continue when all looks bleak on the outside.

It is your belief in your desire, your imagination of it already an actuality, and your determination to stop at nothing until you have achieved it, that is like the feeling of love that consumes your entire focus, you take as long as it takes to pursue a new love, so it is with a goal, desire or dream that you are bringing into reality.

Routines and habits are the highways that goals and dreams are brought to life, from thought into reality.

Are you like me, in need of a thought transfusion, to create better routines and habits that support the goals, desires and dreams that we want to bring into fruition. Thought transfusion is a process that is continually happening, a wise person will continually be questioning their thoughts and investigating better ways of thinking.

Affirmations are one of keys to transfusing new thoughts into your brain.

Join me on authenticlivingwithlinda for more tips on how affirmations can and do make a difference to your outcomes in life.

Until Next Time

Sit and dream about what you would love in your life. Day dream, pad it out, see yourself living in it, feel how it would feel to have your dream. Then commit that dream to paper. Read it, let it soak into your soul, read it daily and soak in the feeling of having already attained it. Imagine the possibilities.

This is authentic living with Linda, Wisdom and truth in everyday events.

Linda Codlin

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What is your Passion?

Is your passion dangling just out of reach?


Feel the power that comes from focusing on what EXCITES you!

Oprah Winfrey

Hello, My Friends

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?

Recently I was reminded of the picture of the little ginger tabby kitten looking in the mirror and seeing a full grown, striking lion with a full mane and gigantic roar.

We are not who we appear to be. You are not who you appear to be.

Deep inside you, there is a dream, a knowing, of who you are supposed to be.

Have you heard the quote, ” The biggest regret people have on their death bed is that they didn’t follow the dream placed within them.”

What is the dream within you?

Each one of us, has a passion. This passion has been in us from birth.

Your passion might be singing, you sing at every opportunity. Music flows in your veins, you hear the beat, you hear the difference in tone and pitch. You instinctively know that your song is important, and needs to be heard. How do you use your gift to enhance your daily living?

Your passion might be healing people, you have a heart of compassion and you use this compassion to comfort others, your innate knowing of how your body functions and what is best for your body guides you to good nutrition, and physical exercise. You share your compassion, giving hope to those who feel hopeless. Do you give yourself the same compassion you give to others?

Your passion might be food, you love to prepare meals, cook and present food in ways that are pleasing to the eye and the palate. Your flair for flavour, and presentation makes eating an experience to be savoured. You have the ability to take a few basic food items and turn them into some-thing that makes your taste buds zing. How do you express your love for food, to your family, your friends, and to yourself?

Your passion might be in construction, from a young age you have always been creating and designing, trying out new things. You were the child who thrived with the Meccano set, building towering skyscrapers, or inventing new modes of transportation. You used leggo blocks to create monuments. You are the architect who designs and plans buildings, it is what you love to do. You see a picture in your mind and bring that picture to reality one brick, stone, steel girder at a time. Are you following the dream within you to build a lasting legacy?

Your passion might be art, you love to draw, to create beauty in your surroundings. You see colour and texture in a way that most miss. Colour and texture pull the intuition and creativity out of you. The way you decorate your spaces, flow and gives a sense of peace and harmony. Your inner knowing of what goes with a certain item is astounding to others, your vision of how the complete picture looks is pulled together one item at a time. You gain immense satisfaction in creating order, beauty and style. How do you use your talents for creating beauty, order and harmony in your life?

Your passion might be to see things grow. You have green thumbs, whatever you touch grows. Gardening and working with plants are your thing. You create beauty with plants, designing landscapes that take the breath away from all who see it. You love the feel of the soil as you till the ground, making the land fertile watching the tiny seeds develop into plants that sustain life. How do you fulfill your need to see new life come to the fullness of fruition?

