Historical Beliefs

Do you have objects in your home that remind you of a certain time in your life?
Does this object bring joyful or sorrowful memories with it?
What emotions are wrapped in this object?
The power of healing one object at a time.
Forgive, Love, Discard.

Objects can be limitations

Places can be limitations

People can be limitations

Thoughts can be limitations

Emotions can be limitations

Question them all…

Hello, My Friends

This week has been a clean out behind the scenes in my office week.
It’s been a time of sorting through papers, reading through notes, getting honest about crafts and discarding the things that are no longer required.
These books, boxed papers, and folders have been nagging at me for a long time.

Thoughts create emotions.
Some of the papers I was sorting were to do with the separation and dissolution of my first marriage, the division of property and goods.
While I was reading these papers, all the emotions of that time came flooding back.
The grief, the anger, the feelings of being hard done by.
Remembering, oh yes! that’s what happened, and that’s how I felt about it.
I decided I was over it. I want to tell myself a better story, I want to feel better about the result and the process.

Healing and completing can take many forms, for me it was with a bon-fire in the incinerator in the back yard.
I stood over the flames and with ceremony, released hundreds of pieces of paper.
Papers that were no longer needed to be kept, the legal requirement holding time was up, so I released them.
Papers that told about the struggles we went through to come to agreement about living our lives separately.
Old bank statements, past financial decisions and the feelings that were attached to them.

Each of these papers represented a time in my life that had very strong emotions attached to them.
Freedom feels like flames licking at the ink on paper, the paper turning black and crumbling into white ash.
Will the memories and feelings of this time rise again?
I am certain they will.
Will I have physical evidence to fuel the hurt?
I am choosing to tell myself a better story about this time in my life.
I am choosing to move away from the victim way of being, into the heroine way of being. Taking the wins, taking the strengthening growth that happened and making that part of my story.

How about you, what is lurking in the back of your mind, reminding you of the hardest times of your life?
Do you keep mementos around you? Visual reminders of the pain, visual reminders of your struggle, visual reminders of an identity that may be keeping you from reaching your fullest potential.

I have found that purging these papers, has been the final step in letting go, in creating the love circle for myself.
I have my own back, I love myself too much to dwell in history, I love myself enough to face my fears of letting go, and I love myself enough to move into the future.
A future of my choosing.
Will I slide into these thoughts of my history?
Most likely, and sometimes it is necessary to grow into the phase of my development.
Sometimes we have to go back into our history to see the stories, the events, and the people’s attitudes we collected, to be able to move forward.
Remember awareness is the key to change. If we are not aware of our past stories, how can we create new ones.

A limiting belief is a belief that we have been told for so long we believe it to be true.
By seeking out the root of the belief we can uproot it, we can see why we needed it in the first place, we can visit the belief and glean the wisdom it has for us to move forward.

A limiting belief is a way of thinking, and all ways of thinking are able to be redirected, and changed.
You have the ability to change the way you think about your history, you can use it to define you or you can use it to grow you.

What items are you ready to release from your history?
What hurts are you ready to heal?
What parts of your history are you willing to turn into strengths?
Strengths that will guide you to the next phase of your journey.

Your challenge for this week is to find one item you are ready to let go of, sit with the emotions this item brings up for you, notice the emotion in your body, notice where your mind takes you, notice who this object brings to mind, feel all the feelings and forgive yourself, forgive any other people attached to this item, spread love to them, and yourself. Then set them free, set yourself free by removing this object from your life. Do this in a way that is safe for you and other people, do it with a feeling of love and forgiveness.
The energy we do something in, determines the energy that comes back to us from having done the thing.
The purpose of this challenge is to free yourself from the emotional hold of objects that do not serve you, reminders that create thoughts that do not serve you.
Emotional freedom is the purpose, one physical item at a time.

Until next time My Friends, take care of you, live into your authenticity.

oxoxox Linda.

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