Attention, Energy and You

Where do you place your attention and your energy?
Are they creating a space for you to live in harmony with yourself and those close to you?
How much of your attention is on things that are not interesting to you?

What does my soul, spirit, authentic self need right now?

How can I fulfill this need in a way that creates positive energy?

Hello My friends,

This week hubby and I were going for one of our usual walks, when we could hear a raucous sound on the other side of the lake.
As we neared we realised it was geese.
The honking and calling was interfering with our peaceful stroll through the trees, dodging mud puddles and ducks.
We rounded the corner, to find 10 to 15 geese, waddling straight for us.
They had to cross a little bridge over a neck of the lake.
It appeared to me that the lead goose was encouraging all those behind to hurry up.
Just as a mother does when she realises people are waiting for her and her young children, to move out of the pathway.
As soon as all the geese were off the bridge, it was like the head goose nodded it’s head at us, giving us permission to pass.

For the few minutes the geese were on the bridge, our complete attention was on the scene in front of us.

Sometimes we become distracted from the really important, with the nearly important.
When we focus all attention on the one top priority it is amazing how quickly we can resolve it, fulfill it, complete it. Whatever is required.
Focused attention will always increase the energy flow to the attention receiving thing.
When we first fall in love, we are the center of the other persons attention, and they are the focus of ours.
We think about them all the time. We plan what we will say, do , wear, the next time we see them.
We worry about what they might think about us if we do certain behaviours, we seem to always put our best self forward.
The energy of focus makes the newness of the relationship feel satisfying.
Sometimes, this energy focus can be over whelming and too much. We don’t know how to handle it so we run away from it.
Sometimes it brings into the light, aspects of our personality that we’ve buried and don’t want others to see, because we consider them to be ‘bad.”
One such thing could be that in light of new love, you radiate health and well-being, You are attractive to yourself and others, which makes you the focus of attention.
All your life you have been taught that it is vain to be the centre of attention, especially from people you don’t know.
Being in the lime light, feels so good, being in love feels so good.
Do you shy away because of your past conditioning or do you stay and step forward into the new, and exciting possibility that lays ahead?

Sometime focusing our attention on one aspect can be all consuming, to the exclusion of all else.
There is timing in focusing our energy.
As people, we have a variety of areas in our lives. Areas like parenting, like financial responsibility, like personal growth, like career and vocation.
There are things like health and well-being, our spiritual growth and our emotion well-being.

We are in relationships with other people and these are important to nurture.
Each of these and many more need our attention.

The way I handle the need to place attention in many places is to choose what I want to focus on, and dedicate my energy to that one item, until the timer goes off.
Once the timer goes off, I get to decide if I want to continue to be dedicated to the task, or to switch to the next thing that needs my attention.

I get to create a space where placing my energy and my attention feels like the best investment to, and in me.
This investment may mean cleaning my home, it may mean removing everything that doesn’t fill me with joy or peace.
This investment may mean creating a haven that I love to come home to. It may mean putting in a few safe boundaries, having a few safe words.
This investment may mean sorting out my stuff, getting rid of broken things that haven’t been repaired, and are not likely to be repaired.
It might mean actually paying someone to complete some of the things that I’ve started but don’t know how to finish.

Clearing a space for my brain, my body, and spirit to live in harmony.
Placing my attention on how I’m really feeling. And making this space feel like home.
Your attention and your space and your energy want to feel like home to you.
What do you need to do, finish, clean or clear away to create a space for your energy, your attention and your spirit to feel like home?

Where you place your attention, you are also placing your energy and your spirit, are they in alignment with who you are, and who you are becoming.

Until next time, have a look around you, do you see any attention leaks, energy leaks, or spirit leaks. Begin to stop the leaks.
Always asking, “What do I really want right now?” What do I want to put my attention on? Will this give me energy or take my energy away?
What does my soul, spirit, authentic self need right now? How can I fulfill this need in a way that creates positive energy?

Always choose to be your authentic self.
oxoxo Linda.

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