Maybe you’re an engineer, you love to problem solve. You think deeply, you see what needs fixing, and see ways that things can be improved, you love to tinker in your shed, you create some-thing new from the materials you already have on hand. Your incredible mind is always improving, forward looking, seeing what life could be like if you just tweaked this, or just moved that slightly. How are you using these amazing skills and insights to create a better lifestyle for your community?

What is your inborn passion?

Is it talking and motivating people?

Is it earning vast wealth to create better services for humanity?

Is it social services and social reforms that get you passionate?

Whatever your passion is, do not let it sit in you unfulfilled.

Take a risk on yourself, allow the nay sayers to say their piece but continue on following your path.

Every day remind yourself what it is you love, ask yourself how can I make this dream work? What needs to be done next to make the vision in my mind a reality.? Then begin, step forward, trust that the next thing you need to know, will appear as you need it. Focus your attention on your goal, become single minded and train yourself to do the unpleasant things that will eventually get you, your end result.

Most people are too afraid to follow their calling. When your desire for some-thing is strong enough, you will find the inner strength to overcome your fears, and the negative voices of those around you to become the person you need to be to achieve your inner desire.

How many musicians made it to the top, even when their teachers, family and friends told them they couldn’t? How many of those musicians lost every-thing and had to start again multiple times? How many stories do you hear of musicians overcoming against all the odds? Was it easy? No! If it was easy everyone would be at the top. Part of the joy of being a top performer is the joy of becoming a top performer.

Who is your ‘idol’ ? Who do you look up to and why?

Have they done what you want to do? Do an in-depth study on their life, I am sure you will find they had to overcome many challenges, face the fear inside themselves, which is usually the greatest thing that stops people from achieving their dreams. I would say they didn’t give up when times got hard, when money was scarce, when true friends were few and far between. Success comes to those who persist in the face of fear and adversity.

Name your dream, create a plan, even if it is only the bones of a plan. Keep your idea to yourself and begin. People can’t steal your hope and dream if they don’t know about it. Select those you surround yourself with carefully, be sure they are on your team, and preferably are some-one who is where you want to be.

Then begin, start in the direction you want to go. Imagine what it feels like to be the person who does and has what you want. Imagine the feeling of success you have, when your project or dream is your new reality and begin to act and think like some-one with that success.

The path will unfold as walk, doors will open as you gain the skills and abilities required for the next phase.

I encourage you to awaken your dream again. Do not go to the world beyond this one without having fulfilled the purpose you have inside you. You have what you need to begin, feel the fear and step anyway.

Until Next Time

Live the life you have always dreamed about, and live it your way.

Be your authentic self, in the way you think, in the goals you attain, and the way you attain your dream.

You are original, and only you can do and be who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do.

Linda Codlin

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Email me at authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com

Find me on Facebook @authenticlivingwithlinda @lindacodlin25

Connect with me for a one on one coaching appointment.

Smooth Edges Catch No Threads

People are the tools the Universe uses to smooth other people’s rough edges,

Love is the balm that heals all wounds.

Grace is the key that open hearts doors.

Power is staying in your business, when everyone is in everyone else’s business.

Hello, My Friends

Wisdom and truth through authenticity in everyday living.

Struggles make us stronger.

Life tends to give us the gifts that will bring out the best or the worst in us. And sometimes the worst looking gift brings out the best characteristics in us.

It does appear that I am growing into the next phase of my development. It seems like I have been tested for weeks. Apparently the Universe knows where I need fine tuning and has sent just the right influences to create a desire in me to hone my skills.

This past week I have had a number of things going on in the background of my life, which started to spill into my everyday. In the past, events and situations that I faced this week would have derailed me, and sent me into a self-doubting tail spin. Not so this week, I have the tools to create the life I want to live. As I coach myself, and learn to listen to and do, what my higher inner coach tells me to do, I am gaining so much more insight into who I am and who I have the power to become.

This is true for you to. You can learn how to coach yourself, and how to trust your higher inner coach that has only your best in mind for you.

