Is Your Emotional Cup Full

Do you know where your leaks are?
Your emotional leaks?
If you had an emotional cup that stored your energy, what level would yours be at?
Today we talk about energy drainers and energy enhancers.

Hello, My friends

This week has seen hubby and I taking care of a friends, sleek tabby cat, while she went away.
Our friend lives within walking distance from our home, giving us reason for a brisk walk.
This sleek, little tabby, just out of kitten-hood. Waits for us, she greets us with enthusiasm.
Twirling and twining herself around our legs. Smooching and purring so loudly when she is being cuddled.
It feels lovely to be wanted and celebrated, this little cat has mastered the art of welcoming people.

Today I want to talk about energy drainers and energy enhancers.
Every thing is made up of energy.
Energy never dies, it is just transmuted into a new form, when one form ceases to be, that energy flows into the next new thing.
You and I are energetic beings.
Our body is a container for our soul, these bodies we have, use energy to live.
Emotionally, we feel the vibrations of our body.
These vibrations can feel good to us or they can feel uncomfortable to us.
The vibrations are energy.
We have the ability to affect our energy.
Energy drainers are the things we do that keep us feeling flat.
Let’s imagine you have an emotional cup, when your emotional cup is full you are happy and contented.
As you go through your day, things happen that can empty your cup, leaving you feeling a bit cranky.
There are a few things we do that can have a significant impact on the levels of emotional energy in our cups.
Sometimes we sabotage ourselves, unwittingly, we put tiny holes in our cup, creating seepage.
So when we put high quality activities and feelings into our emotional cup, they seep out leaving us with the feeling that something is wrong, and we don’t understand why.

Listed below are a few of the typical energy drainers I see.
Fatigue, we are constantly tired. This may be due to insufficient sleep, or a type of food you’re eating, that your body is incapable of digesting, or you are mentally unstimulated and bored.
Stress, this is a big factor in the energy draining arena. Stress shows up in so many ways, and the stressor is personal to the person feeling stressed. I will say that most of us feel stress when we feel like we are unable to manage the demands being made of us, either from ourselves or from others.
Relationships, people can be energy drainers if we allow them to be. When we don’t have strong personal emotional boundaries, people will treat us however they please. Which isn’t usually in our best interest.
People can sap the energy right out of you. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they seemed to suck the oxygen right out of the room. They thrive on other people’s energy at the cost of those they are with.
Learning to protect your energy emotionally, physically and mentally will stop the drain.
Living a lifestyle that does not promote health and well-being drains our emotional and mental energy. It is so easy to slip into a sedentary life style, not moving your body. A stationary body has pooling energy, which leaves you feeling unenergetic and unmotivated.
Also feeding your body foods that make you feel sluggish, overfull, and under satisfied also impact your energy with fluctuating spikes or highs, and plummeting lows as your glucose levels rise or fall.
Expectations, we expect so much from ourselves, whether we are striving to please others, or to make ourselves feel better, we also mentally beat ourselves up when we don’t tick off all the to do’s on the list.
We believe we can have it all, and be it all, all at the same time. And then we are surprised when our body burns out, or our brain can’t manage to process all the information we fire at it, or when our emotions melt, and we have to scramble harder to keep ourselves together.
Living this way uses all our reserves of energy, we may be able to keep our head above water for some time, with regular energy top ups. However over the long haul of time we sink and shrivel up, being drained of energy, living small and insignificant lives.
I’d like to suggest that we mend the little holes and cracks to our emotional cup.
Create strategies to honour your emotions, to honour your energy, and keep your cup full.

To live a vibrant and energetic life try adding some of these things into your day.
Let’s begin with fun, lighten up, having a slightly flirtatious attitude with yourself will help your demeanor.
Fun adds humour, fun adds air, fun adds joy, and all of these generate energy.
Add quality sleep into your routine, slow down, unplug before bed, journal all your thoughts, get all your worries out of your brain and onto paper. Create a dark and quiet environment for sleeping, have your own space to sleep.
Read a book, make it something you really enjoy, something that inspires you, something that interests you. Give your brain quality things to think about. A bored brain looses energy and motivation.
Choose a new hobby to stimulate your body and your brain. When you are focused on a goal, that goal tends to give you energy, especially if it’s something that fires you up.
Give yourself the benefit of gentle exercise, from a place of enjoyment, no punishment allowed. Punishing exercise routines that are used to whip you into shape, will leave you feeling demoralised, because the belief behind the exercise is that you need to be punished, because for some reason you perceive you are bad, or not good enough. This bleeds energy, and drains your emotional and physical cup. Be kind to yourself and move your body in a way that feels like fun, that feels sustainable, that feels enjoyable.

Choose the best quality food and water that you can. As you eat and drink, pause a moment and feel how your body is receiving these substances. Your body is amazing, it will tell you what it needs, it will also tell you what it doesn’t need. You only have to listen to the energy and vibrations in your body and it will let you know what it likes and what it doesn’t. Give your body energy producing food, that is right for you.
Living with human beings can be challenging, learn ways how to put up a red velvet rope around you, around what you want in your life. Protect your energy from the energy thieves, if they can’t get through the doorway of your life, they can’t take your energy.

Boundaries are about you, they keep you safe. Boundaries are never about other people, even when it appears that way. A boundary is about your energy cup, and only allowing those you want to have access to your cup to get near enough to be a part of your energy.
The quickest way to fill your emotional cup is to have your own back. To only do the things that give you energy.
Create joy, pleasure and fun as part of your daily living.
Investigate your expectations of yourself, and of those closest to you. Are you expecting perfection and then draining your cup to try and achieve it?
What if you raised your standards in areas that give you energy, and lowered your standards in areas that don’t. What I mean by this is, do more of what energizes you, and do less of what doesn’t. You get to decide how full your emotional energy cup is.
Are you wanting to plug some of the holes in your cup?
Once you start to plug up the drains and eliminate the causes for those drains, your cup will fill easier and stay full longer, making life a bit easier to live and enjoy.

Until next time my friends, investigate your energy drainers and your energy enhancers. Pick one easy area to begin plugging up the holes in your emotional cup.

oxox Linda.

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