Moderation is not deprivation

Do you feel deprived when you can’t have what you think you want?
Living in moderation, between the excesses of overindulgence and self-deprivation.
Meet your personal chaperone.

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Welcome to Episode # 46

Moderation is not deprivation.

Living in the middle of the pendulum swing. Deprivation vs overindulgence
Feeling deprivation Is like feeling rejection.
when deprived: can’t have = dreams die a little every time
-have to be grown up and what what others deem is right. Restrictions placed on me by others.
-told what to do, and how to do it. Deprived of the freedom of choice.
Feeling deprived- I feel starved-like I can never get what I want
– I feel restriction in my body
Shows up as – gorging myself with food, any food
-for some it might alcohol or drugs
– party time
-I become hyper focused on what I can’t have. Obsessed even
-play the blame game -it’s someone else’s fault I can’t have. They ate the last one, they spent the money, they got in my way …
-it’s the diets fault I can’t eat what I want
-it’s the governments fault I can’t start my business/travel where I want to
Whatever it is we believe is stopping us from having the thing we want.

Living with deprivation, takes a lot of energy
Living with self imposed deprivation takes your soul

The way out of the attitude and feeling of deprivation is to allow yourself to have.
Remember everything starts with a thought.
allow yourself to have, in your mind- imagine the food you’d really love to eat.
budget for it, make it happen.
imagine the places you want to travel, give yourself permission to save for them, use the internet to research, book a date, make it happen for you. Forgive yourself, and anyone you perceive is in your way.
moderation is not deprivation.
recently I learned of a new concept- by the author of ‘Living a charmed life,’ Victoria Moran
The concept of a chaperone, the part of you that knows when it’s time to stop, but the fun is so much you don’t want to.
Your chaperone is there to guide you back from the edge of overindulgence and self regret. She is your friend.
Often a chaperone is thought of as a kill joy, she is actually looking out for you.
She wants you to have the best life, without guilt or regret.
moderation is not deprivation.
Moderation is not a life sentence of boredom or same ole choices,
It is the freedom to have a little of everything, and still feel good about yourself.

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