Graciously Grateful

When life isn’t going your way how do you handle it?
Do you shut down?
Do you blow up?
Do you carry on and not let it been seen?
Your emotions are your Friends, they are trying to tell you something.
Gratitude opens the door to opportunities emotionally

Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

Eckhart Tolle

Hello, My Friends

Welcome to this weeks blog post.
Every day is a great day to be thankful.
I decided to do a count my blessings day the other day. I have so many things to be happy about.
Yet, there are still days when my happiness register seems to be broken.
Do you find you have days when the inner sunshine that normally heats and radiates out from you is hiding?

The feeling we have about all the things in our lives, makes a difference.
Did you know you can choose your feelings on purpose?
You can choose to be in a grump today, or you can choose to be cheerful.
which feeling gives you a better vibe? This vibe is what other people pick up on and reflect back to you.
Which feeling vibe would you rather have?

Sometimes we just want to mooch around feeling miserable, feeling like the world is against us.
Feeling sorry for ourselves, feeling sad that things aren’t going the way we want.
Sometimes we slip into old habits of trying to get our own way.
If you have chosen this for yourself, then be my guest, mooch away, wallow away.
But please do not complain.

Once we begin to indulge in complaining that shifts our energy down another notch.
Complaining is never helpful, especially if you have no intention of doing anything about the complaint.
The more energy, time and focus you give something the larger it grows.
Do you really your complaint to get bigger, to take up even more space?

When you feel a complaint coming on, stop and think about the opposite, of the situation. What if he or she were acting in the way you wanted them to> What if you had the money to purcahse what you needed, how would that feel? What if your spouse/partner loved you exactly how you needed, what would that feel like?
You can not think two thoughts at the same time, they have to take turns.

The thought that has the most thought space grows the strongest.

Today I want to talk about learning to be graciously grateful.
Sometimes life does hand us lemons, and then it seems to sit back to watch how we will handle ourselves within the situation.
I have had and still have my share of unexpected and unwanted situations that pop into my life.
As I have learned to navigate my mind better, I am discovering that what were sour situations, generally hold a pearl or gem.
The thing is these pearls and gems are not easy to find. They need excavating and deep diving to bring them to the surface.
Without the situation, the opportunity to find them would not be present.
This is where I use gracious gratitude.

I’m not really ready to be completely grateful, full on happy about the situation with its benefits and draw backs.
But I am willing to open the door a little and peer inside. I am willing to acknowledge that there could be a positive in there somewhere.
I give myself grace to feel all the emotions that are coming to the surface because of the situation.
No good thing comes from bottled emotions, suppressed emotions, or ignored emotions. They just get stronger and more uncontrollable.
Give yourself the grace to look at hard emotions while they are fresh and small. Even the big emotions of grief and loss are best felt when they are fresh.
Grace is honouring yourself, it is giving yourself the dignity and courtesy of being important to yourself.

Often we put others before ourselves, noble, but not always the best, when you need to go deep inside yourself for strength and courage.
You see, living this emotionally free life is freedom, however that freedom comes at a price.
Are you willing to pay the price to attain the freedom of feeling all your emotions, which then expands your ability to be your authentic self?

Being grateful that you have emotions, is a wonderful space to start with.
Acknowledging you have emotions even if you don’t know yet what they are, or how to feel them, let alone know how to express them, safely and comfortably. This is honesty and authenticity.
Being able to say to your anger as it flares again, thank you for being here with me now.
Being able to let the tears wash down your cheeks as you feel the emptiness of a life once shared with another. Thanking that person for all the time they were with you.
Being able to release the pent up frustration by creating something. You get to use the energy of your emotions in a way that feels good to you. (Without hurting others of course.)

Truly felt gratitude for all your emotions, the beautiful ones and the horrific ones are all part of validating yourself to yourself.
Even if you are not really grateful for your emotions, try it out. Whisper I see you, to the feeling you are having, Whisper thankyou, I know you have come to tell me something.

Remember your brain can only think one thought at a time. Your brain also thinks in pictures, create the words that give you a picture of what you want to see, and watch what happens.
Open your mind and heart to a little gracious gratitude.

Until next timeā€¦
The lemons that come our way are opportunities for us to know ourselves better. Use gracious grateful words to filter out the unwanted words.

Have a great day my friends

oxoxo Linda

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