This week I want to impress upon you the importance of ‘staying in your lane,’ or being mindful of keeping in ‘YOUR BUSINESS’.

I have shared this before, that there are three types of business.

God’s Business: This is the things we have no direct control over, things like world events, the weather, the political climate. Events that may affect us but that we have no way of changing it directly.

Their Business: This is the business of everyone else. Your spouse, your siblings, your work colleagues, your boss, the train driver, the coffee lady, your friends and acquaintances. What they do and say is their business and is a reflection of what is going on in their thoughts. You may be able to influence them or you may not, they are responsible for their thoughts and actions. By allowing them to be who they have chosen to be, and by allowing them to live in the manner they have chosen, even if you don’t agree, you set them free to live the life they want. You can not change any one else.

YOUR BUSINESS: This is the only business where you can make any changes, this is where your influence is. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, you have a choice in how you respond or react to it. You get to choose your attitude to it. Your business is the only place you have genuine power. You get to choose what you want to think and feel about anything and every thing. Your thoughts, create your beliefs, and your feelings, which create your actions, which determine your results.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does- if you don’t have a burr on the surface of your heart or mind, whatever is said or done won’t stick.

Have you ever rubbed a micro-fibre cloth over an improperly sanded piece of timber?

The cloth bunches up as it catches on the rough edges, often the cloth will leave specks of itself attached to the wood.

This is what it is like in our lives, when some-one makes a comment that rattles us a little, we give the comment mind time, feeding it and allowing it to grow until it becomes an irritation. We find we can’t ignore that comment any longer and make a defensive remark back.

The initial comment may have been valid or it may not be valid.

The second the comment was given any thought,- the cloth was being scraped over the un-sanded piece of wood, leaving specks of thread behind. The comment has had an impact and left a mark on your mind and emotions.

This is a good thing, and here’s why, this gives us the opportunity to see areas in which we have the potential to become better, to choose a higher way of responding.

When an area or issue in our lives, has been through the sander, it will have been sanded with varying grades of sand paper, depending on the roughness of our prickly edges, making them smoother. As we become smooth, the barbs that others throw at us have nothing to stick to and slide off, we have healed the wound that was allowing the hurt in.

As we learn to remain in our lane, or in our business and out of other people’s business, we learn to see that the only person we can directly change and influence is ourselves.

All actions and reactions begin with a thought.

When a comment is made, we get to make a decision about what we will think, if anything, about the comment. When the comment doesn’t produce an emotional response we know our edges are smooth on this plane.

The comments made by others are tools for us to engage in awareness. We hear the comment, acknowledge it, register the context in which it is being said, we get to notice the body language of the person speaking, and the hidden cues that go with the comment.

The comment is coming from their business, it is their opinion, their viewpoint and as such says so much about them.

When the comment triggers you, it has moved into your business.

Once in your business you get to choose how you will think and respond to it.

One way I have found to help me deal with these triggers is to write them out on paper.

Write all the thoughts you are having about the comment, the body language at the time of the comment, the way the person said it, all your perceptions of how the comment came across to you. What you are thinking, the emotion you are feeling, and where in your body you are feeling the sensation.

Write it all out onto the paper.

Using paper and pen allows you space to think, it gives you room to process and then it gives you time to look at what you have written, reading it with objectivity. Which allows you to decide if it is helpful or not and what to do about it.

If the comment is valid and is touching an exposed nerve, there is more investigating required, and deeper thought work needed to uncover the hidden belief allowing this nerve to be exposed.

This is where coaching and mentorship is so valuable and important. People on the outside are usually unbiased and can see more clearly the issues that you are unable to identify because you are too close to them.

When the wood is smooth, the cloth glides over it smoothly and nothing catches, so it is when there is nothing to be offended over, the words slide on past without you noticing, the conversation continues.

Staying in your business, gives you the power to investigate the rough edges of your thoughts, emotions and hurts, once these are healed, you have the ability to love and support others on their journey.

Until Next time.

Linda Codlin

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